All About [Hermes] Orange

Lately I have been in love with Hermes orange, and then I realized it could be considered a festive as well because it’s also the colour of tangerines which you only get at Christmas!

The following is mostly from Leatrice Eisman’s book All About Colour:

‘Did you know there was no word for orange in Europe until the fruit arrived? Oranges became known as the fruit of the gods, of emperors and kings.

Eventually orange was impressively integrated into fine art available only to a privileged society and finally to the masses when oranges were imported.’

‘The mid 20th century the popularity of orange dropped among the elite as the color was adapted not for fine dining but in fast food restaurants. But the 90’s saw a ‘rebirth’ of orange in the high fashion world, there was also the explosion of more vibrant color, including orange, in industrial design and consumer products.’

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‘Because orange is closely associated to red from which it comes, vibrant orange is a very physical, high-visibility colour, calling for attention. And because of it’s connection to sunny yellow, orange is seen as friendlier and more approachable, less aggressive than red—a gregarious, fun-loving hue.’

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‘Many of the names attached to various shades of orange are also the names of foods, tangerine, nectarine, pumpkins and persimmons!’


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Hermes and Tiffanys are the two signature colours that are the most famous! I read that a customer bought a set of Hermes china just so they could display the boxes around the house!

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What a fabulous staircase this is with the accent orange stripe added next to the molding!


‘There is no better example of the use of orange than the mesmerizing fascination it holds in attracting the human eye than in a tropical sunset or the crackling embers of a fire on a cold winter night.’


‘Orange may not be everyone’s favourite colour but the need to observe and experience it’s warmth is inescapable!’

Orange trivia from Color: Messages and Meanings.


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  1. I lOVE ORANGE!!! It's radiance and joyfulness get's me always! It is so festive and happy!
    My husband gave me years and years ago an orange mohair coat by Mizrahi, I love it so, I probably will never part with it…
    Your pictures are wonderful, I love the first one especially!
    For me a perfectly balanced room!


  2. I especially love orange when it's teamed up with aqua blue. We had an entire fall display in the store done in aqua and oranges it was so fresh.

    The staircase image really is fabulous.

    I'm happy you received your cushion cover in time for Christmas.
    Merry Merry

  3. This Photographer's Life

    Oh, I'm so happy to read this post. I was in a living room the other day … the walls were white, the carpet was gray with a geometric light light beige pattern, the furniture was all covered in ash/very light blue linen, and then there was a bright Hermes throw over the back of the sofa. It was breathtaking, as the orange was literally the only thing in the room with any real color. It was a Suzanne Kasler room, and I know I am not doing it justice with this description… but it was truly amazing.

    Thank you so much for the post, and Happy Holidays!

  4. Enjoy your blog very much. I've always been fascinated by color and am working on remembering all I learn from your posts. Color is both mysterious and challenging to me.

  5. I love orange. The more saturated, the better.

    "'Did you know there was no word for orange in Europe until the fruit arrived? "

    Not to be obtuse, but in that case I wonder what word people used to describe the colour of carrots. Carrot, maybe?!

  6. Hermes Orange is my favorite colour. I painted my trim in my apartment in that color in College. I've always had it in my houses. My last living room was orange with a faint red strie glaze. Sounds horrible, it was fantastic. I've been in NY for a week with my parents, but have a fun yellow sister Parish living room. It is a very happy room. Come visit.