How to Fix your White Room (If it Turned Green) Before & After

All summer (okay maybe more than just the summer) Tricia (my Virtual Design Assistant) has been obsessing about her living room and how the green from outside turns her lovely shade of cream, green. She’s sampled a bunch of colours but really she just wants the room to be cream and not green. So I said “Paint it and we’ll post it on the blog, this is a common problem right now ... Continue Reading

How Much Heavy Lifting can a Paint Colour Handle?

{via pinterest} I get the best questions about paint colour and how much it can or cannot do to “rescue” a mistake someone has made in their house or a mistake they inherited from a previous owner. Sometimes, colour can swoop in and magically save the day, so there’s nothing wrong with wondering if your situation can also be saved by the right colour. But sometimes, paint colour alone, simply cannot ... Continue Reading

The Case for Matchy Matchy Decorating

via Pinterest (click on image) Recently while consulting with clients around their fixed finishes like tiles and countertops or exterior stone I have have been hearing phrases like: ‘It’s matchy, matchy but I think it’s okay’. or ‘It’s matchy, matchy is that okay?’ or ‘I don’t want it to look matchy matchy’. This same conversation came up again recently when I was in Toronto teaching one of my Specify Colour with Confidence™ ... Continue Reading

Ask Maria: Which Colours Don’t Work with Honey Oak Trim

I get a lot of questions about which colours work with honey oak trim, so I thought it would be easier to just show which colours are not so fabulous.   Since honey oak trim has an orange/yellow undertone, I would generally advise against using any shade of pink beige colour with it. In my system of understanding undertones, the same rule of not combining pink beige with yellow beige ... Continue Reading

Bad Colour is totally Unacceptable

So the final coats of paint are going up in my house as we speak. And since this is my business, I am confident that the colours I chose are right. And as each room gets completed I am filled with happiness. So it got me to thinking. How on earth could anyone watch paint colours going up in their own home without being clear and confident that those colours ... Continue Reading

What Colour should a Workshop be Painted?

I know, you’ve been waiting with bated breath to know the answer to this question (not 🙂 but ever since I walked into this furniture makers workshop and saw the back wall painted this colour, I wanted to show it to you because it’s so great. BM 802 or CC-846 A basically unfinished room with lots of yellow toned wood everywhere really makes this sky blue colour pop. So in ... Continue Reading

How to Choose a Basement Colour

I can’t tell you the number of times I have been asked for a very pale colour for a basement room and the equally horrified looks from clients when I pull out a richer colour. If you are trying to decide on a colour for your basement, keep reading with an open mind 🙂 While looking for images for this post I found a series of basement renovations by Candice ... Continue Reading

Vancouver Colour Expert on The Best Paint Colours for Kids Bedrooms

It has always been my opinion that kids should have the colour they want in their room, but within a reasonable intensity! Not the screaming yellow or lime green they are currently waving at you, but a toned down version of that.  I always tell my clients, ‘your home is your decorated, personal space but your child’s bedroom is their personal space, so it should be an expression of their ... Continue Reading

Sofa Love

Domino has a slideshow presenting the ‘Best of Domino‘ and the first image is of this antique sofa (which they recommend scouring Paris flea markets for—I will get right on that) Isn’t it beautiful?I would upholster it in a yellowy beige and cream damask. Since my blog is all about colour, I thought I would post the blue shade behind the sofa (well what I think it is anyways). It’s ... Continue Reading