Sweet Cottage Blue Exterior

I was so moved by your comments on my last post! Thank you so much, for being so generous and kind. I posted the email I received from the homeowner, it’s close to the end of the comments. I love my readers!!

Okay, so you have to see this blue house next, it’s so fun!

After two separate on-line consultations (months apart) of the interiors of this totally charming blue house the couple said, ‘And now we want to ask you about the exterior colour?’

You’re not changing the blue are you?

No. Just the siding.

Whew, I said. Because I love it!

Blue Exterior

Side View

My clients wanted to change the siding colour because they felt it was too pale.

Blue fascia

Back patio


We’ll see the ‘after’ photo in the Spring. (The Blue is BM 2062-40)

If this cottage had a charcoal roof and charcoal trim it wouldn’t be nearly as charming.

Grey has a place but not in a cottage.

Just a reminder to keep trend colours for exterior in perspective.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Bonjour,

    This house is typical of so many houses in Québec! I wonder if it was here or elsewhere.

    Look at my albums for houses in my Flickr page and houses specifically in my hometown of Saint-Lambert. Also other buildings on page 7 and 8.

    You will see other examples. I have so many photos (thousands) not in Flickr and many photos of other homes.

    In Saint-Lambert, there is an area where almost all houses are of that general style that you are showing us.

    Certainly, the blue of this house is perfect, just my taste, but other colours or black still gives a wonderfully charming look.

    • Good eye Michelle! We live on Ile d’Orleans 🙂 We can’t wait to repaint with the colour Maria suggested and get cracking on the landscaping… So much to do! Fortunately the interior is looking great already thanks to Maria’s help with the paint colours.

  2. I hate having to wait until Spring! 🙂 My house is similar…siding is ‘pearl’ (reads vanilla and I hate it), door and shutters are similar blue, bit more toward periwinkle and rest of trim is white, roof is black. Just last night I saw something in BHG magazine that I loved, door more dusty robin’s egg and shutters in browny taupe with siding similar to mine and I thought “I want that!” ….what I really want is a that darker color as my siding but can’t see spending the $$$ to change it. Looking forward to Spring and what magic you work here Maria! Thanks for being so generous with sharing your wisdom!

  3. Okay, I’m going to take a guess that you will pull one of the deepest stone colors out and paint the siding with that. Let’s see….:).

  4. Oh, also, just my opinion–the gutters just under the roof line should be the same blue to give the roof a “thicker” feel, no matter what the other color becomes.

  5. Hello Maria

    This is a very sweet and inviting house. Very cute.
    I am with Paula, my guess also is that you would probably pull out the darker tone from the stones. To be specific, a taupe color that I see.
    Will wait for the results.

  6. I Love That Roof Color! and there’s so much of it. How wonderful that you have a chance to really make this cottage sing. we all know you will… so, then, I started thinking, what would I choose to bring out this homes character.

    I’ll let you know in the spring what my 2 cents comes up with!.

    this home has zoo much potential, have fun with the process and I bet you already know what direction you’re headed?