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Black Friday Colour Board Sale + A Must Watch Video | Maria Killam

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If you already have one of these collections, you’ll know how valuable they are.

Here’s what one of my recent True Colour Experts said about her boards:

“Without being too dramatic, the large colour boards have really and truly changed my color consultations. I purchased both of Maria’s collections after the Summer School webinar and having them immediately put me at a pro level. I then signed up for her True Colour Expert training in October in Toronto and when we were working with small color chips the first day, I found it difficult to do the assignments without the big boards. Once you go big, you never go back!”  – Cathy Zaeske, Your Favourite Room

Another designer told me she bought my boards before she attended a Specify Colour with Confidence training. The first time she carried her new boards into a design consultation, her business partner gave her a funny look and said, “Why are you bringing those? We don’t need them.” The consultation went much easier using the colour boards and the next time they got out of their car before a consultation, her partner changed her tune and said, “Make sure you bring those large boards.”

If you choose paint colours for clients or yourself, make sure you take the time to watch this video where I teach you how to use them exactly the right way. You don’t need to have my boards, any painted boards will work as long as you place them exactly where I’m showing you here.

Go here to order the colour boards:

Black Friday Colour Board Sale + A Must Watch Video | Maria Killam


Each one of the 50 boards only costs $6 when you buy the collection – you can’t come even close to buying the necessary paint and posters boards for that price. Never mind all the time you will spend painting and cleaning up paint rollers or brushes! For 4 days only you’ll get them for even less!

I know it’s an investment but highly worth it when you start using them with your clients (They LOVE them) or if you just have a project coming up where you need to choose a lot of colours!

Order the boards here or my How to Choose Paint Colours eBook here.


Let me know what you think of the video, I’m getting better, now I even have a mic ; ) ; ) xo Maria

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the video. Some good tips. I must admit I felt relieved I picked the best choice of colour. It was nice to have a voice to the face and to see you in more than one dimension.

  2. You have improved tremendously, Maria! Your presentation is professional but still warm and straight forward. The video demo is great info and one of the best things about it is that you reinforce the idea of doing it yourself for simple projects so an ordinary homeowner doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Great job!

  3. Maria, thank you for that video! It was really helpful to see the process (even though you’ve described it in your blog).

  4. I have to agree with SandyC – your presentation was professional and personable. Well done ! The more I read your blogs and watch your videos, the more confident I become in moving ahead to paint my entire house. I was looking for just the right shade and tint of blues to coordinate with the bedspread and curtains in my bedroom and I used large colour boards as you had suggested. WOW what a difference !! The tiny nuances of undertones of the true (not printed) colours were so evident ! I can now paint the entire room and ensuite with absolute confidence that it will be perfect ! This latest video put it all into perspective and I feel great. Thank you. 🙂

    • Yes that’s the sale price, $297 is the regular price!
      Thanks everyone for your support, still a long way to go but getting better 🙂

  5. I managed to pick the correct choice in each of your examples. Just from reading your blog, I’ve learned so much!
    Great video. Very professional. And your Canadian accent is adorable.
    BTW… I haven’t been getting your latest posts sent to my email. Not sure what the problem is.

  6. video is TERRIFIC!!!!

    The carpet choices, I was right with you.

    The colors with the marble countertop, after watching four times, STILL like the “off-white” as one of the contenders, and still don’t like the ‘true white’. LOL LOL funny.

    BUT, most importantly, you look stunning and the video is superb!! Go, Maria!

    • Hi Megan, colour is personal and creative in the end so if you feel a ‘rule’ should be broken in any given space, then you should do that absolutely!!

      Thanks for the compliment! xoxo Maria