White Guest Bedroom eDesign; Before & After

Wow, I had no idea the response to my colour wheel would be so profound. In just two days, we shipped 3/4 of the stock we had. So I quickly reduced the number of wheels I was offering to one instead of two.

I want as many people to have this wheel in their hands, so perhaps giving out two wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve made in a long time but I am happy that so many of my dearest readers, ya’ll who trust me, jumped right away and got two! I hope you give one to a friend and spread the love!

For those of you who are unhappy that you only got one, the copy always said ‘While supplies last’ and well, they did not last. Had I kept it at two, they would currently be SOLD OUT.

Well, not sold out, since they are free, but they would be GONE.

I also received some complaints about the ‘shipping and handling’ cost. Complaints that honestly, upset me given the blood, sweat and tears and money (almost $100,000) that have gone into the development, printing and packaging of this wheel.

And it’s FREE (except for the shipping and handling part). Did I mention that?

And, I do understand that until I had a business where I shipped out product, whenever I saw ‘handling’ I also wondered what the heck that meant and secretly scoffed at the price.

So here’s what it means:

These colour wheels were manufactured in America and will ship out of America. That means if you live outside of the US, you will still be paying American funds to have it shipped to you.  If you’re wondering why it’s being shipped out of America (and NOT Canada), it would cost too much money to import them back into Canada and ship again at Canadian rates. That’s the SHIPPING part. They are being shipped (with tracking, NOT general mail) in a special, oversize envelope (which is another reason why it can’t go out in regular mail) out of a fulfillment house. This means, someone other than our office is physically picking up the wheel and labeling an envelope and sending it to you. That’s called HANDLING.

So, I hope you understand!

And don’t order the wheel, I don’t have many left, haha.

But here’s the link, if you really want one.

Oh, and for those of you who are anxiously awaiting the wheel with your colour chips in hand, remember that the  COMPLETE list of my System for Specifying Colour will be found at the back in either ebook in my BONUS BOOK OF COLOURS. You have a small list on the landing page that helps you complete the wheel and make it accurate.

Okay, on to todays post!

White Guestroom eDesign; Before & After

Thank you to all my eDesign clients who have seen me before and after photos in the last few months! Here is another collection of photos from a guest room I helped with!

Here is her email and her pretty guest bedroom:

“I’m writing for two reasons.

The first is to say THANK YOU! I am so happy with the way my guest bedroom turned out, and the advice you provided via an e-design consultation proved to be invaluable. You gave me permission to buy a “white” upholstered headboard but noted that I should go with off-white if the end tables are off-white and layer in true white bedding to create dimension and to relate to the existing true white trim. This extra detail in your recommendation, along with instructions for how to order samples and select the closest match to the end tables, was so helpful and exactly what I needed to know. The end result is the calm, relaxing space I was trying to create that feels like a breath of fresh air.

And, thanks for all that you share on your blog! Fortunately, I discovered your blog before selecting finishes for our home and found it extremely helpful. You have managed to make something that could be overwhelming and ripe for expensive mistakes, simple, approachable, and fun.

Thanks to you, I love my kitchen and bathrooms and the timeless & classic aesthetic.

The second is that you’ve mentioned clients don’t often share “after” pictures as testimonial for how well your e-design process works. Well, I happened to have our house photographed because we plan to sell and build a new house closer to my parents; and thought I’d share pictures of the bedroom and also kitchen and bathrooms.”Jen from Chicago | Realtor: Sarah Leonard Team


Love the new, fresh look!

Swing arm sconce light | Area Rug  | similar here and here.

Wall colour: SW Shoji White

This was her inspiration photo!  Design by Kate Marker Interiors

Why a blog with answers that don’t change with the wind is important

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with researching something online that I know nothing about. And I didn’t find any real answers that I could sink my teeth into no matter how hard I searched (for 6 months off and on).

It made me realize first hand, why people are so relieved when they find my blog. Because article after article is written from the same aesthetic and the same point of view. Photo after photo, example after example.

If you don’t have direction or you don’t have a good designer you trust, you just flounder around and spin trying to settle on ‘the answer’.

