Maria Killam’s House Tour; Here are ALL the Before & Afters


Now that my house is completely renovated from the inside and out, I thought it would be fun to post ALL the photos in one place.

Watch and learn, as this is a great example of how to create flow! The colours are fresh, you’re not walking from the yellow laundry room into a sage green powder room (for example).

First we renovated the exterior

Let’s start with the exterior, because it was simply so hideous and the transformation was so beautiful.

And let me just say AGAIN. It would never have been so beautiful without my Landscape Designer MaryAnne White. She lives in New York and we did it ALL long distance. I have never met her in person.

I specify lots of exterior colour in my eDesign department, especially at this time of year when everyone is planning their new builds. The advice we constantly give to people who want to add too much stone or too many different siding elements (because they are afraid it’s going to be boring) to their home is ‘Don’t forget about the landscaping’!!

It’s the same as if you spent all your money on the most expensive finishes for your new build and then you run out of money to install the look and the feel. Which is created with artwork, area rugs, accessories, AND no-one-ever-has-enough, table lamps.

Spread your money around PLEASE. My motto is ‘Have it all’. Instead of waiting forever to have the most expensive EVERYTHING.

Expensive does not automatically equal beautiful

High and low is a very good way to decorate. Spend more money on the furniture you sit on every day and less on the decorative stuff.

Anyway, here was what the exterior of the house looked like when we took possession:

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(before) My nephew, so excited that we moved from the city!

After in 2017 | Can we just pause for a moment and admire my new 10″ column without the downspout attached to it!

And then the transformation of my design studio in the backyard

Before (look at the cedar hedges that had not been trimmed for years, above)


I took this photo when the sun was setting and the light in the garden was so pretty!

When we took possession there was a gazebo here which we posted on Craigslist and someone came with a big flatbed truck, cut the roof in half and took it away!

After (love my english garden Tutears)

After (Full post here)


There was A LOT of concrete in the original backyard.

After | I love all the curvy beds MaryAnne specified

I really disliked the tiny metal posts but we couldn’t replace them without replacing the deck (because there would be no support for new posts) so instead I decorated it (below):

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My motto is, if all else fails, decorate!



Let’s see the inside next!

Here is the living room in the real estate photo:

Before | the real estate photo


This was the first renovation of the kitchen which we completed before we moved in May 2012 (below):

After | Photo by Tracey Ayton

The island always bothered me because it was done on a budget at the time. So, when I renovated my bathrooms in the summer of 2017, I added panels and a solid moulding around the bottom.

My good friend Jan Romanuk helped me with the kitchen and bathroom designs!

Classic White Kitchen | Decorating with Colour | Kitchen Island Design | Kitchen Eating Area | Black and White Kitchen

After the refresh | Photo by Barry Calhoun

Powder room before

Decorating with Colour | Pink Powder Room | Bathroom Design | Farmhouse Sink | Styling Ideas

Powder Room | After

The powder room is located close to the back door beside the laundry room. I wanted a large sink in here so it could also be a laundry sink and a garden sink.

I’m always arranging flowers and in Terreeia’s way when she’s cooking in the kitchen so this is a real luxury to have!

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Decorating with Colour | Pink Powder Room | Bathroom Design | Farmhouse Sink | Styling Ideas | Classic White Bathroom

Here’s the laundry room before:

And here it is, after. I painted it the same yellow as my hallway and the powder room repeats the accent colour in the living room.

Laundry Room | After

The family room millwork needed some upgrading:

Here’s what it looks like now (below):

Family room | After

This was our main bathroom

Bathroom Design | White Bathroom | Bathroom Cabinets | Decorating with Colour | Classic and Timeless | Black and White Bathroom

Main Bathroom | (after) See all the photos here

This was the master bathroom, before:

My favourite room in the house now is the master bathroom because of all the fabulous framed botanicals and the bathtub!

Decorating with Colour | Master Ensuite Bathroom | Bathroom Design | Bathroom Artwork | Styling Ideas | Classic White Bathroom | Blue and Yellow Bathroom | Gold Bathroom Mirror | Botanicals

Master bathroom After | See all the photos here


This bathroom did not have a shower and it woud have killed the pretty layout to add one so I chose to renovate it with the same footprint.

Master bathroom | After

This was the real estate photo (above).


Master Bedroom Design | Decorating with Blue | Duvet Cover Ideas | Upholstered Headboard | Wall Art Design


And here are the kitchen and bathrooms all together:

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Which room do you like the most?

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  1. Hi Maria- I’m sorry, but I read all of your beautiful and informative posts, and then when I want to find them again, I have the hardest time trying to locate them! You posted before and after pictures of your sidewalk where you replaced the dandelions with hostas :). I can’t find that post now. Could you kindly send me the link to it?

    Kind regards,


  2. The entire house and landscaping is exquisite! I especially love the Master Bedroom and Bath (that
    blue color is lovely. Also love the Powder Room decor and that sink!

    The kitchen make-over is remarkable. The original kitchen is one you see over and over again and it’s boring!!
    I love what you did. I’m curious if losing the overhead cabinet space presented a problem if it impacted needed
    storage. Also curious where the refrigerator is.

    I’d love to see a blog post, like another reader mentioned, about where/how you saved and where you splurged and why.

    • There’s a pantry wall in this kitchen where the fridge and oven are located, it’s hard to get a good photo of it which is why it wasn’t included in the pics. My kitchen is certainly not high end, the splurge in this case would definitely have been the new millwork hood fan which I love and fits that space so much better! Thanks for your comment! Maria