Should you Install Horizontal Tile In your Home?

Besides Carrara which is most definitely the hottest thing flying out of tile showrooms and into kitchens and bathrooms across the country right now, I’ve found it; the next trend in backsplash tile, being installed right alongside mosaics. This thin stacked, multi-coloured one:

This tile belongs in a contemporary or modern kitchen period. The end.

Notice the countertops here are pink beige that do not relate to the orange beige and burgundy backsplash tile in any way.

Here is my point. Anything that visually creates such a strong horizontal line belongs in a contemporary kitchen.  I have recently started seeing this tile in magazines installed in traditional kitchens and it does not work in my opinion.

“Well”, you might be saying “I love this tile, why don’t I just use it as an ‘accent’ on my kitchen backsplash’ (above) or bathroom (below).

via Pinterest

You could, but will you love it 5 years from now when the trend passes?

That’s the question I always ask, especially when it comes to tile which is not so easy to replace. I still prefer the look of clean.

Like this one. (above)

And here’s the Carrara again, in a thin, stacked application.  And notice, the kitchen is contemporary.  As it should be when it’s cut to create such a strong, horizontal line. This same tile in a traditional kitchen would not be as good.

Again, these are guidelines, obviously there are always exceptions to ‘rules’, however if you are trying to decide between ‘simple’ vs. ‘trendy’ at this moment, consider the style of your kitchen to help you choose.

How do you feel about this trend?

If you would like your home to fill you with happiness every time you walk in, contact me.

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  1. As for glass tile, don’t make the mistake I did. Picked out a beautiful amber tile for a backsplash of our Absolute Black granite (with the gold specs in it) and white cabinets. Tile looked beautiful (on the board) in the space. Saw no problems then…

    Tile was then laid but I stopped the grout being put in because I saw that the light of the tile was bouncing around in the southern-western exposure and there was an intense pink/purple iridescence thing going on. Bubble gum effect must have been IN the tile itself and only seen when a large area was laid. Three years later still trying to consider yanking out the expensive investment and starting over or trying to play up the amber and mute everything else.

    We are stumped. So….

    Be careful with some glass tile.

  2. Hi I just love the clear glass pendanta in the decopad picture and spent literally all day trying to find them. Can you please HELP! Where can I find these?
    Thanks soo much!

  3. I’m remodeling my kitchen now and wondering what to do about the backsplash. I have glass mosaic accent tiles in the master bath and I am already starting to tire of them after a few years. Still, I like mosaics in general.

    White enamel tile in any shape reminds me of 1980s builder-grade bathrooms.