Exterior Colour

Exterior Trim: White is Nautical; Yellow is Heritage

Red house with White Trim

Getting your white right on the exterior and interior of your house is critical. For a blue or red house, it's the difference between your house looking nautical or heritage.   Red with White Trim   Red with Yellow Trim Blue with White Trim Blue with yellow beige trim That's my tip of the day! Off to enjoy my weekend,… Continue reading


Ask Maria: Should my Roof go Black on my Tudor Home?

Traditional Tudor Scheme

Before we launch into today's post, I just had to say, considering how many hours we spend in our beds, it's no surprise that so many of you had such great reviews and opinion on mattresses the other day!! Thanks so much for all your comments! Okay, onto the dilemma of the week. . . "I wish I'd come across… Continue reading


Holiday Exterior Lights with Before and After Grays

Creative Outdoor Lights

When Betsy found my blog and read this post, she realized her white house was just a little too white paired with the more earthy brick columns and railing. A few days ago she emailed me her exterior holiday lights and I asked her to send all of the images if she had them. Here's what she sent, thanks Betsy!… Continue reading


Ask Maria: Is my Roof the Right Colour?

Ask Maria

'Just read your post about roofs. Because our house is in FL, we were advised to go with a lighter roof.  Matter of fact, we may even get more credit on homeowner's insurance now!   There were not a lot of choices.  This was NOT even the lightest grey/slate color; there was only one darker than this one.  Now, though,… Continue reading


5 Best Ways to Choose your Roof Colour


About a year before I started writing this blog (it's almost 5 years old), I was partners with another interior designer and we were specifying finishes for spec homes. One day we were sitting in a meeting with the builders who had hired us, discussing exterior colour and I calmly announced that "All [asphalt] roofs should be black".  All four… Continue reading


Hot Pink Front Door: Yay or Nay?

Hot Pink Front Door: Yay or Nay?

We received 481 possible front doors to choose from for my Free Choose a Colour for your Front Door Webinar this Friday. Irene curated them all for me and I added the colours! You'll be interested to know that the big theme is orange!!  There are countless orange roofs and lots of orange brick out there! It's going to be… Continue reading


White to Green Exterior: Before & After

Have you ever wondered if a green house would blend too much into the landscape if you have lots of green around your house? This homeowner was brave enough to go for it! Before After: Body Colour, SW 6431 Trim: SW 6385 Green is the color of nature, fertility, life. Grass green is the most restful color. Green symbolizes self-respect… Continue reading


Choose a Colour for your Front Door: Free Webinar with Maria Killam

Green front door

via pinterest When this post about front door colours went up on my blog, it went viral on Pinterest. In fact I think it's what suddenly made Pinterest the highest source of traffic to my site. So now I receive countless emails asking which colour YOUR front door should be. When we moved into this house last year, at the… Continue reading


What Colour Should your Concrete Driveway be?


My sister Elizabeth with Markus & William When we started getting quotes for a new concrete driveway, the contractors were quick to tell us we could 'Choose a colour'. I assured them we would not be selecting anything different than the natural colour of concrete. Quick! Close your eyes and answer this question: What's the undertone of a sidewalk? via… Continue reading


Architectural Mailbox Giveaway

Old mailbox

Since exterior season is upon us, I thought it would be the perfect time to do a mailbox giveaway. Architectural Mailboxes is giving away two Bellevue mailboxes including the post (Value, approximately $130 each). If you win, you can chose the colour you want, you can see them all here. Is it time to upgrade your mailbox (below)? If it is… Continue reading


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