My Snowflowering Tree Blooms on my Birthday: Before & After

You know when you finish decorating or designing a room and the after photo is so pretty you think “Darn, I wish I had that exact same angle for the before photo?!!”

Well, today, I have it for this angle on my back deck. This was part of the collection of photos I sent my Landscape Architect MaryAnne White 18 months ago when we started planning my landscape project that started last year in April.

We did it all long distance (she lives in New York). Once you find a designer whose aesthetic you like, who cares where they live, as long as it works to do it this way. And it really did.


Before Patio


I love this Snowflowering Tree MaryAnne specified in front of our deck (below). It just went into full bloom a few days ago. That’s how I know my birthday will be here soon : )

One of the questions she asked when we were in the planning stages was “When I walk through the front door of my house, what do I see when I look through the window?”.

So that’s why the tree is planted right here. Our door is pretty much located in the middle of our house directly on the other side of the tree if you were to draw a line through the house.

I can’t wait until the white hydrangeas and Shasta daisies bloom. The daisies in particular have tripled in size this Spring.

After Patio


I have already had a few naps on my Restoration Hardware sectional. A few weeks ago it was raining on a Sunday afternoon, so I grabbed a feather duvet, and got cozy listening to the raindrops for my nap. It felt so luxurious!

Shortcut to Patio

Here’s how you know you are decor obsessed. I was walking through Target last weekend and spotted these x ottomans for INSIDE. But that didn’t stop me from buying two for the patio. Here’s the link to see a close up of the console table.

I installed a couple flagstones here so we could have a shortcut onto the deck from the back of the garden.


One of Terreeia’s friends bought us a white Jasmine vine (my garden is all white) as a housewarming gift last year and we planted it beside the downspout. I love that it’s covering it all up as it grows.

Here’s where our birdbath is positioned, it’s fun to watch the birds now that they’ve found it.

What do you think of my little Buddha? I’m thinking it’s too much, it might just go back to the store.

It’s my birthday tomorrow (I’m 47)! And I’m having a little party now that I’ve pretty much finished decorating my deck.

Wish you were all here with me! xo Maria

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  1. I like the statue but I would nestle her somewhere in the garden where she will naturally “age”. Something that you see when you look at from the patio.

    (To age her, you could put some moss and buttermilk in a blender and pour over her and she will begin to grow some moss to look like she has been there a while. Google it and you can find a recipe…has to be in the shade for moss to thrive.)

    I can’t beleive that garden looks so mature after just one year…beautiful! Happy Birthday.

  2. I love your little Buddha. I wish I could find just that for my little garden. Maybe I can.

    Happy Birthday, Maria.

  3. theresa sheldon-meyers

    i love, love, love your little buddha! it’s such a calming personal statement and perfect with your white garden! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday! We have a covered deck at our new house, and it is a treat to sit outside during rainstorms. The little joys in life are sweet.

  5. It must be very satisfying to see you home and yard and office come together to fit your vision, even from rather plain beginnings. My vote is to keep the statue, perhaps aged as suggested above. Oriental touches have influenced Western design for centuries, and there is nothing purist about this home anyway. I think mixing things up keeps it interesting.