Sherwin Williams Sample Board Giveaway

Agreeable Gray


SW Agreeable Gray

I’m very excited to announce that as we speak, I am getting large sample boards painted in Sherwin Williams best greys and whites. There will be 25 per set and they should be ready by the end of the month!

I have received many requests for large samples in SW colours, since there are many parts of the country where the demand is great for Sherwin Williams. And of course, they will be categorized to fit inside my Understanding Undertones™ system.

So I’m having a giveaway for one set of 25 large samples, to be shipped as soon as they are ready. Just tell me which SW grey or white is your favourite and why in the comments below.

I’m in Vancouver this week leading my Specify Colour with Confidence™ Event!

Don’t forget to tell us why and which colour is your favourite!  xo Maria

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  1. I’ve used Dover White for closet interiors and other areas with limited light. It works well for keeping things light without being stark or creamy.

  2. Well that didn’t work right with the link, it is supposed to be showing Marimekko Pieni Unikko Yellow Sheet Sets

  3. My favorite SW grey/white is Grecian Ivory. I know, not very distinguishable as a grey, but looks greyer when you put it up with white trim (P & L Seed Pearl), and works so well with my Ben Moore Hazy Skies.

  4. I may be too late for the give-away, but this post has been very useful as I have to pick one SW colour for the entire house that we are having built. I will add more colour later after living in the house for a while and getting a better feel for what looks good. Glad you are branching out with your colours Maria as some painters have their preferences in what company they choose.

  5. My favorite SW gray is intellectual gray. We used it on the outside of our house and I love it. Sometimes it looks greige, sometimes gray, ang sometimes a bit green.

  6. Hello Maria!

    I’m the Canadian gal living in Utah who just emailed you — I’m renovating an old house and in the midst of choosing paint colours from SW. Currently SW7029 Agreeable Grey is my favourite but I would LOVE to win your colour board to make sure it will work with my spaces! Thanks! Love your blog!

  7. Found your site tonight as I was seated at my kitchen island surrounded by SW fan decks, mags, SW brochures and well, you get the picture. Been browsing and reading your site for about 3 hours now and has been more helpful then all the other things at my fingertips so thank you so much! We’re building our first and last home as delightful seniors and I’ve been overwhelmed by color choices! As this is the home we’ll spend our last 40 years as I expect to live to be 100 (LOL) I want it to be a happy home!!! I had already liked not only the Agreeable Gray but others mentioned as well, even to use on our already existing beach home. I know we’re using SW paints with our new home and I might not be blessed to win the boards but so thankful to have found your informative site, how skilled and personable you are, Maria! Here’s to a lasting “colorful” friendship!!!

  8. Ten years ago I used a SW paint in my basement that I thought would be a good neutral. It looks pink! I’ve learned a lot from your blog about undertones and I won’t make that mistake again when I remodel the basement next year. Thanks for the color tips!

  9. SW “MORRIS ROOM” Grey (SW 0037) is my favorite….it is so nice and warm! Makes you want to cuddle up with a good book!

    Hope I win!!!!!! -Sue

  10. Have picked SW Sea Salt as pretty close to BM Gray Cashmere for our new home. Anyone have another suggestion?

  11. Maria, I’m so excited you are introducing SW colour boards. As a designer I spec BM and SW a lot and I’ve resorted to buying drywall squares and sampling colours for clients this way. As for my favorite SW gray paint colour, well it’s impossible to adore just one but, for a dramatic charcoal impact I’ve loved SW0077 Classic French Gray (very similar to BM HC-168 Chelsea Gray) it’s rich and bold and lovely against creamy trims, dark wood floors and natural linen fabrics. And I adore mixing it with a ceiling of BM HC-173 Edgecomb Gray and an adjoining room in BM Revere Pewter HC-172. The accent colours in fabrics and accessories are endless with this combination. Love your blog and would really appreciate the chance to win the colour boards. Kat

  12. I THINK my favorite is SW Agreeable Gray, but I’m not sure. We need to paint our living room, dining and kitchen, and we have an open floor plan. So I have to know it is the right color before we start!

  13. I love SW Steemed Milk and used it paint the entire inside of our cottage with it. Wonderful warm feel with the blue furniture and orange accents. Lovely lake feeling.

  14. My favourite SW grey is Repose Grey. I painted my University bedroom this colour and my mom liked it so much she painted her own bedroom this colour. I’m thinking of painting my living room/dining room this colour when my new house is built this August.

  15. Agreeable Gray is what I’m leaning towards for my dining room. I think it will play well with red oak floors and natural english water struck brick.

  16. I like SW blonde because it changes from a buttery yummy color, to a creamy custard to a toasted nutty color depending upon the light. It will also make you very hungry. 🙂

  17. My favorite SW white is Gauzy White (SW 6035): It is a beautiful white with just a touch of warm gray undertone. I painted my master bedroom closet this color. It’s from SW “Vintage Moxie” Colormix. Just the name alone reminds me of light gauze curtains blowing from the ocean breeze in the Caribbean. I can smell the salt in the air….ahhh, so relaxing. Oh sorry…I started day dreaming there for a second! Back to reality and the the gray skies of Seattle!
    My favorite SW gray is Black Fox, because it is a beautiful, rich charcoal gray. I painted my bathroom door this color. It feels very French to me. Au Revoir! judy

  18. I like the following white and grey SW colours:
    Light French Grey
    Storm Cloud (blue grey)
    Krypton (light blue grey)
    Incredible grey
    Sea Salt (green grey)

    I would sure like to be entered into the contest for your boards for the SW colours.

  19. Muslin 6133 because it’s most like my favorite
    Pratt and Lambert Vanilla 2100
    Vanilla lends patina in new spaces and is right at home with antiques.

  20. Agreeable Gray worked great for a pricey loft that a client needed to rent. Very curious to see Sea Salt on a larger patch and looking forward to learning more about undertones.

  21. Hi Maria
    I am such a newbie I do not have a website yet.
    My favorite color is Exclusive Gray. I saw a
    an intense yellow/gold distressed mirror in
    one of the many decorating magazines I have
    gathered since January. I immediately
    thought of my own larger mirror and how
    great it would look on exclusive
    gray as my accent wall. It’s super you know
    the undertones of paints because I can tell
    that will be a major have to know in
    decorating. Thank you. Kayla Woody

  22. We are building a new home and chose Mindful Gray for the Exterior, Repose Gray for the living area, office, bunk room and master. Sea Salt for the entry, bathrooms and stairway. Amazing how different these colors look in different rooms…still nervous waiting to see painters finish!

  23. I have to copy one of the many paint bloggers I’ve run across and say I’m going gray-zy!! Will start by confessing when we moved into our home almost 9 years ago the first huge mistake was picking out 2 colors of gray, one light one dark to paint the entire basement for our Ohio State Buckeyes “Scarlet & Gray” room. Ugh. First comment, “Why would you go with light blue?!” Again, ugh. This was a hurried choice, admittedly. Now we are finally doing our master bath and bedroom and I’ve researched every angle. Slapped large squares of Mindful Gray on each wall but started seeing blue. Plan to bring home Intellectual Gray tomorrow but am worried about green hues. It’s daunting to think when this perfect gray presents itself I’ll have an entire basement waiting to be redone. Go Bucks!! Otherwise, my current SW fav is Blond. We have a LOT of oak trim and it compliments that well. Any suggestion are welcome.