The Ivy Wall Inside my Design Studio: Before & After

I decided to order the wall of ivy instead of the very cool, huge leaf because I wanted it to look like a real garden wall right inside my studio.

The Outside Wall in my Design Studio

Here’s the lonely blank wall, waiting for some inspiration to hit me. I have so many other walls in the house that will have a collage of frames that I didn’t want to do that here, so this 21 ft wall looked like this for over a year.

The Ivy Wall Inside my Design Studio: Before & After

I hired Terry Friesen and his son (who live in Abbotsford) to install the mural for me. They did a beautiful job! When I called a paint store to get the referral she gave me 3 names and said Terry was her first recommendation. And since I have learned that you pretty much always get what you pay for, he was the first person I called. And I’m so happy I did.

The Ivy Wall Inside my Design Studio: Before & After

My wall of ivy looked so real!  The next day I left the door open when I went for lunch. When I got back there were two birds flying back and forth in front of the mural!

I felt so bad, I quietly tip-toed in and opened the second window so they could figure out how to fly out!  I need to get some sheers installed ASAP.

The Outside Wall in my Design Studio: Before & After

Here’s the exterior view before.

The Ivy Wall Inside my Design Studio: Before & After

It looked so cool even at night that I thought I’d snap an after photo this way.

The Outside Wall Inside my Design Studio: Before & After


The Ivy Wall Inside my Design Studio: Before & After

Another angle

The Ivy Wall Inside my Design Studio: Before & After

And another one.

I love the drama and feeling of nature right inside!

I consulted with a client recently who had a big blank wall right in front of her kitchen sink in an apartment. I suggested an ocean mural so it would feel like she was looking outside a window.

Do you have a blank wall that would look amazing with a mural?

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  1. Love this so much. It looks very real, and together with your energy Maria, no wonder the birdies came to visit!

  2. I’m always surprised how much you can change how I think. When I first saw the ivy I thought I’d hate it. But by the end of the post I love it. And I clicked to the second post about murals, and I loved the blue sky and yellow flowers as well. Thank you for making me challenge how I’m thinking about decorating — all the time.



  3. Julie from Downunder

    What a difference it makes! I really love it. And I can’t believe you have been in your home now for over a year. Wow how time flies. 🙂

  4. Maria! That Looks fabulous! I love it! Such a creative solution! You will never tire of that. I always worry about using wallpaper for fear of getting tired of the pattern but when you use nature it’s a win win! Plus you feel like you are working outdoors! Love it!

  5. It looks really great, especially outside looking in at night. Love this as a solution to a large blank expanse; the mural really complements your green and white landscaping scheme. “Bringing the outdoors in” is kind of overused as a decorating cliche (you know like put an old watering can and pitchfork in a room and it connects it to the outside — not) but you’ve sure done it successfully here.

  6. Stunning and inspiring. I’m considering a forest mural (either paper or painted) for a guest room, for an Enchanted Forest theme. Why not!? It’s only paper (or paint), right? 🙂

  7. The mural is the perfect backdrop for that room. Genius!!! Would you mind sharing the paint color used on the wall and trim? Thanks.

  8. What a great solution to meet your “needs”!
    Wallpaper has always been a favorite of mine….
    I recommend you have the electrical plates covered (if you haven’t already)
    Very creative!


  9. Maria, LOVE your new wall! Very enchanting, just like being in a garden ☺… but not to knit-pick; have you considered doing something with the outlet/switch (?) covers? Perhaps cover them with a clear cover and paint the remaining part out. (Just a thought.)
    P.S: Know it may be a little too late as you’ve completed your renovations but are you aware of Bocci flush electrical outlets? They are a Canadian Firm. Also for sources of switch plates ‘n covers you might be interested in — Forbes and Lomax or Switch Hits, both of whom have websites.

  10. Your wall looks absolutely beautiful! I actually installed a wall mural in my office a few weeks ago too. I did it myself as I thought it should be fairly easy to do…ha ha ….oh no it wasn’t! I now have so much respect for those that install wall murals. My mural is of huge roses. It has some creases in it but I really still love it. Next time I will hire this out for sure!

  11. Murals are back!!! My dad was a decorator and hung a lot of stunning murals in high-end homes back in the 60’s and 70’s. To pull a room together, he’d match the color of, say, an accent pillow, mixing paints on his artist’s palette, and then carefully paint the center of the flowers. (MRSBEN, he would have painted leaves onto the wall outlet!)

    • @Deborah: I am not an artist or a Decorator (just a hobby sewer) but I have painted out switch plates and covers for my own purpose and it is amazing what can be accomplished with just a plain white plastic one. Prime first, decoratively/faux paint and finish off with a suitable finish. The latter step often being the most crucial; in order to duplicate and have it blend in or co-ordinate. Your Father sounds like he was a very talented Artisan who had an eye for detail and finishing. -Brenda-

  12. I love the ivy mural and the mirror. The thing which is an obstacle, for me, is the lamp on the desk. It breaks up the mirror and the ivy wall. There wouldn’t be a lamp sitting beside an ivy wall outdoors, right? Think about it and take a second look, if you care to.

  13. Mary Jane Sorensen

    Great job Maria!
    I love the ivy mural looks so peaceful and blends seamlessly with the view looking into your studio.