Ask Maria: Which Countertop Should I Choose (What Were They Thinking??)


"Here is my kitchen that was built in 2006. I wish I stumbled across your blog years ago because the thing I dislike about the kitchen the most is the busy tile! And is this tile the dreaded pinky-beige? And my knotty alder cabinets have yellowed considerably over the years. So I'm pretty sure we have a major undertone problem… Continue reading


How to Work with Bedroom Carpet You Don't Like


Recently, I had a consultation with Lori who wanted help with her great room, paint colours and her bathrooms. She walked me through her house and we created a furniture plan for her great room, chose colours throughout and discussed her bathrooms. In the first bathroom we were able to make the room look new (and save her brand new granite countertop) just by choosing the perfect… Continue reading


How NOT to Choose Paint Colours (But Everybody Does It)

Blue, green & Yellow

  This post is also an "Ask Maria" question. So here it is: "I have painted my family room with BM Clay Beige except the focal fireplace wall which I selected SW Exclusive Plum (6263).  I am happy with those colors.  I personally like colors that make you feel lifted, happy, and free, especially with punch of a nice color(s)… Continue reading


I'm an Interior Decorator NOT an Interior Designer

I'm an Interior Decorator NOT an Interior Designer

Let's just be clear, I believe a room can be totally transformed with exactly the right throw pillows. In fact, a dated room that looks tired and sad, can also be completely brought to life with the right updated pillow. I do it with my clients all the time and there's nothing more fun. In fact, I get so many… Continue reading


Ask Maria: Which Colours Don't Work with Honey Oak Trim

Pink beige walls

I get a lot of questions about which colours work with honey oak trim, so I thought it would be easier to just show which colours are not so fabulous.   Since honey oak trim has an orange/yellow undertone, I would generally advise against using any shade of pink beige colour with it. In my system of understanding undertones, the… Continue reading


Answers to the Best Questions on How to Choose Paint Colours

3 Undertones of Beige

I'm re-launching my eBook today. I never liked how brown the original cover ended up since day one.  The point of showing a medium brown floor was to suggest that it's the most timeless colour for flooring. I didn't know at the time how badly wood would photograph, so in the end, I did not get the pretty medium brown background… Continue reading


How to Disappear a Bad Beige


Paint the walls so dark that it takes all the attention away from your carpet, tile or furniture that is the wrong neutral. source All you notice in the dark and dramatic interiors of Atelier Abigail is the drama. Beige? What beige? Do you dare go this dark? Related posts: Beige is only Blah when it's Wrong Does your Colour… Continue reading


Are Patterned Sofas Trendy? Yay or Nay


One of my lovely readers Becky, sent me this email earlier this week: yesterday in the New York Times Mag I noticed an ad for a couch from….a British Company that is now in the Big Apple.The sofa has two different types of upholstery, one on the base, another on the cushions…photo of sofa (plus puppy) is attached.  I… Continue reading


Are Neutrals the only Time we are Concerned with Undertones?


Day 12 in my 37 Days of Learning Undertones Series is on my Facebook fan page right now! Come on over and join the conversation, we are having fun! In Day 11, one of my readers asked the above question so I thought I'd answer it here in a quick post: Are neutrals the only time we are concerned with… Continue reading


Maria's Main Bathroom: Before & During


This is one of our dated bathrooms which will be renovated next summer. It was so hard for me to get past just the colour in here. See the chair rail? If you have it in your house and you don't have wallpaper above it take it out! Photos by Maria Killam I didn't touch this bathroom except to paint… Continue reading


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