Why I love this How to Decorate Podcast

So I’m an 80s child and lately we’ve discovered Apple Music for our iPhones. At Christmas, Terreeia and I treated ourselves to a new portable Bose stereo which, of course, are now wireless, and then we started creating Playlists on our phones. I created an 80s playlist which I listened to for a while in my car, but then got sick of it pretty fast. Raise your hand if you love ... Continue Reading

The Magical Art of Closet Organization: Before & After

Okay I know I’m late to the party on reading this book because I’d heard lots about it for months. It wasn’t until I saw my lovely client Lisa in New York this past Spring that my life started getting magical. The book came up in one of our conversations and Lisa said, “I’ve read it so you are welcome to have it”. Amazon The premise of this book is ... Continue Reading

Master Bedroom in Serenity; Pantone’s Colour of the Year | Before & After

I emailed my client Barbara and asked if she had painted her bedroom yet (the room was finished but just needed the new wall colour). She replied “Yes, I have the bedroom painted  … AND …. it looks fabulous!   Love Love Love it!” Here it was before the transformation (above). We needed an area rug, a new duvet and custom bedskirt and different end tables. There was too much ... Continue Reading

Tour My House: Learn the 6 Best Ways to Transition Colour

Take a walk with me through my house for a real-time example of how to create perfect colour flow in your home. ... Continue Reading

How to Work with Bedroom Carpet You Don’t Like

Recently, I had a consultation with Lori who wanted help with her great room, paint colours and her bathrooms. She walked me through her house and we created a furniture plan for her great room, chose colours throughout and discussed her bathrooms. In the first bathroom we were able to make the room look new (and save her brand new granite countertop) just by choosing the perfect tile to replace the old tile. In the second bathroom ... Continue Reading

Aimee’s Happy Home Makeover: Before & After

This weekend Irene's sister, Aimee experienced a makeover so big that by the end of the day Saturday, she said to Irene "I never understood the term 'eye candy' until this happened to my house. Now, everywhere I look, there's something pretty to look at." ... Continue Reading

Which Mattress is the Most Comfortable?

Princess and the Pea, that’s me right now! For a while now, every morning when I get out of bed and bend over in front of the sink to wash my face, my back screams with pain. Then shortly after I’ve been walking around for a while, I’m fine. But I notice it’s tender. We have a mattress called Contour from Maricela. I just tried to google search it and ... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Transform your Bedroom Right Now!

For years and years, every time I have tried to source off-the-shelf bedding for a client, I walk away from the stores, pretty much uninspired. So I end up getting custom bedding made or I’ll suggest a white or cream duvet cover with custom shams. All of that has changed with this really fun bedding I found recently. Since the master bedroom is the most neglected room in the house, maybe ... Continue Reading

How to Choose Carpet Colours: Before & After

When you don’t have carpet in the master bedroom, the floor is freezing in the middle of the night! So finally, I narrowed it down to these three. Never, ever choose carpet from the tiny little sample you get on the boards. Always ask for a bigger sample, it usually takes about a week to get them in. So the one on the left was too creamy, the middle, too ... Continue Reading

How to Find the Right Colour for your Bedroom in Minutes

Colour Boards Debbie, one of my lovely readers sent me this email the other day: ‘I asked my husband to order your color boards for my Christmas present last year.  Before they arrived I was sure that Wickham Gray was the right color to paint my master bedroom.  When the color boards arrived I discovered that Wickham Gray made my beautiful new headboard look dirty. I also bought a quart ... Continue Reading

I Hate My Closet Contest & Maria’s New Closets

Photos by Maria Killam (partial view from my living room) Chris Isfeld from the Designer Closet Guys arrived the day before we moved in last week to install our closets! He had everything packed in his designer truck. Here’s all the boxes, ready to be installed. The orange closet is Cloverdale 7983 or SW 6661. Chris arrived at around noon and was finished installing the master and spare bedroom closet ... Continue Reading

Progress in my Master Bedroom

I have finished decorating every room in my house except for the master bedroom. Isn't it true that the Master is the most neglected room in the house? I don't have the excuse most people have (especially because I decorate for a living) however, most people decorate their living room first, then their kids rooms. After all a kids room is their personal space so it becomes more important than the Master Bedroom. ... Continue Reading

Upholstery = Luxury

Ever noticed when you look at designer spaces, it’s the abundance of upholstered items in a room that adds up to a luxurious feeling in many cases. I think extreme modern and contemporary decor is the only exception to this. Anything upholstered is always in style! Via full house  Master bedrooms are the most neglected room in the house. We decorate the children’s rooms (after all, it’s their personal space) ... Continue Reading

How to Choose Colour for the Master Bedroom

I’m painting this weekend. I have now made enough decisions on decor that I can choose the colour and paint—yaay! This means the current pinky beige will be gone! First, the loveseat and chair I bought from Martha Stewart Furniture has arrived and it is pretty darn cute (below): I haven’t picked out an end table or coffee table yet so I grabbed this cafe table I was going to ... Continue Reading

Decorating the Master Bedroom

Source The great thing about our new master bedroom is that we have a sitting area with a fireplace! It has been a long time since I’ve had a bedroom this big (below). See how the walls are pinky beige? They won’t be for long! Also I’m going to paint the fireplace brick white (right now it’s all the same colour). I’m not too happy about the gold insert either ... Continue Reading