Vancouver Colour Consultant: The New Orange for 2012

This is very similar to one of the new trend colours from the CMG Conference this weekend. We are going away from the tuscan, rusty oranges of the past 15 years to a fresher orange.


AF-230 Buttered Yam (source)
I recently chose Buttered Yam for a client to go with this Schumacher fabric for wingback chairs we are getting made for her dining room:


I love creatively mixed chairs in dining rooms. When I was looking for fabrics with fresher oranges, I was at a loss because there’s not many out there in these fresh colours yet. That’s why I had to go to a higher-end designer fabric house to find it.


This is a short post because my connection is slow so I can’t download a pile of photos. I’m back from Texas tonight!
What do you think? Do you love it or hate it?

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  1. Have loved Orange forever! When I was in 10th grade I painted my bedroom Dutch Boy, remember them, Zinnea trim and Marigold on the walls. It was insane. Can't believe my Mother let me do it.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  2. I really love it. I'm not into retro or Mid Cent Mod so I don't find I associate orange with those styles necessarily. Great with blue, as shown in your printed fabric sample. At my previous house, 15 years ago, when the next door neighbour invited us in and I saw her orange hall I nearly fainted. What on earth was she thinking? But now I love, love, love its warmth and sophistication.

    Cherill W
    Adelaide, South Australia

  3. Love the orange…will this orange work with cool blue, with red, blood red, flowers, and sage green and cream leaves fabric.Thinking of putting that color on a chair or red orange family

  4. Maria I really love orange, I like to pair it with blue!

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