I Don’t Follow the Trends. Is this You?

I Don't Follow Trends. Is this You?

I consult with homeowners all over the US and Canada and today I was virtually in London, one thing that is consistent in my business is that almost everyone asks me for the same colours at the same time.

Which I find fascinating.

When grey first arrived on the scene, I chose lots of green beige and green grey which was like an introduction to grey, but warmer. Then suddenly, everyone wanted white walls. Then blue greys. When I would show someone a green grey they started saying ‘That looks beige’.

Sometimes a client will say to me ‘I want classic and timeless and I don’t follow the trends. And then their next statement is:  ‘I like grays and whites’.

That’s what makes trends so easy to follow and at the same time so dangerous. There are a lot of people who are not aware that they are choosing permanent finishes for their homes interior and exterior completely inside of a trend.

Kind of like when I, as a newlywed in the 80’s, chose a forest green leather sofa and love seat. I distinctly remember thinking ‘It’s the colour of nature–totally timeless!’.

A year later, when we separated, I happily and without giving it a second thought, left them with my ex-husband.

When should you decorate with trends and when should you choose what you love?

If you are going to sell your house very soon and you decorate with trendy finishes, a future home buyer will be looking for trendy so then it works.

If you are decorating your forever house, then you should choose what you love. This means, walk right past the charcoal sofa and towards a colour that makes you happy.

Speaking of forever homes, we better be in ours (Terreeia says) with what we’ve spent in renovations so far!

I don't Follow Trends. Is this You?

MaryAnne White, my fabulous Landscape Architect, is celebrating her one year anniversary! My guest post on her blog today features every before and after of our front and backyard extreme makeover this Spring. Even the entire front view of my house which I have not featured here yet. Check it out here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Hi Maria,
    Speaking of trendy colours……BM affinity colour hush AF-95 is very popular right now. Where would you classify that colour? What are the undertones?…….and would it go well with pink beige?