Do Kitchen Appliances Really Need to Match?

Do your Kitchen Appliances Really need to Match?

When I went appliance shopping for my new white kitchen (the rest of the before’s and after’s are here) the salesperson informed me that I could always ‘coordinate’ my appliances, that they did not need to match.

Should Your Appliances Match?

Pantry wall Before

Knowing that my fridge and wall oven would be right beside each other (below), I did not even consider a ‘coordinating’ scenario.

However, when can you get away with different appliances? This is a question I get a lot.

Should your Appliances Really Match?

Pantry Wall After

We also have another pantry on the right inside a closet with U-shaped shelves, so much space for my never ending collection of vases, it’s awesome!

Should Your Appliances Really Match?

Photography by Tracey Ayton

My dishwasher is on the opposite side of the pantry wall, so it’s not the same (above).  It’s even hard to see them at the same time so it works.

Sorry the focus is clearly not on the dishwasher but you can get my point I hope.

Should Your Kitchen Appliances Really Match?

Via Pinterest

When my sister Anita renovated her kitchen, she bought a new stainless range and fridge because they were the first thing you saw when you walked in.

And she kept her old white microwave and white dishwasher because they were tucked into the prep side of the island and you didn’t really notice them until you were standing on the other side of her island.

Like this image above, you can’t see the other side of the island, so it’s not as important. Obviously the integrated dishwashers in this image are the ultimate but if you don’t have the budget for integrated appliances, then you have to think about how your appliances are going to look.

So it’s all about where they are located in your kitchen.

Do your Kitchen Appliances Really have to Match?

As a side note, now that I’m talking about appliances, our cooktop is Bosch and this is the configuration. Twice we have had to order new knobs because the heat travels underneath a big pot and melts the knobs. And let me tell you, it’s instant! Terreeia says this is the first thing she wants to replace at some point in the future.

Do your appliances match or do they coordinate?

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  1. That kitchen was the BEST investment in your own business, Maria! Lovely. I keep telling my husband that I cannot bring people to my house and say I can help them with theirs UNTIL the colors/finishes are right.
    (all perfectionism aside)….
    Hope Bosch is listening here too, about that stove top design!
    Still would love to have tea sitting at that banquette with you! xo, P.

  2. Hi Marie,

    I’m in love with your kitchen!! I am planning a kitchen remodel within the next five years and am always collecting pictures of kitchens that I like. I like the idea of having a cooktop and with a separate wall oven but I also like the industrial look of some of the gas ranges on the market. May I ask why you went with the separate pieces – what do you like about having them separate and is there anything you miss about having one unit?

  3. As a kitchen designer, I would much rather see an appliance that blends with the cabinets. As with furniture, you don’t need a matching suite.

    The exception would be a statement piece, such as a great stove and coordinating hood.

  4. If you do go with stainless and the appliances are right next to each other, be aware that each brand of appliance has a different color and tone of stainless. Some are shiny,some brushed, some darker, some lighter!! The manager at Best Buy showed me in the store and it was a HUGE difference sometimes.

  5. Susan @Susan Silverman Designs

    In a perfect world, I think the appliances should match but if they just coordinate, there is not just the handles you need to look at, it’s also the colour of the stainless steel, because not all stainless is created equal. I recently changed my range to a Samsung induction because my Kitchen Aid broke down after 10 years, and it was too expensive too fix. Although the handles are sort of the same shape, the Kitchen Aid ones are tubular whereas the Samsung is flat. I didn’t care for the KitchenAid induction so I went with the one that suited my purposes best. But then again, it’s not a perfect world. It was function before form for me!