Exterior Consultation with Orange Stone and Brick: Before and After

My client Laura and I go way back. I decorated the interior of this house over 7 years ago. Their house is in Morgan Creek and their backyard overlooks the golf course (above).

She has twin boys who will be heading to University next year and Laura and her husband will be downsizing. They have bought a fabulous, brand new condo in downtown Vancouver to experience city life and they will be moving in next year, after it’s built.

This house will be sold (below) and Laura wanted to freshen up the dated colour scheme:

The only colour that was close to being right on this house given the fixed elements of the stone and brick was the trim and fascia. The reddish brown, wood stained, tudor style trim didn’t relate to anything, and the sage green colour made the house feel too dark and there was no green at all in the brick and stone.

I chose a green grey to create more contrast with the stone and brick and a new trim colour in a slightly lighter shade for ALL THE TRIM with a purple undertone.

After  in Green Grey

 I also had the house photoshopped to a shade of taupe so you could see it in both colours since there’s taupe in the fixed elements as well (below). Tricia and I have talked about this a few times when we are working on exterior eDesigns with stone or brick, whether to pull out the green grey in the stone or the taupe.

Do we go cooler to make it seem more current as it looks above, or do we embrace the taupe in the stone and brick but have it look more earthy which is slightly less current.

As you can see in this example, you can go either way.

After in Taupe


After in Green Grey

This medium toned green grey is often found in mortar and natural stone or concrete. You can see that it relates nicely to the green grey cobblestone driveway here.

After (in taupe)

You can see that the existing windows are black so the trim could not go lighter. And, there is no white or cream in the stone so painting all the trim a paler colour than the house would not have worked either.

Here’s the before again:

You can see that it is unnecessary to paint the gables a different colour. This house already has a lot going on because of the MANY gables and heavy trim and fascia.

When I was a new colour consultant, I was under the misconception that if you had shingles, stucco or siding on your house, each should be a different colour.

That opinion changed very quickly.

And the after:

After in Green Grey

Which neutral do you prefer?

You can see that Understanding Undertones® is critical to choosing the right exterior colour. Become a True Colour Expert this Fall, here.

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If anyone has an AFTER PHOTO to share from one of our exterior eDesign consultations, please email us at admin (at) mariakillam (dot) com, we would love to post it on the blog and would be so grateful to have one!

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