The Most Timeless Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors have come a long way from the photocopied look of the 3-planks-in-one-board from just a few years ago. Now it comes in a single plank so it looks so much nicer. Irene (my design associate) is beginning a renovation on her house this Spring and she is installing laminate floors.


Smart, because she is renovating to sell and then buy and do it all over again. Also, she’s in a neighborhood where people don’t necessarily expect to see wood or stone when they are buying a home. Of course a lot depends on how high-end your home is to begin with.  If you live in an expensive neighbourhood where home buyers expect stone countertops when they walk into your kitchen, quartz is a much better plan than granite for re-sale. Choosing granite for a kitchen that is not for you is like selecting a plaid sofa to your taste, and expecting the next homeowners to not only love it but live with it for the next 15 – 25 years.

Anyway we got to discussing the colour she had chosen. We both agreed that anything we had seen in medium brown was blotchy and mostly bad so that was out. Espresso brown is already yesterday because that trend is over and installing laminate anywhere in the gray realm will simply be dated eventually as well.


So the most timeless laminate? Something in the realm of a light maple, like in my 2 examples above. It will also work well with grays and all the bright pops of colour we are all painting our houses these days.

If I ever come across something in the medium tones that’s beautiful, you’ll be the first to hear about it. If you are reading this and have already discovered one, please post the link in the comments below!

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  1. I’m going against the grain here – I love laminate! We put it in our house 3-4 years ago and it’s still my favourite part of the whole house. I will never have carpet again – so filthy. We are temporarily living in a different city (for work) and have hardwood in this house. I don’t really like it for a few reasons. We have young kids, and it scratches ALL THE TIME. Also, in natural light it shows the dirt/dust so much I would have to wash it 6 times a day to keep it looking clean. I don’t know why everyone is complaining about water and warping laminate. Who lets water sit on their floors? Where is this water coming from? My parents installed laminate in their home in 1995 (so the older style laminate) and it still looked exactly the same (no scratches or warping) when they sold it in 2010. 15 years and all they had to do was damp mop it once a week. No refinishing, waxing, etc. I will take laminate any day (even if it is “fake”) since, if you take care of it and install it properly, it gives you a beautiful look with virtually no work. A big plus in a busy, messy house!

    • If you have a puppy, they can sneak away to an area and pee on the laminate floor. You may not discover this until after the floor has warped.

      Ask me how I know about this! Thankfully it is in our basement, but it still bugs me.

  2. Leah thanks for your comment. It is starting to make my choice easier. There are those who swear by hardwood and those that don’t. In my case it has been a total disaster. Your point about it showing the dust, etc. and in my case dog hair and scratches are dead on. We have huge windows in the house and you can see every dog hair (yes it is a dark floor) and every smudge from bare feet..but of course our flooring has alreay bit the dust…. I was so surprised to see all the crap when we first moved in because I thought this was going to be the best thing ever! Yes, I came from a carpeted house but never expected the work of keeping this clean…and it’s only hubby, me, and a little dog.

  3. Was just reading through the April 2012 issue of House Beautiful and on page 71 the Editor in Chief gives a favorable opinion of the Allure planks I mentioned above (just a reminder they are vinyl not laminate). By the way, I also want a traditional floor plan with hardwood floors someday. But in the meantime any hard surface that doesn’t make my allergies go crazy is good in my book!

  4. Cork!! Warm, soft, scratches “heal” themselves, and now comes in lots of amazing colours. (Have been looking for replacement of my old, hollow, hard, cold laminate in the kitchen – and cork costs much less than extending the hardwood into the kitchen) Just saying.

  5. Hello Maria

    The day has finally come that my husband has agreed to having laminate in the entire downstairs area, leaving the kitchen and powder room, which have tiles. YAY!!
    I wanted them in the bedrooms on the second floor but I’ll compromise right now, but have set a deal with him, that the next house we buy I want hardwood floors in bedrooms as well as the main level.
    Since he said yes to laminate – I started my search for this particular post to see which one you had recommended as one that can go with grays and other colors without any problems of color clashing.
    The light maple will work with my tiles. Tiles do have a bit of strain going on but they’re not extremely busy. But I can live with it because I might be selling it – its something I can live with for a few more years.
    My question to you would be for the counter tops. Should I then get a solid colored Quartz so that it doesn’t clash with the tiles. That’s the other project besides the flooring of the main floor.
    And yes I agree carpet is so bossy, something I cannot live with anymore, I have waited patiently for the kids to grow up.

  6. I guess I am too low class. While I appreciate that hardwood “is better” than laminate, I have four dogs and two cats, and three mostly grown kids. Beautifully (I think) refinished my hardwood floor-until within six months the dogs scratched them. For heavy duty I will take the laminate.

  7. What would you recommend for a newly finished walkout basement with large doors and windows across the entire back offering lots of light? We have hardwood thru-out upstairs and I would like a higher end floor in the lower level as well. I considered using the new tile that resembles hardwood in a medium brown. What are your thoughts about it? I have followed you for awhile now and totally value your opinion.

    Thanks very much!