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The Secret to Feeling at Home


  Image via Design Sponge I have a treat for you today! Our new virtual Director of Customer Service & Delight/Event Coordinator Lisa Borton, based out of Naperville, Illinois, has written a guest post for us. We asked everyone who applied for this position to write a blog post and I loved hers so much, I'm sharing it with you!… Continue reading


Which Shape is Correct for your Kitchen Island?


I recently received a question from a reader who asked about kitchen islands. 'Is square or rectangle the only way to go for a timeless look?'

Yes, yes and yes.

An odd shaped island should only be specified if the layout doesn't support a square or rectangle.

It's rare that I look at an island that is NOT square or rectangular and think 'Wow that looks really beautiful'. Usually it looks like someone was trying to be overly creative just like too much accent tile creates the same look and dates quickly.
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Bathroom Dilemma: Rectangular or Oval Sink? Yay or Nay


via Traditional Home So last year at this time I said I would renovate my bathrooms in the Spring but then it didn't happen. I got busy, did not have a contractor and that was the end of that plan. It was a client living here in Chilliwack (who I'll tell you about very soon) that jolted me into action.… Continue reading


Ask Maria: Is My Living Room Too Beachy?


Jeffrey Bilhuber  When I saw this Ask Maria question, I immediately thought of Jeffrey Bilhuber's recent spread in House Beautiful Magazine. The answer to your question today lovely reader, is inspired by my favourite decorator. Here's the question: I recently moved with my husband into our first house!  I have been so excited to make it our own, but I… Continue reading


Don't Hire a Designer The Same Way You Buy Oranges


Source The other day, my design assistant, Tricia, received an email from one of my readers: "We found a designer who charges $100 per hour. If Maria can match that rate, we will go with her." My rates are a lot higher than that, with different price points for consulting work and decorating work. I don't post them online because they're subject to… Continue reading


80's Peach Bathroom to White for Just the Cost of Paint


My lovely client Sharon consulted with me this past May and here is the beautiful result: Her sitting area off the kitchen painted BM Wickham Gray The pickled 80's oak cabinets. After Her gorgeous kitchen after with the stunning chandelier. Sharon used White Delicatus granite for her countertops and Annie Sloan mix of Old White 25% & Pure White 75% for her cabinets.… Continue reading


Ask Maria: I'm Worried my Area Rug is Wrong!! (It was $10,000)

black and white room

via POPSUGAR Home I'm starting a new series, I've been answering random questions in my Ask Maria posts for a few years and I thought I'd switch it up a little and instead focus on rooms that are BOTHERING you. I often receive emails where readers are stuck, and this could be for one of three reasons: You decided (or perhaps were forced because of… Continue reading


Anyone can Pick a Paint Colour; It Takes an Expert to Choose a Neutral


image source 15 years ago, when I was discovering and creating my Understanding Undertones™ system, by doing consultation after consultation (which added up to thousands), I would often encounter this scenario: I would arrive at a beautiful house in an expensive neighbourhood where after I was greeted by the wife upon entering the house, her husband would walk out of his home… Continue reading


Maria Killam's Trend Forecast for 2016


image source The look of 2016 is White, Colourful, and Organic. Here's how I want you to read this forecast. Trend reports are generally about what's NEW. It doesn't mean that the trends I talked about in 2015 or 2014 are OLD. After all, trends in interior design cannot be in one year and out the next. No one could keep up… Continue reading


Best of Colour Me Happy 2015


It's time for my round-up from 2015! Hope you are enjoying this holiday week! Maria Killam's Trend Forecast for 2015 Here's the first one. Read and tell me if you think I nailed it or not ; ) source   My Creative Business Model and How it's Evolved Here I'm talking about how less is more when it comes to… Continue reading


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