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Need to know where to start decorating your room? This consultation provides colour and decorating inspiration to get you going.



Get me Started Decorating Advice – Where do I start?

This is colour advice from Maria via photos and email.

This consultation is for you if you need to decorate and you are not at all sure where to begin.

What most people need is a starting point. What needs to be considered? How many colours is too many? Do neutrals count as colours?

I get questions more or less complicated than this all the time:

“Maria, could you tell me whether wood, metal and plants make up part of my colour scheme? So if I choose pastel pink and pastel green for example, but I have a yellow toned wood table, does that mean I have yellow in my palette? And when choosing metal finishes, how do I know whether to choose copper, brass, pewter, stainless steel? I’m also a bit unsure with including black and white, do they form part of the main colour scheme, or are they additional?”

This might sound like some of your questions, especially if you’ve read a few of my posts already.

Most people think that if they just get their paint colours nailed down, the rest of the colour scheme will somehow come together. Unfortunately, this will not help very much. In fact, starting with a decorating plan based on at least one inspiration piece is where to begin and paint colours should usually be LAST, not the other way around. However, if the painter is coming and you need some colours, consider our paint colour bundle here.

This package will give you colour direction for the ‘look and feel’ of your main living space. It is meant to provide inspiration and a colour palette that you can work with. Once you have this palette, you can repeat it in your adjoining rooms to create flow.

The easiest way to create a starting point is with throw pillows and an area rug.

Now it becomes obvious which colour sofa and chairs you’ll need.

This package includes:

3 coordinating throw pillows – 2 combinations

A coordinating area rug for each option

Ideas for colours for soft furnishings or accent pieces

The perfect paint colour

3 or 4 additional paint colours that coordinate with your existing colour scheme

As well as addressing a couple of your burning decorating questions to pull everything together

This package will NOT give you an entire furniture layout for your living room. We don’t offer this package at this time because it gets very complicated and expensive to design an entire room via email.

How does it work? The Maria Killam team will get a sense of your preferences, lifestyle and budget with a detailed questionnaire. You will send us some photos so we can carefully consider your specific room (don’t worry, we will send you detailed instructions for taking the photos we need).

Working within Maria’s design aesthetic of fresh, classic and colourful, we will create an inspirational decorating plan that will include a clear colour palette to create flow for the rest of your house.

Maria is involved in this process and approves each and every selection.

Your Get me Started package will arrive in your inbox 8 to 10 days after we receive your complete photos and information. Obviously, if we need more information from you before we begin, this timeline will be somewhat delayed, but we strive to get back to you as quickly as we can because we know you are excited to get started on your project.

We will carefully consider your preferences, lifestyle and budget to inform our selections for you, and we hope that often, the exact item we suggest will work out perfectly for you. However, within the scope and price point of this service, our recommendations are primarily intended as inspirational guidelines so we cannot guarantee availability or a perfect fit for each element.

If you would like additional suggestions for any of the elements in our plan, you can use our quick and easy “What’s Your Question” email consultation and we will happily generate another option for you.

We look forward to collaborating with you on your decorating project!