Ten Best Front Door Colours for your House

Front doors should be an accent colour. In other words, they should be a strong, dramatic, bold shade. Usually, your front door colour should not be repeated anywhere else on your house although I have seen some exceptions to that rule.

Beauti-Tone Paint which is sold exclusively at Home Hardware, sent me their best front door colours recently so if it’s time to paint your front door this season, here are some perfect colours to choose from.


1. Beauti-Tone: Wet Sands 3H2-7

With this Midas Touch, your home will look like a million bucks and your neighbors will be wondering why they didn’t think of it.

2. Beauti-Tone: Green Conifer Hills 5141EC

The Secret to this classic dark green is that it is infused with black. Rich, deep, sublime.

3. Beauti-Tone: Earthenware 3E1-8

A friendly, earthy colour that beckons you in and helps you feel grounded.

4. Beauti-Tone: Direct Line 436

When purple is perfect it is downright majestic

5. Beauti-tone: French Navy Blue SC007

Like a uniform or a great business suit, this colour commands respect. A door colour that says ‘sophisticated success’.

6. Beauti-Tone: Gitano FD038

There’s nothing seventies about this brown. A new contemporary espresso shade, the perfect blend between black and brown.

7. Beauti-Tone: Loving it 3C2-8

Like finding that perfect shade of lipstick, this is the red that commands attention in all the right ways.

8. Beauti-Tone: Grey Eyeshadow SC047

Harmony resides here. Not too warm, not too cold, a grey in perfect balance.

9. Beauti-Tone: Hidden Mountains 5135EC

This shade of aubergine is a fashion statement, true haute hue.

10. Beauti-Tone: Quinte HD016

A Deep rich full-bodied burgandy, as rich and robust as a fine French wine.

There is something magical about a front door when it’s painted a stunning colour! And what’s the most photographed area of any exterior? That’s right The Front Door. And if there is one thing about every house that is a statement of your personality it is the colour and style of your Front Door.

When done right, front doors are welcoming, and add a hit of colour and style.

Get my guide to expressing who you are by choosing your front door colour and get the list of these stunning door colours in Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore (below).

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  1. Our recently painted house is very pale gray with a medium gray trim around the windows and on the porch. Muntins in casement windows are bright white, as are the garage doors and trim outlining the front door which is a beautiful shade of aqua. The light fixtures are matte silver, as are the kickplate and door knocker. These colors look smashing from the street, and the silver is a winner with the aqua door. There is a tall, paler aqua pot sitting next to the door. This house looks, appropriately, very Floridian.

  2. Hi there

    I want to change my siding, however, I cannot do that for a while. Right now I would really like to paint my front and back doors a great colour, but have no idea what colour to select. My home is a light blue vinyl siding. I would really love a ‘wow’ colour for the doors that are currently white. Can you help please ? I can send a photo if you like, thank you so much

  3. I have a ranch style house, pretty plain, the stucco is a light beige. I want to add shutters and paint the door. What colors would go with the beige stucco for the trim, shutters and door? I need all the help I can get!

  4. Can you help me please?? Our house we just bought has dark tan siding with brown shutters, brown roof and brown doors. I really want to change it. I had kinda thought navy blue or a olive green. Oh yea the porches are brown also. I thought I’d paint them the same as the trim a creamy tan color. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you!!

  5. Silly question MAYBE…

    So I just bought a house and we are ready to paint our front door and color is picked.. ! Then my husband asked me the hardest question ever! Do you paint the inside the same color? Our door doesn’t have much of an entry way so it would be directly in the view from most of the downstairs. We have very neutral colors in the house but the door is set to be STEEL BLUE.

    What to do! please help!


    • Nothing wrong with the inside being blue if it works with your decor. IF not, keep it the same colour as your trim. Hope this helps, Maria

  6. I love the door colors and was especially in love with # 9 so I went to my Sherwin Williams dealer and gave him the number in your blog, but the color came out bright purple, not even close to the aubergine in the photo, do you think the number was printed wrong?:( I also bought the number 2 paint and it didn’t have the beautiful green sheen of the color in the photo:(

    • We tried to match the original colours (that were from a Canadian paint store) as close as possible but perhaps there was not a purple that matched as well. . . can you ask them to make it darker? Always test any paint colour to make sure it works on YOUR house regardless of where you see it.

  7. I hired painters to paint our house and had the house color, trim and shutters all picked out. I never thought about changing the color of our front door. Our painter asked what color we wanted it and I was stumped. At the last minute I sent him the Sherwin-Williams link you had attached to this post. I’m so glad I googled “What color should I paint my front door”. I picked your first photo on here, the SW Golden Rule. I’ve never seen a front door that color and I absolutely love it! Our painter was skeptical about the color, but once he painted it he said he was surprised how nice it looked. Thank you for that suggestion, I’d love to share a photo but I’m not sure how to attach one.

  8. This is fine, I can see the solid house colors with pretty doors but my challenge is my brick home is multi-coloured- gray, black, orange, pink, and white. I think it reads more pinkish or light grayish. I’ve put white windows and white siding trim with dark gray roof. The brick putty is cement colour. I knew better to have white with bricks, but I wanted white- thinking it would pick-up the white bricks. My husband built the small house in the 80’s. The front door faces west and gets very hot. Currently the front door is light-light gray with silver handles and a white framed glass door in front of it. Guess I’ll go with Gray Eyeshadow- what Sherman Williams paint would be like that. Or would you pick a different colour. Thank-you for your help. I hope I can go to your next Texas class in two years.