Where is the ‘you are here button‘, you ask yourself? This should be easier right?

So many people find me AFTER they have already made a bunch of colour mistakes because they didn’t take the time to figure out which colour was the right one BEFORE they made all the colour choices that they did.

One reader found my blog post about encaustic tile (obviously he was not happy with how it looked in his home which was why he was reading my post), and left this comment:

“We’re supposed to take advice from someone whose kitchen looks like the bathroom in my guest house? No thanks”.

Now of course if you don’t like my classic and timeless aesthetic, you’ll either move on and keep clicking or leave me a cranky comment just like this one.

And just so you know, comments like this don’t bother me anymore. When you’ve been writing a blog as long as I have, you’re just amused more than anything.

And when I receive emails with photos like this, it makes me so happy! Here are some more photos of Jen’s house designed by her just by reading my blog:

Classic and timeless design is here!

White kitchen, medium brown floors, marble backsplash and I even like the detail above the range! Very pretty and checks off all the boxes of classic and timeless design.

Photography by Emily Kennedy Photo

Don’t forget a wood stained vanity warms up a white bathroom nicely (above).

Thanks Jen for sharing your classic and timeless home with us!

If you’d like your home to fill you with happiness when you walk in the door, check out my eDesign services here.

If you’d like to learn how to choose and specify colours online, transform the way you see colour at one of my Fall Specify Colour with Confidence Workshops. Register here.

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  1. Hi Maria,

    I have just discovered your blog and am so appreciative of the color advice. Snarky comments and complaints from people make me really mad, especially when you give out so much information AND you were giving away your color wheel. Wow. Glad they don’t bother you any more, but I just think some people have a lot of nerve!

    Take care!

  2. Hi Maria,
    I was so excited when I saw your color wheel was available that I ordered it right away so I am getting the two. I don’t know how anyone could complain about the shipping and handling. I could not believe that you were just giving them as that was very generous. Why would some people also think that the shipping should be included and at your expense? I can’t wait for mine to arrive. I love your blog and have been a reader for years. Great job explaining why you charge the shipping and handling, hopefully, those complaining people will be more grateful.

  3. Maria, your color wheel offer was extremely generous and completely unexpected. I would have paid the full price plus shipping and handling to get one! Can hardly wait to receive it!

    As another commenter said, your advice is applicable no matter what style a person prefers. My style is eclectic and more traditional than yours, but without your advice my house would not be nearly so pretty. Six years after my kitchen remodel, which you featured on your blog, I love, love, love my kitchen, and so does everyone who sees it. My brother-in-law says it’s the best kitchen in our city! You are a big part of why it’s so beautiful. No one else does what you do, and I recommend your blog to people all the time.

  4. Shame on anyone who had the unmitigated gall to complain about paying shipping for a valuable free gift. Besides all the free expertise provided in your every blog post, they were still unsatisfied? What is wrong with some people? I felt outraged on your behalf when I read that you had received any criticism. Hopefully knowing that others are offended by this behaviour will help you let go of unwarranted commentary from a few cretins.

  5. I couldn’t believe you only charged shipping and handling for the color wheels! I would have paid much more (ssshhh!). Thank you for your generosity!!

  6. Hi Maria,
    I love your blog and your helpful e-books! I’m so excited to be ordering your color wheel as your undertone advice has opened my eyes to choosing color and why some of my choices have not worked in the past. And love this post by the way!

  7. Complaints and criticisms Teach us something or Tell us Something.

    Sometimes they’re actually helpful, insightful – and make us aware of something we’ve missed or been oblivious to.
    Other times they tell us something about the other person; where they’re coming from or what type of person they are.

    Do they belong in OUR TRIBE or do they need to be ignored and dismissed?

    Initially a complaint or criticism can be hurtful or upsetting.
    Upon reflection, they really offer a lot of information.
    As far as I’m concerned, even if initially hurtful, a criticism is a WIN-WIN.
    There’s either something to learn OR something or someone to let go of!

    I love your blog – I love your classes – CARRY ON!

