A Peek Into My Spring Garden

house2015Winter view

have received a few emails asking how my garden looks in the winter, so I thought I’d show you some pictures, along with a few of the before photos thrown in. Can’t resist those!

This yard has undergone such a transformation from just two years ago, when MaryAnne White found me and helped transform the ugliest landscape on the street into one of the prettiest.

When we moved in, this was the walkway to the front door:

before front


Here’s the winter view now:



And here’s the spring view today:


The front view is so much better now that we’ve moved the original downspout to the side of the house and turned the post into a column.

I really love the creeping white phlox in between the tulips. I need to add a lot more perennials in my garden!


Here’s a before photo from another angle:

Side View Before Elizabeth Avenue

Notice the lovely motion sensor lights? They were all over the house, and I couldn’t wait to take them down. If you’re in the same boat, here are some ideas for classic exterior lighting from last week.

Here’s one from before the decorative fencing was installed, and when the thyme was newly planted:



And here’s the fencing:



I love this view from our garden. It’s the reason Maryanne designed a spot for a bench in the front yard:


Here’s the winter side view of the decorative gate MaryAnne designed for me:


I love the way the decorative fencing defines the side of our house from the neighbours’:


Remember this lovely second driveway from two years ago?

Side view Front YardCouldn’t wait to rip this out!

Here’s the winter view after we got rid of it:



And the spring view:



Here’s the front view in the winter:



The spring…



And the summer, which can’t come fast enough:

Front View Elizabeth Avenue


The newest additions to my garden this spring (besides all the flowers) are the new plantings in my concrete urn.  Last weekend, I dragged Terreeia out to a nursery in Vancouver to get them. This was the inspiration photo I was working with:

whiteurn{via Pinterest}

And here are the beauties I brought home. On the left is the before picture, and on the right is what it looks like now. I bought a single boxwood and some ivy and then re-planted my existing white pansies around the middle:

potsI can’t wait to get my boxwood clipped into little perfect hedges!

Tulip season came really early here this year in the Westcoast. Most of my tulips are already finished blooming, except for the north side behind the house.

How do your tulips look? What’s coming up next?

PS. If you need a fabulous garden design, contact my landscape architect here.

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  1. I just love your yard. I truly believe that all my flowers should be white! I just moved onto a large neglected property and plan to blatantly plagiarize your designs, lol! Beautiful resaults and thank you for sharing!