The Shocking Truth about TOO much Black

When is too much black just bad?

In 2011 when we were living in our townhouse in North Vancouver, I chose the wrong fabric for my new chair and ottoman.

I was so embarrassed.

Take Risks with Your Decor NOT your Clients

The truth is, I was procrastinating

I had my yellow sofa (above) and that was an easy choice for me to make. I love yellow. But I was having trouble actually committing to a second colour.

Designers hate making decisions on their own house. Something more fabulous could walk in the door with the fabric rep next week, or while sourcing for a client, we might see something even better than what we bought last week.

Most of us would rather leave the decisions for our own interiors until the end of time.

But, I can’t do that. I have a blog.

Terreeia likes black and white so when I found this sundial pattern, I thought, ‘It’s kind of Colour Me Happy’ so I shipped it to my upholster (below).

Take Risks with Your Decor Rather than your Clients

Black became the main colour instead of just an accent colour

When it arrived on a Friday, my housekeeper was there that day and she said “Maria, where black was the accent colour before your chair came, now it’s the main colour”. ‘I know’, I replied, horrified.

The most interesting part about this mistake was that I could literally FEEL the black in the room.

My area rug was black and white, my vintage outdoor dining set (right outside the living room sliders below) was black and white, my entertainment console and now the black and white chair (my chair sits on the left side in front of the corner fireplace–not shown). I have never actually felt any colour as profoundly as I did that day.

Well, I couldn’t stand it.

Monday, I immediately shipped it back and ordered this green fabric from Robert Allen instead.

And here it is and now I’m very happy.

Take Risks with Your Decor Rather than your Clients

In our new house, we didn’t have room for it in the living room so it’s now happily sitting in Terreeia’s office.

So here’s the lesson of the day:

Do NOT let something you don’t love hold your decor hostage.

Mistakes are a part of life especially in the world of custom. And if you’re a designer, the place to experiment and take risks is your own house.

How many dinners, weekends, flowers, and trips have we spent money on and it’s gone. But suddenly we make a decorating mistake and we operate like we have to live with it forever because, well, we paid good money for it, and look, you can see it, it’s right in front of you. That’s harder to do with dinner or flowers.

Better to have the space be empty than live with something you hate is all I’m saying.

I really love my green chair now. It’s why I sell colour over neutrals as often as possible to my clients.

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  1. You’re absolutely right, Maria! There is no greatness or braveness to be stuck to something that we don’t like or just hate. Specially if it’s related to decoration or painting, no compromise with the beauty. Time and often, we make mistakes in choosing stuff, doesn’t necessarily mean that still we will keep it. I appreciate your thought to change it for sake of beauty and truth. Cheers!

  2. Hi Maria: I like the mirrored fireplace doors. Where can I find them? (I’m near Washington DC) I’ve been looking online and don’t see it.
    Thank you.

    • They were not mirrored, just glass but they do seem to be reflecting like a mirror in that picture. That would probably be something you’d have to get custom made. Maria

  3. Oh, I don’t think this “makes you look bad” at all! If something in your design is incorrect or less effective, do something about it. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away, lol. (I laugh because that’s one of my Mother’s favorite sayings.)

    Well done, Maria!


  4. While not an Interior Designer, I am in the paint business. I struggled with the paint color for our master bath for over a month. There was approximately 50 sq ft to be painted. I now feel better about it taking me so long.