How to Choose White

How to Coordinate White & Cream (If You Made a Mistake)

cream and white kitchen

Just in case you thought that you can't mix white and cream, you certainly can. But sometimes it can look like you made a mistake. Or maybe you finished the room and it doesn't seem quite right. For example, what if you chose all your kitchen finishes, countertops, flooring and backsplash in white or cream, with only one exception? You… Continue reading


Ask Maria: When is White Dirty?

Ask Maria: When is White Dirty?

Now that white is the hottest thing smoking, I'm receiving lots of questions from readers who are worried about choosing the wrong white. So here are four ways to know in advance when your white will look dirty: 1. You have a dark room. Walk into any dark room and look up at the white ceiling. See how dingy and… Continue reading


Smart Light Control for my Living Room from Urban Aesthetics

Smart Shades for my Living Room from Urban Aesthetics

Well am I ever glad I asked whether I should puddle my drapes or not. And Terreeia is even happier because she was right, haha! When I read all your overwhelming "Absolutely not Maria, your living room is way too clean and contemporary" comments, I thought "Duh, of course".  It's not like I would ever have specified puddling drapes for… Continue reading


Should your Trim Colour match your White Vinyl Windows?

White windows

source One of my readers Melissa Huber asked: "My burning question has been what to do about the interior trim around replacement windows. The replacement windows are white but our window trims match all the wood throughout the house (molding, chair railing, beams, crown molding, all kitchen and bath cabinets). What is the best way to treat the the window trim… Continue reading


The Best Exterior Trim Colours with Brick; NOT Cloud White

Photos by Maria Killam Obviously Cloud White (like in this post I wrote) cannot possibly be a go-to white for the exterior of any home and certainly not brick homes, like all the wonderful homes in Toronto (where I'm on a mini-vacation this week). Here is my take on the ones that do work well. In this gray brick home… Continue reading


Should you add a Glaze to your Painted Cabinets? Yay or Nay?

This is Fran's beautiful home (a continuation of yesterday's post).  Fran asked if I would like a light lunch as we had scheduled the consultation for 1:00 pm.  I took her up on her generous offer because set-up day (for my workshop) is always crazy.  It was too hot to dine outside but I had to capture this picture perfect… Continue reading


Can I paint my Walls White even if the Room is Dark?

source I can count on one hand (okay maybe two) how many times someone has hired me to actually choose a white for their walls. White cabinets? Every day. White cabinets are fabulous anytime. But walls?  I mean most people can pretty much pick white on their own. However, since gray became the new beige and white replaced cream, suddenly… Continue reading


Dated Oak Cabinets to White and Fresh; Before & After

source Beth Sears recently sent me photos of her updated oak kitchen inspired by my extremely popular post about White Kitchens.  Beth and her husband built their house in 1993 so when it came time to update their kitchen it was a total DIY renovation! Here is their story: Photos by Beth Sears “With the exception of the granite, …it… Continue reading


Gray Kitchen Cabinets: 4 Ways to Know if You Should follow the Trends

I find the direction that this trend is going is really interesting. In the 90s when gray first came in, there were many cold-gray 12 x 12 tiles in kitchens and bathrooms paired with a lot of shiny white cabinets. However, I'm not finding a lot of gray cabinets (not here in Vancouver anyway). Now that gray is coming back around again,… Continue reading


Can you paint your Cabinets the same Colour as the Walls?

source Whenever anyone asks me this question I always say no. I think cabinetry is like furniture in your house, it should be distinguished from the wall colour.  The only exceptions to this are: Source If your walls are white already (above) it works because the rest of the walls in your house are white too. I would still install… Continue reading


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