The Best Mattress for Eliminating Back Pain (Get Mine)

Maria's Master Bedroom

Maria’s Master Bedroom

We have a new mattress. Every time I wake up at night, I’m immediately present to how comfortable I am.

When I think about going to bed in the evening, I look forward to the experience of laying down on our new mattress.

After I’ve been gardening all day, this mattress (seriously) heals my back at night.

When I talked about our old (3 years!) innerspring mattress in February I was not sure then if the back pain I woke up with every morning was from our mattress, my designer-looking-but-not-so-comfortable office chairs or the way I sat on our sofa. I suspected our mattress the most so it had to go.

Terreeia has had chronic SI back pain for so long she had no idea whether our mattress was the culprit.

When I blogged about our uncomfortable mattress, it was a hot topic! Why? Well we all sleep on one, so everyone had lots of opinions.

The problem with synthetic memory foam mattresses is that they tended to sleep hot and they smell bad.  Terreeia had a memory foam mattress topper years ago that she had to get rid of because it was way too hot. There’s nothing worse than waking up in a pool of sweat!

Innerspring mattresses were hit and miss, even if they were very expensive! It didn’t seem to matter which brand was mentioned, some readers said they loved theirs and others said within 2-3 years they were sleeping in a dip.

Natural, latex mattresses were reported to be the best, however they still don’t address back pain issues, they will still have pressure points similar to an innerspring mattress.

Natural Memory Foam

Then I found Essentia, they are made in Canada but they offer free shipping anywhere in the US or Canada, and the difference between their latex mattress and others is that theirs is the worlds only natural memory foam. See their in-store locations here.

Natural, memory foam is one of the healthiest mattresses you can sleep on. Essentia use rubber tree sap, organic essential oils, plant extracts and water to make their mattresses.

They also have a 60 day money back guarantee, free shipping and they come with a 20 year warranty which makes them worth the price and they don’t even need to be flipped.

Because the foam is very dense, they are also hypo-allergenic which means that critters/bedbugs/dust mites can’t live inside the mattress because there is no wool or cotton batting that they normally nest in.

Testing out Mattresses

Here I am testing out the Beausommet mattress.

Testing Mattresses

We decided on the Dormeuse mattress because Angelo Renai (the Vancouver store manager) said it was the most popular, soft yet firm and came with their patented, whole body recovery technology. No wonder one night after a hard day of gardening fixed my back! It used to take 2 or 3 days for my back to recover.

Mattress in a box

Here’s how the queen size mattress was delivered (above). One UPS guy and a dolly!


Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy as my nephew (above) Markus says ; )


This is what it looks like (left) when you roll it out), and it comes with this note (below) to reassure you that it will unflatten.




And believe it or not, Terreeia’s chronic back pain is gone! It seems like a miracle that a mattress can actually do that but we are thrilled!

Because we’re talking about beds, here’s the before picture of our Master Bedroom before  we replaced the floors, mouldings and paint:



Another View of the Bedroom


Here’s one of the after photos, you can get a glimpse of my fun cream wool JuJu Hat with some framed photos of me (from about 15 years ago).

Master Bedroom

After photos by Tracey Ayton Photography

The grouping of wall sconces took me months to collect. Two I found from an antique store in Langley and the rest I found from 2 different HomeSense. Three of them were white so I just sprayed them a little and I liked that they ended up half white and half gold so I left them that way.

The shells are all fake purchased from Chintz & Co along with the funky, plastery looking vase in the middle on the big sconce.

My bedding is from the Pottery Barn and although it looks like my shiny blue satin pillows don’t match the walls, they actually do, haha.

Thank you everyone for all your comments, suggestions and feedback on your mattress experience. I love having so many experts and opinions to rely on to make such an important decision!  See the whole range of Essentia mattresses here.

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  1. LOVE your sitting area, the bedding, the draperies, the chandy and most of all the feeling of the room. Calm and beautiful,.

  2. After reading your review about Essentia and information on their website, I took a trek out to Laval Québec and purchased the Beausommet. Unfortunately, my experience in sleeping on it has been very negative. The mattress seemed confortable in the showroom, but as it turns out after sleeping on it for a month, it doesn’t provide proper spinal alignment neither for myself nor my husband. We wake up stiff and exhausted. I am returning it but will loose 9% of the full cost due to a recycling fee. I find this normal and the company has been great, but just wanted to caution those interesed in this type of mattress that for some sleepers, it might not be the right fit!

    Thanks for reading and love the bedroom!

  3. Maria, before I die I would LOVE to have a mattress by a company in,I believe, New York (and you can purchase them — or some models, at least — through Bloomingdales). Even their cheapest would be fine with me, and of course if I had a spare $13,000 I’d get their best:! (Shifman – one ‘f” not two). Check it out!!!