What Colour should you Paint the Closet?

Okay this white closet I can handle (source)

A few years ago, I was working with an interior designer, Jan Romanuk (my business partner at the time) on a renovation for a client and I was asked to choose the colours for the closets in the bedrooms.  I specified a white thinking it would be easier change the colour of the bedrooms down the road as the closet would not need to be re-painted.  After the house was done, I looked at those closets, painted a boring old shade of white and thought “Note-to-self, don’t do that again!”.

Way more fun to paint them a colour, period.

So the first guideline is to paint the closet the same colour as the room.

Second would be to make it a room all on it’s own. If you want it to flow and you have 2-3 colours in your bedroom already, choose one of them. And you could make it glamorous and exciting like this one:

Stacy Naquin my blogger friend and True Colour Expert in New York last week told me about this great idea! Frame your favourite shopping bags with inexpensive frames from IKEA and hang them in your closet! A great way to add a hit of colour if your closet is neutral. Now what will I buy from Hermes so I can have one of theirs? I bought 2 glass decorative coasters from Bergdorf’s in New York last week to start my collection 🙂
Or what the heck, just turn your living room into a closet!
I’m throwing in a token gray closet cause y’all are so in-love with gray these days 🙂

I’m hooking up with my stylist Angie at You Look Fab today, so go check out her post on How to store Handbags!

What colour is your closet?

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  1. I wish I had a big closet 🙁 Maybe in our next home b/c I would love to do that framed favorite bag idea – that is great!

  2. Mine is my favorite color of blue……Instead of having shopping bags, I have mirrors. I love having my dresser as part of my closet so I don’t have extra furniture.