The New Timeless Hardwood Floor

The article that everyone keeps asking me about is basically the answer to: Which Hardwood Floor is the Most Timeless?

So, here is the link to the newsletter article I wrote. 

Many homeowners are still installing espresso brown flooring and while it’s certainly dramatic, keep in mind it shows every spec and will give you a life designed around a swiffer. And I know a woman who doesn’t care and loves to clean it almost daily. That might be you, if it’s not, just follow my advice.

And the advice is medium brown or light and pale (below).

light floors

If you are building your forever house, you can’t have any grey in your floors. Otherwise, your house will forever be stuck in that trend. NOT timeless at all.

Keep it classic and you’ll be happy forever. Not just as long as the grey trend is here.

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  1. We bought a 7 year old condo and the floors are the espresso – very dark – and so we had no choice at the time. I’m saving up to replace them with something lighter (no gray) that’s classic because I hope this to be our very, last move. I’m definitely keeping Swiffer in business. Aghhhhhh….

  2. Maria, thank you for your blog and for all your wonderful advice and photographs! I purchased a house two years ago with dark brown oak floors that have a matte finish. They are the most gorgeous floors I have ever seen. You are quite correct, though, that they do show every speck of dust and hair (how are my dogs not bald?), but there are worse hobbies than whipping out the cordless vacuum daily (or hourly LOL). My former house had medium brown floors that showed nothing, but I’m making the best of our new home, and on a positive note, the floors are truly clean. When people come over, they always rave about the floors. So, while not for everyone, I still think they are timeless.

  3. Timeless floors relate to you and your personal coloring.
    The color of your floor!
    I was a flooring sales person for 9 years. The best advice I received when I was just a trainee was:
    The color of your tile in your bathroom (and I add the color of your hardwood in your house.) Should be the color of your hair or a color is related to your hair. So fallen hairs do not show up on it, but blend into the floor. This way your floors will always look a little cleaner.

    The color of you carpeting should look like the dirt that is in your backyard. So in the west that dirt is a pale beige.
    In the southwest it is burnt sienna. In a big city, asphalt is more common than dirt, so a grayish color is more appropriate. Think about it, floors create a background for the rest of the room. You want them to be easy to keep clean looking. Your eye should be drawn to the focal point of the room and not to the dirt/hair under your feet.

    Yes, it is good to keep the broom or vacuum handy to have clean floors. But color the right color works a miracle.

    Mary Lou

  4. I have just read this article from last year. I also just attended our Parade of Homes in SE Wisconsin, outside Milwaukee. A number of the very expensive homes had dark brown floors. We must be really behind or we really like brown wood or faux wood flooring! As far as the dust showing – that’s a good thing, then you know it is time to clean your floor. 🙂