Christmas Tour of My House 2012

My beautiful white wreath, perfect for my already green door is from a GaBi, a local garden designer and reader of my blog. She emailed me a few weeks ago to say she had this lovely gift for me! Thanks so much GaBi!

I set the tree up the in the family room since that’s where we spend most of our time.

Here’s my living room during the day. I desperately need drapery everywhere in my house but I want to get most of it made and installed at the same time rather than paying the installer to come out one room at a time. I haven’t had time to make decisions on all the rooms.

Here’s my living room at 7:30 am this morning.





I bought the angel wings for my dining chairs last year after Christmas.

I love white Kalanchoe’s. They last and last and always look good.

Last Christmas my best friend Tami arrived with white feather boas she was sure I could use somewhere and so I arranged them on the buffet over white lights.

Here’s the family room. You can’t see the chaise attached to the sofa in this picture, it’s KIVIK from IKEA. My secret to keeping it white is two white fleece blankets from Costco that I throw on them when we are watching TV at night so we don’t have to stress about keeping them white. Funny that the white fleece doesn’t seem to get dirty but if we sat directly on the white slipcovers they would instantly attract stains I’m sure.

Here it is at night.

I picked up these little coffee table stumps from HomeSense.

I was holding my camera in one hand and moving the finial with the other hand and it feel over and broke in half. It still looks fine though as long as we don’t touch it. I need to find some china glue.





Notice I had the TV installed close to the left side of the wall and not centred. And the sofa is directly across the TV so it’s technically centred for viewing. As you can see it’s installed a mere 5 inches above where it would be sitting on the console but it’s the difference between a TV that looks like it’s part of the arrangement of art on the wall vs. a lump sitting on the console.

At first I considered installing it above the fireplace but then it kills the possibility of art there instead. Also I would have have been forced to add millwork on either side of the fireplace to store the components which I wasn’t keen to do. Then when I read Joni’s post about flat screens, I felt totally validated that I had made the right decision.

The flowers in the frames are placeholders. I want to fill them with family photos. In between the frames are little glass beaker tea light holders from CB2. They really fill the room with atmosphere in the evening.

Here’s the other view of my kitchen, my roman shades will be installed in about a week, I can hardly wait!


I discovered some new editing features on my MAC today. Hence the blurred edges.



Last week I bought a turquoise nutcracker that found a home in my main bathroom.

Now that my house has been decorated and photographed for you I can focus on shopping for presents. I know I have always been last minute but I still manage to be efficient believe it or not!

My little 3 & 5 year old nephews were here tonight and I hugged them close! My heart goes out to the families of Newtown! xoxo Maria

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  1. Maria, because of you I don’t apologize any longer for my yellow sofa. I love what you have accomplished in your new home. It is so fresh and inviting and I adore your style. Merry Christmas and thanks again for a lovely blog and color expertise.

  2. Marie:

    Your home is beautiful and inspiring. Best wishes to you and your family and a heartfelt thank you for all the joy you have given me via your blog over the years. You make me smile.

  3. Your home is so elegant! Love your Christmas decor, too. I am a big fan of greens and yellows, so your color scheme is right up my alley. Thanks for the wonderful tour. Merry Christmas!

  4. The entire house is beautiful!
    Love your style!
    I have 55 TREES up in my house! a lot are tabletop…it’s very “Christmassy Wonderland” for our 12 Grandchildren! it’s on my facebook page..
    look forward to your work in the new year. Dianne

  5. Thanks for the beautiful tour of your home. So many wonderful ideas and so inviting. Reading your posts are like a Christmas present to myself that goes on all year.
    Merry Christmas Maria.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. After reading the comments, I was feeling taken aback by the unsolicited feedback when a fellow designer is so generous as to post photos of their own home. I look forward to your blog posts all throughout the year but especially liked this one with the photos.