  8. Ann J Chapdelaine

    Your shipping and handling explaination was important to tell your followers. It reminded me of something I would like to share with all regarding another service charge.
    When I first started ordering product from you and paying for your seminars, I was charged an extra 3 percent by my US credit card company . it is called a “foreign transaction fee “because you are based in Canada and I was making an out of the US purchase.
    Most recently I took a trip to Europe and while getting the foreign currency I ordered, my banker asked if I was going to use a credit card there. They advised me to get their Bank of America Visa Travel Credit Card as there is no foreign transaction fee!! I saved a lot of money and just thought I would like to share this. Anyone in the US or other countries,purchasing your products could benefit from this savings!

    • Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment!
      When people email us about that, we tell them to call the bank and get them to take it off because they will. It’s so dumb, our bank is in the US and we charge US funds. . . it’s a cash grab, so next time that happens, just call them!!

  9. Count me in with everyone who thinks how obnoxious it is that someone would complain about the shipping and handling charges for the color wheel. Shame on them. I once had a friend who complained about a Christmas present I gave her and told me what I should have gotten her instead. I promised her I would never make that mistake again by never giving her another present. You put a lot of work in that wheel and it was so generous of you to give it to us. I think karma will
    reward you generously one day. Thankyou!

  10. Maria: I am so relieved to hear that snarky comments don’t affect you personally. Yes, happy to learn that these are the inevitable cost of opening up your thoughts and expertise to the wide world. Please be certain that there are so many readers and fans out there who are so grateful for your expertise – which you share online for free!!!! Please keep that in your head as you share your wonderful offerings. A happy and grateful fan, Pat

  11. I’m sadly surprised people think they are entitled to be upset with anything free (or upset to be receiving one free color wheel vs 2.) I’m currently working on your “Choose Exterior Colour With Confidence” and am grateful for your advice in any form! I love color and am excited to be figuring out how best to apply it in my home. Thank you for my color wheel, your advice, time, and energy.

  12. Every designer knows about shipping and handling. We always pay it for everything that we order. It has become more expensive over the years but we are not in control of that. You are such a generous person with your advice and explanations of every thing. The icing on the cake is GIVING AWAY your ingenious color wheel that we will all cherish! I have not received mine yet but probably will today or tomorrow! So anxious to receive it and put it together with the corresponding paint chips. Thanks Maria you are one in a million!!

    Also Jen’s bedroom will be in style for years no matter what the trend. All she would have to do if she wanted to follow a trend is tweek the accessories. Your esthetics are timeless!

  13. I have been following your blog for many years. I have learned sooooo much. I now go to pick out a paint color with total confidence because I learned to look at the undertone and to put the paint under consideration on a fairly large piece of heavy cardboard. Next I move the sample around the room to view the color under different lighting conditions. Learning those two things from your blogs (as well as much more), I now pick out the appropriate paint color. You are so very kind to share your knowledge!!!!!
    Thank you,

  14. I have read your blog for years and find the information so helpful and on target. I confess that when I saw you were giving away your color wheels, I just assumed there was a catch and didn’t even bother to request one. So much of what is on the internet is a way for you to have to pay for something every month that you can’t get them to stop sending you. I couldn’t imagine that you just give these away. Now that I see that it is real, I am sorry that I didn’t order one. So much for my skepticism…and thanks for being so generous in your tips, ideas and color wheels!

  15. You are very gracious to have extended your color wheels for free with minimal shipping. Remember that old saying, “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time” by John Lydgate. Good thing to remember when someone is a bah humbug. Keep up the great work, your designs are beautiful and I love reading and looking at them. If I don’t like something I can darn well keep it to myself. You are very willing to share your expertise with everyone which is fantastic.

  16. Yes the offer for two happened for the first two days. If I had kept it at two, the would right now, as we speak be sold out. NOT the smartest decision I ever made. However, at this point I want as many people to have the wheel in their hands as possible, I hope you understand. Maria

  17. First of all, thank you for your generous color wheel offer. I’m very excited to get mine! Honestly, I don’t know what’s wrong with people that they can’t just be grateful…

    Secondly, I fall in the camp of “found you too late and made lots of mistakes.” What thrills me, though, is I now know I can create a beautiful, timeless home going forward. I still need help because I’m not a color expert, but knowing it’s possible to have the home I’ve always wanted but never quite achieved is a gift! So, thank you for that, too!

