10 Things I hate/love/share about me

I have received the Honest Scrap award from lovely Jane at Artfully Graced. Thank you!! The rules are you must share ‘10 honest things about yourself and link to the person who gave you the award, as well as tag 7 other blogs that you love! So here goes: 1. I am not a runner (but would like to be), never have been able to run because my knees would always ... Continue Reading

It’s a Baby Boy!

When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. And now when every new baby is born it’s first laugh becomes a fairy. James Matthew Barrie My baby sister (I have 3 younger sisters) Elizabeth gave birth to her second baby boy three days ago. This [above] is the card ... Continue Reading

A Day in My High-Heeled Shoes

Head on over to High-Heeled Foot in the Door where I’m the featured blogger in Camila’s “In her Shoes” post today! I had 3 consultations that day.  One at 9:30 am to finalize a garage door colour, another at 10:45 am to help an interior designer with the colours she had specified for a renovation she was working on; and the last one at 1:45 pm to discuss what shade ... Continue Reading

House Beautiful asks; What’s your Colour Personality?

Tracy from Comfort & Luxury posted her answers to House Beautiful’s quiz from their ‘Color Issue’ which has recently hit the stands, so I took the liberty of tagging myself! Some of you have been tagged so keep reading! 1. What’s the first color you see in the morning? My cream sheers (okay I rent, I would rip down those sheers if this was my house—which it eventually will be, ... Continue Reading

Where you’ll find me on Friday Mornings; Innovative Fitness

Three years ago in July 2006– I had just turned 39– and decided I could no longer get away with just being slim, I also needed to be fit. And here was the problem, I have never in my life managed to continue going to the gym for longer than about 2 months before I would give up. So this time I decided if this was going to work, I ... Continue Reading

6 Uninteresting Things about Me

The splash awards are going around and I received one from Danika at Gorgeous Shiny Things. Thank you! She was inspired by my post on Which colour Market Umbrella you should buy! Then I was over at Pure Style Home where Lauren had also been given the Splash Award and asked to post 6 uninteresting things about her. I loved that idea, so here are mine:   1. I’m a ... Continue Reading

The First Mistake a new Colour Consultant will Make Every Time

Today is my birthday and I’m 42! We’ll get to the colour lesson at the end when I show you the first place I ever decorated for my baby sister, but first a little trip back in time: This is me at 4 years old already wearing one of my favourite colours and don’t forget the pearls to dress up my summer bathing suit! I see my mother also missed ... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Become a Better Speaker

Okay here it is, the play by play of my wonderful trip to Calgary as the Keynote Speaker for the House of Persian Rugs, Designer Event.  Here I am at the airport in Vancouver, another gorgeous day (we’ve had a lot lately, and that is rare in May!). I sat beside Carley on the plane.  A lovely woman travelling to Saskatoon.  She looked so fabulous in her green suit, matching ... Continue Reading

The Beautiful Men in my Family

It was my nephew Luukas’ graduation (from high school) this past weekend. These are a few photos that the professional photographer took which I thought were so fabulous! Doesn’t he look like a model? Of course I’m completely biased! Photography by Level 6 Images Photography by Level 6 Images Photography by Level 6 Images   Here are all 3 of my nephews together! I have 3 sisters and so far ... Continue Reading

Happy Mom’s Day!

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. Tenneva Jordan This [quote] is my mother, she is the most generous person I’ve ever known. Generous also in that she is the first to forgive and forget and take the high road. She very rarely gossips and hates it when anyone around her says ... Continue Reading

Six things about me

I’ve been tagged by Tiny White Bungelow and I’m to write 6 things about me and then tag 6 other people. So here goes: 1. I am in love with cute little faces, happy faces mostly. And the funny thing is I didn’t even realize this until I came home last year with yet another ‘what not’ with a smiley face. This candleholder with the dancing mice I fell in ... Continue Reading

10 Happy Goals for 2009

Okay I’m putting them out there for the world to see but I think some goals can be public [why not?] we all have them and I figure this will make them happen quicker cause I’m committed to DOING SOMETHING about it so the universe can BUMP ME in some direction : ) [see previous post on this] Okay, first things first, I really need a new car, my little ... Continue Reading

Sexy in the City

I was lucky enough to be invited to Patricia Gray’s holiday open house in her brand new, completely renovated, swanky townhouse right downtown in my favorite section of the city [I have always wanted to see what the inside of these fabulous walk-ups look like]. I have a few sneak peaks of her place, [to be officially photographed and published very soon] I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this ... Continue Reading

Favourite Blog – Colour me Happy!

I am very happy to announce that my blog has been chosen by the editor of Canadian Homestead magazine as one of their favourites! Thanks for reading my blog! While you’re here, subscribe to this feed so you don’t miss out! If you would like to transform the way you see colour, become a True Colour Expert. ... Continue Reading

Colour me Party!

Last night was big for scheduled designer parties. First there was the annual Cantu/Living Space/Midland Appliance soiree and then the Calligaris grand opening in Yaletown. First though, my newest, talented, pal, Jennifer Rudolph and I arrived at Cantu. Here we are completely coordinated in the new black (purple). Jennifer spotted this fabulous Pearl Stripe porcelain “powder room” sink by Swarovski! Here’s a close up! Then Benjamin Moore’s newest Colour Consultant ... Continue Reading

Box of Knowledge

Welcome to Colour me Happy! I just discovered the world of blogs about six months ago. I was looking for a fabric site and stumbled upon materialgirlsblog and got completely hooked! I’ve learned so much more about decorating, colour and design by reading all my favourite blogs so I thought it was time I jumped in and created one of my own. The inspiration for the name came from Julia ... Continue Reading