Is Forest Green the New Grey? Yay or Nay

Okay so I did see it coming, the trend towards dark emeralds and forest greens, but what I was surprised to see, was that suddenly, forest green is available as a standard upholstery fabric.

As standard as grey.

My sister Elizabeth and I were in IKEA yesterday choosing some storage for her living room and here was one of their wing chairs in a forest green, rayon upholstered velvet:


At IKEA, they are calling it Dark Green. Maybe the copywriters are older and just couldn’t type the words forest green, haha.

West Elm came straight out and called it Forest Green. Perhaps the copywriter was a millennial who simply wasn’t traumatized by all the pink and forest green from the 80s like I was.

West Elm

When we were in Dallas last month, we dined in two restaurants where forest green and pale pink was the primary colour scheme:

Photo by Maria Killam

Sachet Restaurant



Pink, is definitely here to stay as a trend colour. And a trend colour generally has a minimum shelf life of about 10 years. It arrived first on the scene a few years ago already.

I posted about how we had started to see pink as a trend colour for exterior almost two years ago here.

Forest green was considered so neutral in the 80s that it was a standard window colour. There are still many apartment buildings in Vancouver with pink stucco and forest green windows. After all stucco doesn’t seem to need painting like wood. It seems to only gets painted once it really gets dirty or if someone really dislikes the old colour.

Eclectic Trends

Apartment Therapy

Love Property

This past Friday, Terreeia, Kelly and I had a lovely lunch at the Botanist in downtown Vancouver. And again, we have dark forest and emerald greens along with pink!

Here’s a picture of my amazing design assistant Kelly Parkinson and I at lunch:

Kelly Parkinson and Maria Killam

Over to you my lovelies, are you on board? If you already had forest green and pink in your house from the 80s, would you do it again?

Who’s already incorporated pink and forest green into your decor?

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  1. Nooo… I can’t do it! I’m with cheryl who commented a few days ago! “Once was enough…another baby boomer” LOL

  2. No to forest green. Blush pink would be fine. I love how it works with white and grey.
    Thanks for the update on this trend !

  3. I really like the pink sofa against the green wall, and indeed the IKEA furniture examples are superb. Not too sure about this as an overall color scheme though – I’ve pondered, and still undecided! 🙂

  4. I have never been so fascinated by the return of an era more than growing up in the eighties and seeing it all return EVERYWHERE but in modern ways. Seeing the shag haircuts and 80’s version of tons of makeup (contouring and highlights) is a bit dizzying. I ask myself about high waisted jeans, white sneakers and denim on denim almost on a daily basis. Should I be doing this?? I did this when I had no sense of self consciousness one time around already, (crop tops and off the shoulder) so why would I subject myself to it in my forties?
    For a complete education in this forest green trend, watch Home Alone. I did with my daughter last Christmas and inwardly snarked that house top to bottom. The return of an era always sees the same ideas but presented in a new way. We’re not wearing blue eyeshadow, frying our hair in a curling iron or hanging fake ivy to match our forest green sofa, so at least the presentation is palatably modern. But when you know how bad it could be, when you’ve seen the parent of a trend, participating in the trend feels tired somehow, still.

    • I’m with you Cheryl, I am amazed that the return of forest green is right alongside pink which was so 80s. Thanks for your comment (cannot do the high waisted jeans yet-nope). Maria

  5. Interestingly, “yay” meaning “yes”/to go with “nay” is actually spelled “yea.” “Yay!” is yay like a cheer.

    • “Yay” works for me. “Yea” looks Shakespearean or like “yeah” misspelled, as does “Ya” which some texters/fb commenters use!
      Also, I still have flashbacks of going into a ‘70’s “sunroom” that had bright green (I think we even called THAT forest green) shag carpet and green palm frond wallpaper..?

  6. I actually love the combo – to me it’s such a classic and beautiful combination and so European – think France, Spain, Italy – look at your own pics of Italy on the blog…everywhere & love it!!

  7. Hi Maria, I love the themes you tackle! So helpful!!
    I’ve been in loooove with greens for quite some time now – I have some japanese prints (posters) with lits of greens and I chose a fern green passe-partout to frame them tha just picks the right color.
    I have Raku ceramic vases (my own work) with shades ranking from emerald green / blue green and rust. All those items are displayed against Schiele posters that alsi contain dark blue gray / rust and powder blue. I love this corner of the luving room.
    I have cosidered painting the wall behind in a green gray or fern green – and chaging the fabric of the sofa right in front to pale rose – question: isn’t rise too feminine for a livinroom??

  8. So…i was BORN in 1980 and remember (cringingly) forest green and bergundy or mauve being the the thing of the ‘90s. Every dormaforty or friends bedroom had this color combo. I just moved into a house that was built in ‘82 and the exterior was HEAVY on the forst green trim and accents. I couldnt change it fast enough. We live 5 min from the beach in florida and that color makes no sense to me. I am a light and bright kinda gal with LOADS of PURE WHITE, linen, flowy feeling colors and marerials that echo the nature of our surroundings. My favorite color is pool/robin egg/tiffany blue/aqua/mint blue. Cool and calm. BUT lately i have found myself drawn to the combination of this typically tropical color pallette mixed with the emerald green/blue. I didnt realize how close to forest green it actually was until i used it in my sons room WITH the lighter blue-green-grey color (aptly named Barrier Reef). I am in love with the combo and even tho i cringe at thinking it could be mistaken for forest green i am inspired to use it as a connecting accent color throughout my house! ??????