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Five Ways to Keep a White-on-White Modern Kitchen Warm

Yellow Flowers

I know, you think I'm going to say yellow (since it's my favourite colour), and yes, this colour will certainly warm up a white, modern kitchen, but actually here's how you do it. First, this kitchen was designed by my good friend Interior Designer Lee Stergios, who specializes in kitchen design. At the end I'm going to show you his… Continue reading


A New Way to Design Accent tile: Ceramic Architecture

Herringbone Pattern

I first learned the term 'ceramic architecture' when the VP of Waterworks gave a presentation and I wrote this post afterwards about perfect vs. perfectly nice bathrooms. When I searched 'ceramic architecture' on google, I was fascinated that absolutely nothing comes up with regard to tile layouts. As many of you know, accent tile has a bad rap on this blog and… Continue reading


Renovate with Confidence – Focus on Finishes WEBINAR: Summer School with Maria Killam


When I was a brand new designer, it scared me to choose tiles. There were so many of them. Thousands of clients and years later, I realized that 80% of tiles, shouldn't even be in the store. Most of them are bad and ugly, it's the pretty tile that I want to teach you to see. It's such a permanent decision! It's… Continue reading


Do Kitchen Appliances Really Need to Match?

Do your Kitchen Appliances Really need to Match?

When I went appliance shopping for my new white kitchen (the rest of the before's and after's are here) the salesperson informed me that I could always 'coordinate' my appliances, that they did not need to match. Pantry wall Before Knowing that my fridge and wall oven would be right beside each other (below), I did not even consider a… Continue reading


My White Kitchen inside Style at Home (Including the Befores)

Maria Killam's White Kitchen

Today I'm just showing my kitchen from the magazine shoot and I"ll show the pictures of the rest of my house next. Here's my dining room on the cover of the April Colour issue, hooray! I thought I'd include the before pictures just for fun: Photography by Tracey Ayton Kitchen design by Jan Romanuk  Before Cabinets are painted Artisan White by… Continue reading


Ask Maria: Help! I Don't Want the Same Kitchen as Everyone Else!!

Ask Maria: I Don't Want My Kitchen to Look like Everyone Else!!

Recently, I received this question from one of my lovely readers:  'I'm trying to come up with a color of floor tile that matches a kitchen with volga blue granite counter tops, white cabinets, very light grey walls, and stainless steel appliances.  I don't want wood in the kitchen or anything that looks like wood.  I think too many people have that look… Continue reading


Dreamy Beach House in Kauai

Mom's Room

I have known my client and good friend for many years now. I first met her when I worked at Benjamin Moore in West Vancouver.  She had just moved into a new house with her husband and was looking for wall colours. When I said I could come out to her house to help her choose them she was so happy… Continue reading


Ask Maria: Will My White Kitchen be Cold?

Ask Maria

My husband and I are gutting our white kitchen and putting in another white kitchen but with a better lay-out. While I would love custom cabinets and quartz counters, those materials would be an “over-renovation” for our neighbourhood and type of house. We chose Ikea cupboards in the white Applad door profile which is completely flat. We preferred the look… Continue reading


White Kitchen Transformation in Upstate New York

White Kitchen Transformation

I consulted with my client Kay at the end of 2012 and this is the beautiful result! "I had been thinking about a kitchen remodel for a couple of years before actually doing it.  I was considering different options, including gray-blue cabinets, until I started reading your posts about white kitchens and realized that if I wanted a serene backdrop… Continue reading


Warning: This Mistake Could Instantly Date your House

This Mistake Could Instantly Date your House

My Sister Elizabeth and her husband rent a trailer to camp at Christmas Lake each summer with their two boys.

When I walked into the one they had this year I asked "Is this trailer 15 years old?"

Elizabeth looked a little startled as she replied "No these are new, I'm sure not older than 2-3 years, they don't rent old trailers". Continue reading


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