Bathroom Dilemma: Rectangular or Oval Sink? Yay or Nay


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So last year at this time I said I would renovate my bathrooms in the Spring but then it didn’t happen. I got busy, did not have a contractor and that was the end of that plan.

It was a client living here in Chilliwack (who I’ll tell you about very soon) that jolted me into action. I corralled my dear friend Jan Romanuk (who designed my kitchen when we first moved into this house 3 1/2 years ago) to come out and help design the millwork for my clients renovation and at the same time I had her drop by the house to look at my bathrooms. Again.


Jan Romanuk (here she is in my main bathroom)

So here’s my first dilemma. Jan and I are in a debate about whether you should install a rectangular sink in the same bathroom with an oval bathtub.

She is more of a tradionalist than me and she prefers the coordinated look of an oval tub with an oval sink.

I am sooooo bored of oval sinks since I’ve never lived in a house with a new bathroom in my life. Until we bought this house in April 2012, I rented.

Before I continue with my sink saga, a few things about my master bathroom:


See that small bulkhead on the left corner of the above image? Clearly it’s covering up some kind of pipe but Jan said they should have built the wall out originally because the bathroom is big enough where you didn’t really need the 4 or 5 extra inches. This way you wouldn’t have to deal with a bulkhead at all.

Now, so that it doesn’t get too expensive, we will simply extend it to the end of the wall.

I’m showing you the original photo from when we took possession. I’ve since painted this bathroom turquoise and replaced the light fixture but that’s all I’ve done, so I there’s nothing new to see.


The stained glass windows have to be replaced and I want an oval free standing tub here. A rectangular tub would NOT work in front of the angled walls.

So here are a few images to ponder my lovelies. . .


image via Bloglovin

Here is a square top mounted sink with a built in oval bathtub.


Image via Pinterest

Another contemporary bathroom with a rectangular sink and an oval bathtub (above).


via Atlanta Homes Mag

Here the sink is square and the tub is oval. What I don’t love about this bathroom is that the drain pipe seems to be on the wrong side of the tub. Must have been too expensive to move.



via the Enchanted Home

And here both are oval again.


This is my favourite tub (above) but Jan says it’s expensive. And it probably would look too high end in front of my little windows which will be higher than the tub 🙁

Installing larger windows would be completely over-renovating.


image via Lonny Magazine

It will most likely be something more simple, similar to this one (above).

I’ll post about bathtubs when I start sourcing them.

So what do you say? Yay or Nay to mixing and matching rectangular and oval?

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  1. I am thinking of putting two vessel lavatory on one long counter top. One is round and other rectangle from the same manufacturer. Sort of a his and hers lavatory. What do you think?