Easter Time and my 500 White Tulips are Blooming!

I planted my white tulip bulbs last year in November and December. And then I worried that they wouldn’t be in the ground long enough and wouldn’t come up.

It’s funny, when I first ordered 300, that number seemed like an incredible amount but then when I started planting, well I barely got the front yard done.

So then I ordered 200 more for the back yard. And 200 white daffodils.  White Tulips View from Driveway

The ones in the front are Cleveland Tulips (that’s what I remember). They grow two feet tall and they are spectacular. I love our curved, flagstone pathway. For tips on how to choose the colour of your stone, see this post.

Before Decorative Gate


Of course I have to throw in some before photos whenever I show my yard because the transformation was so big. For those of you who are new to my blog, we ripped out the front and back last year in April.

Front Decorative Gate

Here’s how my tulips look around the decorative gate that Maryanne White designed for me.

Lambs Ear

My Lambs Ear has totally taken off, I’m constantly clipping it so it stays low and looks more like ground cover. I love the white daffodils growing in their midst.

before front

And another before photo of the yard before we demolished it. You can see that we also moved the downspout and beefed up our one and only column. Much better (below).

Flagstone Path

I can’t wait until the boxwood grows in enough to be clipped into real hedge.

Before Front Yard

I don’t think you’ve even seen this before pic, check out the gravel driveway formerly used to park a trailer. My neighbours who live directly across the street are so much happier with their view now, haha.

Maria Killam's Front Yard After

We still need shutters on the two windows on the right, but after my colour fiasco last year, I haven’t sourced another set.

Front Door Pots

Here are two of my pots beside my front door. Would you believe I planted them way back in February!

Front Door Pots

I especially love this green plant (I don’t remember what it’s called).
Easter Bunnies & White Tulips

Here’s a glimpse of the tutear we had custom made for our vegetable garden this winter. This morning Terreeia and I hid all kinds of fun, egg-shaped easter toys for William and Markus who arrived for the hunt a little later.

Searching for Eggs

My rosebushes have really taken off, I’m so happy! You can see the kale plants on the right in the vegetable garden, still going strong.

I’ve been making green smoothies for Irene and I, last week I clipped some Kale leaves, plunked them standing up in a mug and said “munch, munch”. She was not impressed, haha. Definitely easier to eat that much Kale in a smoothie.

Egg Hunting

Here’s Markus, scouting out the terra cotta pots for Easter eggs.

Comparing finds

See, I didn’t even have enough tulips for the backyard! I still need lots and lots of Perennials. Almost every weekend, you’ll find me at the Nursery.

Markus and William

And here are my angel Nephews, posing for the camera!

What colour are your tulips?

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  1. i saw white daffodils for the first time TODAY… and when I mentioned it to someone she told me they are narcissus… same thing?? Looks very classy and serene in your use. And yes, you need more.
    Thanks for sharing….

  2. The transformation is amazing! Looks so beautiful Maria & Terreeia. All that hard work behind you, this year you get to enjoy and play. Love seeing the before and after pictures. The green plant is a Hellebore. I have lots of white and also green ones. Love them because they do so well in winter and nice to have some interest during those months. Like the Christmas Rose that is a hellebore. Hope you had a great Easter weekend

  3. Gorgeous. Love the simple white and green. Question – for someone who usually fills space with brighter colours why did you decide to keep everything white and green?

  4. I bet your neighbors across the street are happy! Your yard is gorgeous, your nephews adorable. When I look at the now photo of where the gravel driveway used to be, I long to see the border plants continued right up to the curb. Ahh, but it’s beautiful the way it is.

  5. I’d loe to see some groups of 10-12 yellow tulips strtegically placed……there are no focall points…lol.

  6. I’m not a green person, but omg Maria, I love your front door and , of course, the rest of your wonderful home….but that front door !!!!!!!

  7. Wow!

    NOTE: Lamb’s ear becomes invasive like you won’t believe. Be aggressive when trimming, or it will rampage your garden.

    Ok, maybe not as far north as you are, but, LOL Lamb’s Ear is traditionally not very well behaved. Just wanted to warn ya.

    I yank mine out by the boatload and give it away on craigslist. 🙂

    Your photos brought smiles to my face, thank you!

  8. Anyone ever say your older nephew looks just like you? Same eyes, same smile.

    They both are lucky to have you as an aunt!

    • Oh yes, I wanted to say the same. Your face (up top in the pink band) and his, look the same. If you give us a pic of you at his age – other than a girly dress and the blonde hair – we wouldnt be able to tell!

  9. Love white tulips also. Your fence is particularly stunning. So unique! I would turn all my flowers from color to white if i could afford it. Love the look. Nice job

  10. Absolutely beautiful landscaping and flowers.
    Next spring it will be your yard in a magazine photo shoot!
    Perfect location for a fun Easter egg hunt.
    Happy Easter Maria! Shalom!

  11. To not like white tulips is like not liking babies. I have found that the daffodils and jonquils are much easier to tend long term and have a greater chance of blooming in subsequent years with less work. Maybe that is why tulips are so special and such a delight.

  12. So pretty, Maria and thanks for sharing.

    Here where I live (in Eastern Ontario), I am beginning to question if Spring is just a figment of expression or one’s imagination as it really looks and feels more like Autumn. ☺ -Brenda-

  13. Your white tulips are nothing short of glorious!!
    I love white flowers of all kinds. My husband and I were married many Aprils ago and my bouquet was made of white roses,white tulips and green ivy. It was simple and gorgeous. The florist kept telling me I needed to add color, but I refused and I’m glad I did! Imagine how many years of joy your tulips will bring you!

  14. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting this again on Facebook. It is absolutely uplifting!

    You asked what color our tulips are — I won’t plant them because of their high failure rate. I am so intolerant of fussy plants LAUGH!!

    DO consider ‘googling’ to see what and how to feed them, for best success in coming back. There are ways to increase the probability. (One is to cut the blooms and bring them inside — you do not want the blooms to start forming seeds.)

    There are varieties which are known for repeat blooms over the years, if that helps.

    You do not in fact have to wait for the leaves to turn yellow. You should wait as long as you possibly can, true. I end up cutting my daffodil leaves back to 4 inches or so, about 3 weeks after they have bloomed. I just can’t stand it anymore.

    You can lob all leaves back to a standard height as well, and give that a try. 🙂 As long as there is SOME leaf, the bulb is getting fed.

    As always, your blogs and postings are so excellent and enjoyable!

  15. Oh Maria! What a beautiful sight with all the white blooming daffodils! You have inspired me to get in the yard and get my hands dirty! How lovely.