The Best White Bathrooms

I believe all bathrooms should be white.  Off white, or cream.

When I say this, I’m talking about the tile and countertops.

And I have three bathrooms to renovate sometime very soon. And they will be white as that will flow with the rest of my house. Update, here they are, all complete.

Here are some of my favourite white bathrooms:

The Best White Bathrooms


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Pretty, free standing tub. Very on-trend and something I want to incorporate into my master bathroom (above).

The Best White Bathrooms

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Love the idea of two shower curtains to duplicate the look of drapery. And this classic black and white basket weave tile is exactly what you would expect to see in a timeless bathroom.

The Best White Bathrooms

Love this vanity.

Do not love the light fixture but bar lighting is mostly not that great. Incorporate wall sconce lighting if you can.

When I found the bar light I could live with, I bought three for each of my bathrooms since the lighting in my dated bathrooms could not wait for the reno.

The Best White Bathrooms

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Last year when I was in New York, the bathroom in my hotel room was entirely covered in Carrara. It was hard to tell whether it had been there 5, or 10 or 15 years.

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And the reason why I think white bathrooms are so great is because you can paint them a different colour every year if you get bored.

The Best White Bathrooms

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Wood flooring in a master bathroom or powder room is always lovely (above).

Years ago, when I was faced with the task of choosing tiles for clients bathrooms, I was overwhelmed with the amount of tile available.

Now that I’ve seen thousands of bathrooms, it’s easy for me to curate a selection that I like the best because when you look at the world of design through the lens of classic and timeless, it’s much easier to choose.

You’ll also notice that white tile is not front and centre in a tile store. Why? Because if you walked out of a tile store with a white tile floor and subway tile surround with no accent tile, that would seem WRONG, and BORING. 

And there’s epoxy grout now which doesn’t stain so if you love the look of white tile in a bathroom but don’t want to be on your knees with bleach and a toothbrush, that’s the way to go.

Has anyone used epoxy grout in your bathroom? What do you think? Please share!

If you need help choosing finishes for your bathroom, I can help. You can buy my Create a Classic Bathroom package here.

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  1. regarding epoxy grout! the idea is great but working with the stuff is very difficult. There may be a trade secret to it (i’d say probably work in very small sections) but it is not like regular grout. I don’t think i would use it again, despite the good properties. It is just very hard to get off the tile, unlike regular grout.