Understanding Undertones

The Easy Way to Decorate Around a Tan (Pink Beige) Sofa


If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know there's nothing neutral about a pink beige sofa. You also know that pink beige is so EVERYWHERE that it's probably not your fault if you have it in your home. There's just too much of it out there. Here's how to decorate around it so it looks intentional. Continue reading


Test Your Colour Confidence: 25 Days of Whites & Undertones

blue grey dining

It's exterior and renovation season! I have been analyzing countertops, cabinets, tile, and exterior colours with so many of you for weeks! Two years ago in the summer, I launched 37 Days of Undertones, and it was a big hit. Every day, I would post an image on my Facebook page and tell you the undertones in the colours. You all participated and did so… Continue reading


How Much Heavy Lifting can a Paint Colour Handle?


{via pinterest} I get the best questions about paint colour and how much it can or cannot do to "rescue" a mistake someone has made in their house or a mistake they inherited from a previous owner. Sometimes, colour can swoop in and magically save the day, so there's nothing wrong with wondering if your situation can also be saved by… Continue reading


How to Work with Bedroom Carpet You Don't Like


Recently, I had a consultation with Lori who wanted help with her great room, paint colours and her bathrooms. She walked me through her house and we created a furniture plan for her great room, chose colours throughout and discussed her bathrooms. In the first bathroom we were able to make the room look new (and save her brand new granite countertop) just by choosing the perfect… Continue reading


Renovate with Confidence – Focus on Finishes On Demand Training with Maria Killam


When I was a brand new designer, it scared me to choose tiles. There were so many of them. Thousands of clients and years later, I realized that 80% of tiles, shouldn't even be in the store. Most of them are bad and ugly, it's the pretty tile that I want to teach you to see. It's such a permanent decision! It's… Continue reading


Fix Your Colours for Free


View from this house (below) Some of you may remember when I did 37 days of Undertones in the summer of 2012 on Facebook. Many of you got a lot out of it so I've been thinking about a way to do something else, but with a different twist. So here's what we're going to do this time that I… Continue reading


Sherwin Williams Sample Board Giveaway

Agreeable Gray

  SW Agreeable Gray I'm very excited to announce that as we speak, I am getting large sample boards painted in Sherwin Williams best greys and whites. There will be 25 per set and they should be ready by the end of the month! I have received many requests for large samples in SW colours, since there are many parts… Continue reading


Ask Maria: How do I Work with Taupe & Blue Gray?

Ask Maria

  I've been following your blog very closely and I recall your very informative post about how white will never come to life in a dark room.  So although I LOVE white, I decided to choose a wall colour (BM Ranchwood) to blend in my fireplace and sofa instead of going white which is my instinct.  But, now I'm having… Continue reading


How I Discovered my System of Understanding Undertones™

Maria's VIP Approved Collection is Here!

Have you ever wondered exactly how I discovered my system of Understanding Undertones™ that I teach to designers, decorators, architects, home stagers and colour enthusiasts from around the world? I didn't see the subtle undertones in neutrals myself until I started using large colour boards. So really, they are a huge contribution to the existence of my entire system. There… Continue reading


Rules for Colors

Rules for Choosing Colours

Well I'm kicking off the first day of Learn How to Specify Colour for Interiors Summer School tomorrow with my Rules for Whites, Rules for Neutrals and Rules for Colour. Then we'll jump right in to learning my 7 basic principles and questions I always have in my back pocket at every consultation.

Next week will be a step-by-step to choosing colour in every area of your home, what to paint and what can't be painted.

Here's a sneak peek of one of the colour rules: Continue reading


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