  18. HI Maria,

    You are soooooooo generous and all of the great efforts that you put into your color system has been to help everyone in this world be able to confidently select colors. I hope more and more people will come to understand how much value you are giving through your training and consultations.

    Thank you again !

  19. Maria,

    I have been following you for years and have shared your blog page with other designers, one being my best friend. Got my 2 color wheels today and quickly texted my friend and asked if she had order one. She had been so busy this week with a sick relative this week that she had not. So, I told her no worries because I got 2 and was going to give her the other one. She and I are both so excited to have this valuable tool. THANK YOU!!!

  20. Wow, great post!! Love the “after” pics. Jen’s room is so fresh and beautiful. Received the color wheels and they are fantastic. Thank you so much for this really awesome tool. Your ebooks have also been super helpful in my painting. I can’t wait to use the wheel on the rest of my rooms. Maria, thank you so much! This was a wonderful gift!!

  21. How could I be unhappy that I am getting a free color wheel??! Thank you so much. I am excited for it to arrive. I appreciate you.


  22. I got my 2 wheels. Thank you.
    I appreciate how much work you have put into it and how much feedback you have already gotten so I am treading cautiously here by having a suggestion for a future enhancement! You may have already considered this so I apologize in advance, but in order to decide which undertone something is, I find myself wanting to directly compare 2 undertones that aren’t directly next to each other on the wheel. So how to get them next to each other? Here’s my idea….Maybe have a 3rd wheel directly underneath the biggest wheel but exactly the same size (i.e. not sticking out) and same colors, but have each color of the current biggest wheel (which would now be on top of the new third wheel) be split in half with a cutout to view the wheel underneath it. If you want it in original full mode simply rotate it so the colors match (and that’s the mode you would use it with the pointer). But in new compare mode, you could rotate the bottom wheel until the color you want to compare is in the cutout right next to it. What do you think?

  23. Maria, I just ordered your new neutral color wheel! Gotta say, using just what I could see online from following you for 2 years, and sharing it with my husband, 6 months ago we picked and applied a pale BEIGE color for our family room walls by using your OLD color wheel online. We tried to pick the right beige 6 months ago because my guy was chomping at the bit to start interior painting in the rainy months. He liked the “Lighter Green Beige” to go with his favorite Rust leather couch, and I agreed it complimented it just fine. Don’t worry, I was able to bring some flair to the family room with a well-chosen area rug! Anyway, we are excited to get your new neutral color wheel, so he can say “See! I told you I picked the right color with your and Maria’s help”. Also Maria, thank you so much for showing how to mix WHITE with BEIGE. I’ve been doing so by making sure I stay in the correct undertone family. I’ve been using more white in my Bohemian decorating style and it works surprisingly well. While I think the white bedroom of your eClient and inspiration photo is a wee bit too much white for me (and definitely husband), it’s obvious she picked the correct whites to coordinate and freshen up that “before” beige room and she added POPS OF COLOR with those blue accents…love that! And that area rug is to die for!!! I could make that rug work TODAY in our current bedroom, even though our bedroom has dark wood furniture and bright white walls and bedding. I seriously need to order your eBook, White is Complicated. So far, I’ve put bright white low sheen paint in our master bedroom. I thought it would be boring, but it’s beautiful. It really makes my colorful accents pop. Now I can read your eBook and sigh relief, saying “OK, your instincts were mostly good Michelle”. Whew! Even the husband has good instincts… he listens to me, because I listen to YOU, lol.

  24. Just tripped on this website excited to visit often our colonial built in the 60’s red brick on firs floor with cream color vinlyl siding on top. i painted the brick several years ago as close to match as possible I’m ready to make some changes I would like to repaint the brick w exact match and add shutters I’m not sure what type what color etc