Trend Alert: Blue is getting Brighter and Happier

Photo by Maria Killam

At one of the CMG Conferences a speaker once said ‘If you want to know which direction colour is going, check out the towel department.’

So a couple weeks ago I snapped this photo of a stack of bright blue and yellow towels when I was out sourcing accessories for a client.

Towels don’t collect dust sitting on shelves like other products do so it makes sense that there’s more turnover in product, therefore new colours can appear faster. (That’s my take, if you have a more accurate one, please post a comment below).


Isn’t this blue entry breathtaking? The styling certainly helps but this photo is a great example of happy blues taking over from gray blues.

For years the only place I’ve ever chosen a blue like this was for a kids room. When I saw those blue and yellow towels, I had this sudden urge to run home and paint my main bathroom this exact colour.

Remember the post I wrote ‘What everyone should know about blue‘? The bottom line was that light blues need to be sufficiently grayed so that they don’t look like baby blue on the walls. But if you take that same gray blue and go darker, you end up with a mans den or teenage boys room.


Take a brighter blue though and go darker like the above photo and you end up with happy!

What do you think? Do you see this blue making it’s way into your house anytime soon?

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  1. I painted the bathroom at our former apartment this colour, or its cousin. It had almond cabinetry with a pink-beige fake marble top, a horrible yellowish linoleum floor, grayish tile with pink flowers, and white and chrome everything else. There was nothing I could do about the floor, the tile, or the vanity. At first I thought of painting it white, but soon realized that would only make the ugly bits stand out worse. We then did brilliant blue with bright white trim (orange undertone) and it looked much better. If I get to do a bath completely, I think I’d like white with either cobalt, turquoise, or aqua.

  2. There was a time when you could not find blue anywhere. Now it is back with a vengeance. Here in California it probably makes sense because of the proximity to the ocean. I use to have clients who craved blue and try as I would, it was almost impossible to find anything. I am so happy that it has finally come around. The bright colors that are used with it gives it such a happy feel!! Good post Maria as usual!

  3. As I recently painted our exterior doors as well as the ‘sailboat cutout shutters’ I made, in Behr’s ‘Starless Night’, have a Dark Navy & med grey rug for the enclosed porch with white wicker chairs, generally love any shade if blue, I’m delighted to see your recent posts on indigo and happy blues making a comeback!
    Maybe it’s bc we’re right by the Gulf here at the cottage, regardless of trend, over my husband’s qualms, I painted on, I’m loving the dark navy and Ultra Pure White combo and now that it’s up my husband is liking it as well., Phew, dodged a bullet there, joking – he usually has no comment but thought the navy was too dark…… happy he decided it looked good.
    Undecided about some interior choices now so will be calling on you soon for some assistance!
    Great posts, I enjoyed the ‘is Navy the new black?’ post as well and like the navy sectional very much. I am looking forward to seeing more of that summer home! Thanks for sharing your talent!