Does your Furniture hold you Hostage?

My new Decorating Mantra for 2009: “Even if you’ve spent a lot of money for something, if it doesn’t work, throw it out. Otherwise, it holds the entire room hostage.” Frank Faulkner Love this image of Kate Spade’s apartment from ‘Style Court’  I found this quote from ‘Things that Inspire’, you must read her ‘Favourite Posts of 2008 ’. The best piece of that post was her advice on actually ... Continue Reading

Another Glimpse into a Designer’s Home

This has been the most social season ever! I have some amazing new friends–two I’ve met in the last month through blogging [Patricia Gray and Michelle Morelan]! One of my wonderful new friends, Jennifer Rudolph [Blue Garnet Design], hosted a holiday cocktail party on the weekend. They live in a great character apartment on south Granville. This is her entry vignette, love the contemporary bowl and sexy flowing branch in ... Continue Reading

Colour me Kelly Green!

Jamie Drake is in this month’s Elle Decor so I went on his website [so beautiful] and picked my favourite, which is this Manhattan Residence decorated in kelly green, white & brown. I have been predicting that this colour is coming back for over a year now and here it is in one if Jamie’s interiors! Greens have been yellow based for many years now so the pendulum has to ... Continue Reading

Happiness is. . . Enthusiasm!

To the woman who complained that riches hadn’t made her happy, the Master said “You speak as if luxury and comfort were ingredients of happiness; whereas all you need to be really happy, my dear, is something to be enthusiastic about.” Anthony de Mello image from flickr Orange is the colour of enthusiasm! If you would like to transform the way you see colour, become a True Colour Expert. While you’re ... Continue Reading

Sexy in the City

I was lucky enough to be invited to Patricia Gray’s holiday open house in her brand new, completely renovated, swanky townhouse right downtown in my favorite section of the city [I have always wanted to see what the inside of these fabulous walk-ups look like]. I have a few sneak peaks of her place, [to be officially photographed and published very soon] I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this ... Continue Reading

White: Messages & Meanings

Have you noticed, there seems to be a white trend on my blog this week? It’s probably connected to Christmas since I’ve been wishing for a white one and so far I’ve got my wish [now if it would only last until the 24th!] Brett Walther an editor at Style at Home wrote a post about my blog this week, specifically about my most popular post on The Best Trim ... Continue Reading

White Cars – #1 Colour Choice Worldwide

In the last 6 months, white has overtaken silver and black as the #1 colour choice for cars.  In Japan, white is by far the most popular colour choice; while in the U.K. it’s the least favourite. “Theories for this discrepancy abound – British folks, although fairly conservative, feel safely and anonymously hidden in their car, and so like a dash of colour to spice things up. For the Japanese, ... Continue Reading

10 things that make me happy

1. Snow 2. Curved Staircases [taken in Paris 2 years ago] 3. Buttery soft white sheets and down pillows 4. Yellow and Orange Tulips 5. My Tiffany x Necklace [universal symbol of a kiss] 6. My Black Cashmere wrap from BCBG 7. White Textured Towels, they remind me of a spa and are the only one’s I own 8. Anything from Lululemon – but I like my hoodie cause it’s ... Continue Reading

Rolling out the Red Carpet

Wednesday evening M.R. Evans rolled out the red carpet at the Vancouver Aquarium with their annual Christmas party for designers and architects. Where else can you walk around sipping cocktails while gazing at colourful fish at the same time? It was a fabulous venue! And then I thought I would look up the significance of ‘rolling out the red carpet’ in history to find out what it means and why ... Continue Reading

Staging: Two Day Transformation

Recently I was hired by one of my former clients to stage a three bedroom condo in UBC. I had staged another condo for this client in the same area 2 years earlier and she said it had sold for a very good price so off we went last Thursday to ‘shop the city’ for all the furniture and accessories. This is the ‘after’ photo of the living room. Before ... Continue Reading

Vancouver Colour Designer asks: Is Hiring a Designer a Luxury or Necessity?

Is hiring a designer a luxury or necessity? When my installer handed me his invoice of $210.00 for an installation that lasted approximately 1 1/2 hours, I got to thinking; why is it that a home-owner seems to have no real issues with paying for labour? The painter, plumber, electrician, tile layer, carpenter, and so on. But hiring the DESIGNER or COLOUR CONSULTANT–even if it’s just for a 2 hour ... Continue Reading

Christmas Ornaments

I was shopping for Christmas ornaments for my tree, that is mostly –you guessed it– gold, with yellowy gold poinsettas and green glittery branches and well the consensus is, it needs some more colour. So being that my second favourite colour is orange, I brought home some copper balls that went brown on the tree as soon as it got dark, so I’m off to just get the red ones. ... Continue Reading

10 Commandments for a Happy Chic Home

When All the Best posted an interview with Jonathan Adler and asked: what is your greatest accomplishment to date? This is what he said: “My greatest accomplishment is that I’ve successfully avoided having a job! When I was in my early twenties and I thought I had to have a proper career instead of pursuing my passion for pottery, I had a series of jobs in the movie business and ... Continue Reading

Favourite Blog – Colour me Happy!

I am very happy to announce that my blog has been chosen by the editor of Canadian Homestead magazine as one of their favourites! Thanks for reading my blog! While you’re here, subscribe to this feed so you don’t miss out! If you would like to transform the way you see colour, become a True Colour Expert. ... Continue Reading

Pantone’s Colour of 2009: Mimosa

It was just announced Wednesday that Pantone’s colour of the year for 2009 is yellow! This is big news in the colour world so I thought I would keep my readers in the know and post it as well! Pantone, which provides color standards to design industries, specifically cites “mimosa,” a vibrant shade of yellow illustrated by the flowers of some mimosa trees as well as the brunch-favorite cocktail, as ... Continue Reading

The Lipstick Index

The Lipstick Index is a term credited to Estee Lauder chairman Leonard Lauder who first used the term to explain the rise in cosmetic sales after the September 11th attacks. The idea being that during troubled economic tines, women are less likely to buy items such as dresses, bags and shoes and will go for a less expensive item for a quick consumption high. And according to the New York ... Continue Reading