• My Newest Bed Obsession

    This is what I see when I walk by my guest room every day. I picked up this print at HomeSense years ago and seeing the big flowers just make me happy.

    Guest room Vignette

    The vintage dresser is Terreeia's. The wall colour is SW 6422 Shagreen.

    Art in Guest Room

    I love the two small pieces of art on the middle of the wall on the right. This is what my guests look at when they are lying in bed. This art, one of my lovely readers, Meredith Aitken gifted to me. See all her work here.

    Guest Room

    This is what my guest room looks like now. I haven't done anything to it other than paint since we moved from Vancouver. This was the finished room in my last house (below). The drapes are too short to be used again in our new house, so I've decided to re-decorate.

    Plus we need a bed. This is just sitting on a frame with a custom bed skirt.

    Green Guest Room

    Which leads me to the point of this post. I have fallen deeply in love with Diane Lane's bed from Under the Tuscan Sun.

    Diane Lane's Bed


    Wrought Iron Bed

    This one is very similar but too big for my small guest room obviously. It was recently featured in Architectural Digest in Jane Fonda's home.

    I have searched but cannot find anything like the 'Under the Tuscan Sun' bed.

    So over to you, my lovelies, where can I find this bed!!

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    46 Responses to My Newest Bed Obsession

    1. dawn johnson says:

      Maria, try Corsican iron beds from California!

    2. Kathy says:

      While not identical, JC Penney has a few metal frame beds that have a similar "flavor" as this bed, minus the round medallion: 1. the Howard, 2. the Belvedere 4 poster (we have this and like that you can sit on the bottom of the bed to put socks on without the footboard being in the way), and 3. the Newcastle.

      Good luck with finding just the right thing (which I know you will). I find personally that when I fall in love with an item and then can't get the exact thing, it's hard to let go of it for a "substitution", but that's probably just me….

    3. Angela N says:

      What about custom? Seems like a metal work shop might be able to duplicate it.

    4. I remember staying in that bed in your old home – I loved that room! And the bed was comfy!

      Best source I use for Iron beds in Wesley Allen.

      • A-L says:

        I'll second the Wesley Allen recommendation. I have one in my bedroom (Aria, discontinued) and love it. You can pick the finish, and most any combo of headboard/footboard/return rails/canopy, etc. (or choose to only have one, such as the headboard).

    5. Bonnie says:

      I believe the author of Under the Tuscan Sun launched a furniture line under a major furniture company. Will try to come up with the name.

    6. StagerLinda says:

      God, I love that beautiful bed! Sorry I can't help with finding one. "Under the Tuscan Sun" is one of my fav all time movies. When I watched it with my husband (who was 36 when we married) he squeezed my hand and said, "you are my train." So romantic. You have to be a fan of the movie to get it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane…. xoxo Linda

    7. Around here we have Charles P. Rogers. They do custom work too. Good luck!

      • Kay says:

        Second that. We bought their Cairo bed and just love it. Our bedroom is small, but the height of the bed makes the room look larger. This surprised my designer friend, who quietly thought I was making a mistake.

        Charles P. Rogers has been making beds for more than 150 years. It's an excellent company. Bought their linen duvet cover as well–very heavy and high quality.

    8. Sally says:

      Here is a pretty iron bed:
      Good luck!

    9. Pamela says:

      My daughter has the Amelie Bed from PBTeen. It's very similar, but no Madonna medallion.

    10. Bridget Frymier says:

      There is a pretty antique metal bed on a site called Hunters Alley. Search beds.

    11. Mariko says:

      Charles P Rogers.
      Sally above suggests the prettiest one. Here's another one from Charles P Rogers:

      Happy Spring….today's the first day!

    12. franki says:

      You know…"Spiegels" catalog "used to" carry" curly cue" beds…that is where we got ours…years ago…time to feather our nests…spring… franki

    13. I'll be your first guest in that bed!!!

    14. mairi says:

      Maria-what would be the closest BM colour to the SW green above? No SW dealer here..Thanks..Sweet room!

    15. Pamela says:

      The furniture collection based on the movie was through Drexel Heritage. The collection is called At Home in Tuscany.

    16. Victoria says:

      Drexel heritage did a line of furniture based on the movie and there was a bed I do believe it is now
      discontinued. It was not just metal but a combination of wood and metal. Not the same flavor at all.
      Penneys does have some excellent possibilities for
      A very reasonable price point.

    17. Merlyn Corcoran says:

      mindful of shipping and custom duties, here are two Canadian companies offering antique iron beds:

    18. Lara Maira says:

      I love how the curvy lines soften the metal frame on this bed at Arhaus

    19. Jackie says:

      JoJo's Place on Main Street in Vancouver has amazing antique wrought iron beds.

    20. Amy T. says:

      I love your Shagreen walls, Maria. It looks very warm and cheerful. I think maybe I should have chosen that for my kitchen instead of Benjamin Moore Cornstalk.

