Ten Best Front Door Colours for your House

Front doors should be an accent colour. In other words, they should be a strong, dramatic, bold shade. Usually, your front door colour should not be repeated anywhere else on your house although I have seen some exceptions to that rule.

Beauti-Tone Paint which is sold exclusively at Home Hardware, sent me their best front door colours recently so if it’s time to paint your front door this season, here are some perfect colours to choose from.

For those of you without access to this paint line, the equivalent Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore colours are listed at the bottom of this post.

1. Beauti-Tone: Wet Sands 3H2-7

With this Midas Touch, your home will look like a million bucks and your neighbors will be wondering why they didn’t think of it.

2. Beauti-Tone: Green Conifer Hills 5141EC

The Secret to this classic dark green is that it is infused with black. Rich, deep, sublime.

3. Beauti-Tone: Earthenware 3E1-8

A friendly, earthy colour that beckons you in and helps you feel grounded.

4. Beauti-Tone: Direct Line 436

When purple is perfect it is downright majestic

5. Beauti-tone: French Navy Blue SC007

Like a uniform or a great business suit, this colour commands respect. A door colour that says ‘sophisticated success’.

6. Beauti-Tone: Gitano FD038

There’s nothing seventies about this brown. A new contemporary espresso shade, the perfect blend between black and brown.

7. Beauti-Tone: Loving it 3C2-8

Like finding that perfect shade of lipstick, this is the red that commands attention in all the right ways.

8. Beauti-Tone: Grey Eyeshadow SC047

Harmony resides here. Not too warm, not too cold, a grey in perfect balance.

9. Beauti-Tone: Hidden Mountains 5135EC

This shade of aubergine is a fashion statement, true haute hue.

10. Beauti-Tone: Quinte HD016

A Deep rich full-bodied burgandy, as rich and robust as a fine French wine.

There is something magical about a front door when it’s painted a stunning colour! And what’s the most photographed area of any exterior? That’s right The Front Door. And if there is one thing about every house that is a statement of your personality it is the colour and style of your Front Door.

When done right, front doors are welcoming, and add a hit of colour and style. Get my guide to expressing who you are by choosing your front door colour and get the list of these stunning door colours in Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

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  1. Please help !!
    I have a cape cod style house with cream/pale yellow siding and a brown shingled roof. I have been looking for a front door color for 10 years. I currently have gray, but it looks washed out. I prefer cool colors, but am thrown off by the brown roof. I want something bold and snazzy – thanks !!

  2. I would love to paint my front door, but I am at a total loss as to what to paint it. We live in a red house with a touch of brick on the front. The brick is that orange/red/black combo. The shingles are black and the windows are white. What color would you paint the door? Thanks!

  3. Our last house I used purple, yellow, salmon, green… I changed every couple of years. Now we are in a Tudor style… Beige with chocolate brown trim. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Maria –

    Just found your page today. I wanted to say that I was so pleased to see aubergine listed here.

    I have a grey house, white porch and black shutters. I went with an aubergine door rather than red because there’s a grey house with a red door down the street. 🙂

    Needless to say… my door looks FABULOUS! 🙂 I love that others are suggesting aubergine as a door color! So much fun!


  5. Hi we are building a new home, it is a red brick. We have a dark gray roof and beige trim and windows.

    We are having to choose the shutter colors and front door. I wanted to go with all black but realized there are several in our neighborhood that are the all black. I would really love something fun and a stand out peice! Different combination maybe, different door and shutter color?

    Thank you so much in advance, I am so excited and love all the beautiful doors above!

  6. Hi,
    I wonder if you could offer me some advice on how to handle painting a wooden front door and a single car garage door that are both facing the street. Right now they are both a forest green and its a bit …well…ugly. The brick is red tones. Should both doors be the same color?
    Thanks for your help! I really enjoyed seeing the variety of colors!

  7. Our house is a gray cottage style with river rock detail and a white porch railing/trim, and I first painted our front door an eggplant, but this spring I painted it a deep turquoise, and then dry-brushed a little deep espresso onto the crevices to tone it down a bit and make it look aged. I love it. Next time I paint:yellow!!!

  8. Many of the doors appear to have a sheen? Are exterior doors to be painted high gloss? gloss? semi gloss? I am a new homeowner and in the process of choosing exterior colors (black and white), but had not even thought about finish options?!

  9. Maria,
    Purchase a dark cedar-stained home with stone accents (beiges, ambers, browns). Old door was almond & looked nice, but would like something different. New door has drk amber leaves in bevelled glass & blackened metal. Handle is drk bronze. When you open front door, foyer has multi-green and teal slate with some deep maroon and alot of “manor oak” (orange-oak hue) trim inside. Hate teal doors! What would you suggest? Thanks, Patti

  10. We have a 1960s ranch-style home that is a reddish orange brick with the siding painted a goldish-beige and the trim a lighter version. The oversized double car garage is in the front of the house. What color should we paint the front door. Should the garage door be the same color. Thank you!

  11. I desperately want to paint my front door. I have a wood cedar contemporary house. There is no trim but the windows and front door are white, including side light window. There is also a full glass storm door with white trim. It’s been white since the new door went in but it looks so boring. My concern is the front metal door…it has the oval window in the middle. Does the storm door deter from the paint job? Help ! Pleas pick a color for me !!!

  12. asking for sugguestions on what color to paint my front door. The house is beige/sand color, I am thinking about paint the shutters black not sure about the door…

  13. Live in deep South Tx. bordering Mexico, please tell me where these colors can be found down here. Really enjoyed viewing the different colors. Thank you!

  14. These are great colours. I painted my front door a colour called Candie Cane. An of red and a great shade. Don’t know who makes it though.


    • Dark colours attract more heat. I’m not sure which paint would be best though. Check with your local paint store, they will know. Maria

  16. Hi Maria, I am going to paint the front door the Hidden Mountains aubergine, what is the color of the brownish trim around the door and windows on the same picture above as the hidden mountains aubergine door? It will look great with my door too!

    Thank you very much
    Diana 🙂

  17. Finally getting a new front door!! My house is a bit strange in that the front door is on the side of the house. The porch which has sliding glass doors is actually facing the street. Now the issue, I am so drawn to the first door color- the house is a sage green with cream trim and columns BUT the current door and the three sets of french glass doors are a cottage red. Do I paint everything thats red now the orange color? or just the door and leave the dark red on the other doors? or what do you think would be AWESOME to go with the green and cream?

  18. I have a dark forest green rough shaker sided house – the trim is white – My rural country gardensurrounds my house & features planters in an accent color of Hycacinth Blue – what color should I use on my front door ?

  19. Can you tell me what color in the Benjamin Moore colors (in the US) would be comparable to the #3 orange door, earthenware 3E1-8?

  20. If you are a seasonal decorator who hangs wreaths and other décor on their front door should you choose a basic black door? I have tan siding, black shutters and a red brick foundation and I would like to paint my front door but what to do when it comes time to do fall, spring, and Christmas décor. It would probably not look right!

  21. My problem is: I am anxious for a red front door but have to remember that all summer that door is open into front hall and must coordinate with inside wall paper etc. Kitch door …same thing. How come nobody addresses this? Doors are open in the summer and the screen door remains.

    • That is absolutely true and one of the guidelines in my exterior training for choosing colours for front doors! Maria

  22. I don’t see the Sherwin Williams paint color equivalents at the bottom of this post. Can you tell me the yellow door color? thank you!

  23. Was actually surprised when you said right up front, that the door color should be unique versus coordinated with other exterior splashes of color. There’s always a lot of discussion about picking colors for the mood you want to create, so still wondering how the color you pick affects how others see your home?