• I Hate My Closet Contest & Maria's New Closets

    Photos by Maria Killam (partial view from my living room)

    Chris Isfeld from the Designer Closet Guys arrived the day before we moved in last week to install our closets! He had everything packed in his designer truck.

    Here's all the boxes, ready to be installed. The orange closet is Cloverdale 7983 or SW 6661.

    Chris arrived at around noon and was finished installing the master and spare bedroom closet approximately 5 hours later.

    This mirrored cabinet is full of shelves for folded items.

    This is called a valet, for planning my outfits.

    This is the hidden laundry hamper for lights and darks!

    Hooks for all my necklaces (I purchased these from IKEA). They have to be out or I don't end up wearing them if I can't see them.

    And my favourite section. The shoe shelves. Sigh. So fabulous!

    Here is a sneak peek of what my closet looks like. I will have to style the whole thing to take a better after photo later.

    Here's the guest room closet before the installation.

    And here's the after! To see how the consultation went, click here to read the previous post.

    My bedroom suddenly has a feeling of luxury to have such an organized and functional, custom closet! It was very easy to pack for my trip to Toronto this week.

    The Designer Closet guys are hosting a 'I Hate my Closet' Contest. To enter to win, all you have to do is like them on Facebook and submit a photo of your closet in need of a makeover! Then get your friends to vote on your closet and the winner will be selected from the 10 closets that have the most votes!

    This contest is only applicable for participants who live in the Lower Mainland. So start snapping photos!

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    23 Responses to I Hate My Closet Contest & Maria's New Closets

    1. Rhonda Sievert says:

      Love that gorgeous shoe collection!!!

    2. susan says:

      And where are you going to put the rest of your shoes?

      • Maria Killam Maria Killam says:

        Haha, good question. My winter boots are in the guest closet and my runners and few pairs of every day shoes are in the entry closet.

    3. Soooo fabulous!! I know you LOVE that!!! Wish I could have the Designer Closet Guys in Charlotte!!!

    4. Franci says:

      What color is the guest bedroom, Maria? Such a fresh green.

    5. {{sigh}}

    6. Mary says:

      Hi Maria,
      Do Angels sing when you open your closet doors?
      And will your closet have a pretty ceiling light?

    7. Amanda says:

      That mirrored cabinet is genius!

    8. Official shoe envy here!! First because the space is awesome. Second because you look like you have a terrific shoe collection!!

    9. That closet of yours would be a dream come true. What a job you are doing on your house. I'm curious about the guest room color too. And hello, loving your floors!!

    10. Wow!! I LOVE everything! It's beautiful!

    11. Cherie says:

      The floors and closets are beautiful. It's really great that you were able to make so many improvements before moving in! Except for your kitchen, of course, but what fun to know the beautiful kitchen IS coming soon!

    12. kathy says:

      Where can I get those jewelry hooks !! gotta have them ~!

    13. kathy says:

      Love the jewelry hooks, where are they from? I need them for my new closet !
      Love watching your new house evolve.

      • Nicole says:

        Those jewelry hooks look exactly same as some I purchased in IKEA here in Australia :-)

        • Maria Killam Maria Killam says:

          Yes they are from IKEA! Chris was generous enough to install them for me! Maria

    14. Andrea May says:

      Love it, Maria! You must be in heaven. xo

    15. Lois says:

      I love it all, especially the paint colors.

    16. Laurette says:

      I love your closets, I want to makeover a small room, off of my master bedroom, to become my closet. You have inspired me to get moving on the project, too bad I live in California I would love those guys to build out my closet.

    17. Love how these turned out! You will never regret getting them!

    18. Carrie says:

      Would you be willing to share the dimensions of your master closet? I like he idea of the shoe shelf and the mirrored cabinet installed at opposite ends!

    19. Soma says:

      I LOVE the closet!!! The valet is definitely a must have. And I am the same way with my jewelry, if it's put away, it never gets worn…

    20. Victoria says:

      I "heart" great closets and yours is right up there! Beautiful!

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