Vancouver Interior Designer: Are Terra Cotta Floors like Jeans? Yay or Nay

I have heard many sweet and wonderful things about Tobi Fairley’s mom Beverly Wells and what an amazing hostess she is! When I saw this beautiful Christmas house in turquoise and green decorated by Tobi and Beverly, I had to post it here!

Via At Home in Arkansas

See how the gray countertops have been brought to life by the turquoise? If you want to have fresh walls or cabinets and white is too much maintenance? Gray is the one. I chose gray for the countertops in my mom’s kitchen as well (lighter than this one).

What I love about what Tobi and Beverly did in this kitchen is they treated the saltillo tile floors like a pair of jeans since they in no way relate to the cabinets or countertops (a mantra you hear on this blog over and over). Notice however that what pulls the tile into this kitchen is the red/orange stain on the tabletop. So brilliant!

See the Pellegrino? If your kitchen is lacking in a little colour and styling, just buy three bottles and line them up somewhere along the backsplash.

Here the fresh yellow walls bring the grays in the area rug and chairs to life!

A totally fresh and beautiful palette for Christmas!

Love the kelly green Christmas balls!

After seeing this kitchen with the floors and considering there is so much of it in the South I have decided that maybe you can treat terra cotta tiles like a “neutral” if you have them.

Over to you my lovelies, what do you think? It’s really pretty here but do you think you could pull it off in your house?

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  1. Interesting how the gray counter tops “pop” against the turquoise cabinets… and those floors!!! LOVE!!!!! another great post…I always learn something new here!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. I’m with L.M. on this one. I like many things about this kitchen (the cabinet color, for one), but I think there are too many colors going on. I probably would have liked the kitchen better if it had butcher block counters to blend better with the floor, or if the flooring was different to blend with the countertops. But the clash between the gray counter tops and the terra cotta flooring was too much for me.

  3. This is beautiful!! Turquoise cabinets are probably not practical for most people, but it’s so pretty and totally works. Thanks for sharing! I agree with you completely about terracotta floors being a neutral. They are classic and I hate when people tear them up for something trendy that will be outdated in a few years :).

  4. I like everything in that kitchen except the floors. I think a warm wood or maybe a light tile would make the whole thing look quaint and pleasant, but to me the terracotta makes it look kind of garish and cheesy. I have terracotta tiles in my kitchen from the previous owner, and I am dying to remodel the kitchen and tear them out. They do hide dirt well, but that’s not necessarily the most appealing thought in a kitchen, if you know what I mean. These fit in ok in southwest/florida/tuscan type decors, but that is really not my favorite style.

  5. I love the terra-cotta with the turquoise. I inherited a terra-cotta tiled floor and white kitchen cabinets when I bought my house. I changed out the white counters for wood and painted the walls a dark charcoal gray, except for the island which I painted a deep orange. It’s a great combination…and interestingly enough, the dining room walls right off the kitchen are turquoise! I never thought of the jeans analogy, but I think you’re spot on!

  6. Real terracotta tiles look natural, I have ceramic imitation terracotta tiles that scream “orange” and are being removed as I type. Clean whites and greys are replacing the 80s style for me

  7. Can I get the color of the cabinets and where was that kitchen table purchased? I have those exact tiles in my kitchen and this would go good in my kitchen.