Why a Colourful Sofa is as Timeless as Subway Tile

How often does your sofa get replaced? If the quality is good and no one sits on it, it could sit in your living room for 25 years, but most of us expect our well-used sofa to last up to 10 years.

So get a colour INSTEAD of grey or charcoal. And if you already have a grey one, well there are many ways to bring it to life so not to worry.

If you are considering grey and haven’t bought one yet, notice that you’re probably not looking at brown right now because that trend has passed. And there are a lot of brown sofas out there because it was considered a ‘safe choice’ at the time and now that ‘safe choice’ has moved to grey.

I’m just suggesting that perhaps it’s time to go for a colour the next time it’s time for a new sofa:

Why a Colourful Sofa is as Timeless as Subway Tile

House & Garden Magazine UK

I love this shade of periwinkle blue. How could you not love this sofa for a very long time?

Why a Colourful Sofa is as Timeless as Subway Tile

Interior Design by Samantha Pynn

This room is designed by Samantha Pynn, one of my favourite Canadian designers, but how old is it? It’s hard to tell because the colours are still fresh but I know this room has been around for almost 10 years and was decorated during the brown trend. You wouldn’t know that though because there is no brown here.

Why a Colourful Sofa is as Timeless as Subway Tile | Maria Killam

Interior Design by Maria Killam

When did I decorate this living room? Usually, if a room was decorated in the brown trend the dead giveaway would be brown in the upholstery but it’s not here, so it lives, still today in 2016. This room was completed in 2009 (at the end of the brown trend here in the West Coast).

Why a Colourful Sofa is as Timeless as Subway Tile | Maria Killam

 Maria Killam

Why a Colourful Sofa is as Timeless as Subway Tile | Maria Killam

Emily Henderson

Turquoise became trendy again in 2002 with the brown trend. I distinctly remember this date because until then, everyone was buying sage green sofas. It’s now 15 years later and this colour is still going strong. Robert Allen had lots of new colourful books with turquoise.

Why a Colourful Sofa is as Timeless as Subway Tile | Maria Killam

House Beautiful 

Is navy blue the new gray? Only time will tell but it’s certainly a versatile colour.

Why a Colourful Sofa is as Timeless as Subway Tile | Maria Killam

Design Within Reach

Does red ever go out of style? I can’t remember if it ever has? Burgundy yes. Red, not so much.

Why a Colourful Sofa is as Timeless as Subway Tile | Maria Killam

Via pinterest

Is pink too feminine? Not when it’s in a room like this.

Why a Colourful Sofa is as Timeless as Subway Tile | Maria Killam

Living room | Bathroom

This living room with the white bathroom attached will last longer than the grey trend which is why I wrote this post about the colour trend one year ago.

I hope you’re inspired to consider a colour next time you go sofa shopping!

In April, I led my Specify Colour with Confidence™ event in Charlotte to a fabulous new group of True Colour Experts and then I was at High Point Market to tour around and write my 2017 trends report.


How long are you going to wait until you’re really good at colour?

Learning design takes a long time, where can you go and take a giant leap forward in pulling a room together either with hard finishes or soft finishes? That takes years and years of experience.

Getting proficient in colour also takes years unless you do my 3 day event where I’ll share all my insider secrets that took me 20,000 hours to learn including the business of colour. What to charge, how to sell your new skills, how to build your brand.

I recently received this email from Julie Kay who was in my Chicago course last Spring:

I am excited to say once again how much it meant to me take your class in Chicago.  It has changed my life and my confidence level.  I have just received an opportunity to fly to Arizona to help with a new build from where I live in Michigan.  I know this couple and by just briefly sharing my knowledge with them over lunch they asked me to consult with their project.  So excited! 

If you would like to transform the way you see colour, become a True Colour Expert.

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  1. We actually bought a brown sofa just last year lol. Its not one of those heavy dark pieces, and it works really well with our rustic cottage style. I don’t really care if the “brown trend” ship sailed years ago, we went with what looks best & feels right in our home. But, I surely would not want all brown furniture.

  2. I personally like Navy over Black but black is the “dark neutral” – it seems to go with everything!

  3. I’m picking out a blue velvet for a new Baker couch and this article hits my in-box. Surprisingly, it can be very hard to find the right blue that doesn’t turn greenish in certain light, artificial at night in particular, or just look black, rather than blue. I finally found one but it shows how getting a fabric swatch to take home is key!

  4. I love colorful sofas. But DOGS! Three of them,one black,one brown,one white… Arrrgh. So it’s the beat up brown leather sofa for us. Any other suggestions would be so helpful. I am sick of my sofa. 🙁

    • Mohair! I have three big standard poodles and two club chairs under the living room window- I KNOW that as soon as we leave, those two chairs will be occupied until we return. The chairs are done in navy blue mohair, and even after 15 yrs they still look great.You just can’t kill mohair.

  5. After 25 years living with a jewel tone plaid couch-which by the way was still in great condition-we bought a solid off-white colored couch last month. Wish I had read this article before we bought our boring neutral colored couch. Great post!

  6. If you have two sofas facing each other, is it best to have them the same “color?” Or would it be better in that situation to have neutral sofas and two colorful accent chairs? Thanks.

    • I would go for a colour, (but you knew I would say that) and yes if you have two sofas flanking each other they should generally be identical. Hope that helps, Maria