    21. Kimberly Wright says:

      Our bed is a very similar iron 4-post bed (minus the medallions). We've had it for 15 years, but I'll try to look up where we got it. I just had to say that I'm loving the affirmation that you just gave me! I've always loved our bed, I've thought it's unique and classic and timeless, but now that all I see are upholstered beds I'd begun to doubt whether I needed to "update". So glad to feel like I don't have to! Looking forward to the webinar today :)

    22. Beth says:

      Not exact, but some of this company's beds – like their Morellas – have that center upward swoop – and they can be customized.


    23. Betsy says:

      A few to consider. My criteria (which may or may not match what appeals to you in terms of the Tuscany bed):

      1. They have the same "lightness" in feel that the Tuscany bed has.

      2. They have an arched headboard.

      3. The scrollwork isn't overly busy or too geometric, but remains delicate and flowing.

      4. They have to be of a scale that won't overwhelm a smaller room, but will still have presence. Some have simple canopies, others don't.

      Hope one of these appeals!

      http://www.americanironbeds.com/corsbeds/dreamgallery.html – lots of beds





      http://www.charlesprogers.com/alexandria-canopy-bed-p-52.html – with canopy

      http://www.charlesprogers.com/alexandria-bed-p-37.html?cPath=6_62 – without canopy


    24. sandyc says:

      I love iron and metal headboards. We had a king in our master from Penney that was unique in color and worked perfectly in our bedroom. I kept a dark bronze queen (through Bedmart) for my bedroom but it was a tough choice – there are some great ones out there in many price ranges. I'll third the Wesley Allen recommendation. And try http://www.humbleabode.com. And Penney's. And just googling iron or metal headboards can get you a world of ideas. Good luck and have fun! And be sure you post pix – the room now is charming and inviting but it definitely needs a headboard. I'm dealing with that issue in my guest room. There's something very temporary and camp-like about sleeping in a bed without a headboard – almost as if you were an unexpected guest.

    25. Don't know where to find a bed, but love the green guest room. Looks so fresh and spring like. Happy first day of spring, Maria!

    26. Sue says:

      YOU CAN FIND IT IN MY GARAGE!!!!! Seriously!

      I have one (that needs to be refinished), I purchased it back in 2005 when we were living in Italy! It was purchased at a HUGE monthly antique market that was one the town over from us (Piazzola: see link here: http://mandarineditalie.blogspot.com/2009/04/antique-market-at-piazzola-sul-brenta.html. )

      Back then I paid 500 Euros for it, because I ABSOLUTELY HAD to have it…..then my husband came home from deployment in Afghanistan and HATED it. LOL Anyways: I saved it hoping I would have a little girl one day….and now almost 10 years later we have 2 boys. So much for that. It has been hanging on the wall in my garage ever since moving back stateside.

      Send me an e-mail to suevicenza@gmail.com and I will take some photos and e-mail them to you:-)

    27. Betsy says:

      You may also want to get the catalog from http://www.cathousebeds.com. They specialize in antique iron beds – they have 500+ in their inventory.

    28. Cate says:

      For a very inexpensive option, have you considered Ikea? Here is the one that I was thinking of http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/S49006656/
      It can easily be spray painted in black, if you prefer that?

    29. Michelle Ku says:

      I have something similar, with out the canopy, that I bought in high school from an antique shop. I used it for years until it became too small (it's a full) after I got married. So versatile it's been white, red, and black. The original color was green. So, I guess I'm saying antique shops.

    30. Angela says:

      Check out Brass Beds of Virginia. Gorgeous iron beds! This is the one I have!

    31. Carol says:

      I just listened to your webinar……….it was GREAT!!!! Very
      interesting with the slides.
      Don't know where to find the bed.
      I do have a question and not sure where to submit it.
      How do you make a dark living room with little natural light look light bright and cheery with color? I mean wall, furniture and floor and accessories color?

    32. Maria Killam Maria Killam says:

      You are all so awesome thanks so much! I now have a full education in iron beds and where to find them! Maria

    33. teresa says:

      Loved the webinar today1 thanks for that gift. I'm no help on the bed except to say that i love it. I had one similar on loan that was custom made by a friend/metal artist. It was a sad day when he needed it back. :(
      P.S. I love that entry shot of the guest room, but miss the Tizio lamp. I felt it added just the right touch of horizontality in a modern classic format to offset the lovely woodsiness of the dresser. But, i love the mix of modern and old, especially where light fixtures are concerned. It still looks great with the sculpture.

    34. Mary-Illinois says:

      Hi Maria,
      You never stop surprising me. I had you pegged as the "upholstered headboard" type. Ha!
      I pictured it with a colorful linen & beautiful tufting.
      Good luck with your search.

    35. Tricia says:

      HI MARIA,

    36. liz says:

      i love this iron bed i bought for daughter http://www.pinterest.com/pin/21392166954402002/ drawing blank on name of company, but happy to look it up for you if you like :)

    37. ch says:

      Does anyone know where I can purchase a bed similar to the PB teen Amelie bed in black? Thanks.

    38. Anita says:

      I found this post searching for the Under the Tuscan Bed, lol… I, too, LOVE that bed, and while I'm not Catholic, the medallion is the part I love the most! Guess I'll keep on searching ;)

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