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Recently I bought a book called French Chic by Florence De Dampierre.  I so loved how she defined French style that I wanted to share it with you:

source Walls: BM Georgian Green semi gloss HC-115, trim: Liberty park 487, The line at the top of the wall: Tangelo 2017-30

“Style resides in the extra detail and the quirkiness that slightly pushes the envelope, showing that you are in the know and that you are slightly detached.  However in order to pull it off, you have to be supremely confident in your own taste.  Therefore, you have to be knowledgeable.  It is where the famous mix of high and low that the French are known for comes from.  This is the essence of French style”.

This is one of her spaces (above) and I loved what she said about it “”Wit can be expressed with colors and this is exactly what the orange touches do. However, Apple green is indeed the easiest color to live with.”

Interior Design by Maria Killam

It’s why I think green is such a great colour to use in upholstery. If you got tired of the orange accents (above), all you have to do is recover the ottomans, switch out the accessories and toss cushions for a whole new look.

Interior Design by Maria Killam

Here the green we chose for the sofa is slightly brighter than the first image and it’s repeated in the accent wall and drapery. Again, it would be easy to switch out the purple for a different colour as everything goes with green!

Jonathan Adler
Love these green sofas in this living room created by Jonathan Adler. Lots of green here mixed with accents of yellow.
I fell totally in love with the bohemian feel of this room, notice how the green sofa is a lovely and calm backdrop with all the patterns and wonderful colour!
This living room is by Mary Lopresti one of my readers who is also a decorator.  I love her green sofa with the tangerine accents.  Wall colour is: Benjamin Moore Papaya CC-248.
The art she painted herself to tie in the accents in the room, I love it! source
Interior design by Samantha Pynn
This lime green sofa with a chaise and chair with purple and blue accents is a wonderful fresh look in this attic. The art definitely makes this space.
Interior design by Samantha Pynn
So if you have been trying to finalize your sofa a happy green might be the best way to add a hit of colour to your space as it is one of the best ‘neutral’ colours you could select.
Which colour is neutral to you?
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  1. Hi Mary,
    As you probably know from reading my blog I too bought a hunter green sofa back in the 80's, we all thought it was so 'classic' and would never go out of style!

    This time around this yellow/apple green has been around for at least 10 years and is still going strong and the color forecasters say it's because of the 'green movement'. Also apple green works really well with the current gray trend so I think it will be around and much longer than the forest green which definitely was over inside the 10 year mark.

    Thanks for your comments everyone, they are great!

  2. Love the quote defining French style. Great post. Green is a "go-to" color for me. I recently purchased a green sofa so I loved seeing the photos of the different accent colors. Can't wait to develop my own color scheme around this beautiful sofa.

  3. Vava (aka Virginia)

    Well, I'll be! My green sofa is on order…it'll be here in a month or so. A friend pointed me to this post! Needless to say, it made me happy! (I love the French quote as well!)

  4. Christina Rodriguez | The Diva's Home

    Green does go with everything! That's why it's such a great neutral color. Most people don't consider it a neutral though. I tell them to just go outside to see how every other color stands out against green as the backdrop.

  5. traci zeller designs

    What a great post, Maria! Green really does function as a neutral in many situations, and I love how you've suggested a happy green for a sofa!

  6. Thank you so much for posting about green as a neutral. Its something I'd been thinking about and I'm happy to have some professional backup in my opinion. Green certainly is a happy colour and can be warming or cooling but fresh all the time.
    Thankyou again.

  7. Wow, I'm actually doing something IN? I've had a light green sofa for five years, and I love it. Some of the high-traffic parts of it are beginning to look dirty, so I'll have to find some way of cleaning it into looking spic and span again. But I love the color, and recently painted my kitchen a simialr color.

  8. I would like to see a darker green sofa and how it coordinates with other greens. I just had my sofa reupholstered in a very dark forest green velvet. Love it. These lighter greens are very nice, of course! The dark green goes well with my lighter green wall, which is a grey-green. I also have a wingback chair in a lighter celery green.

  9. hiya need your help i will shoetly be painting the hallway, landing and stairs in a light green colour, what accessories will go wid d green, i hav brown laminate flooring, and oak console table and mirroe please help thanking you