My White Kitchen inside Style at Home (Including the Befores)

Today I’m just showing my kitchen from the magazine shoot and I”ll show the pictures of the rest of my house next.

Maria Killam on the Cover of Style at Home

Here’s my dining room on the cover of the April Colour issue, hooray!

kitchen in style at home

I thought I’d include the before pictures just for fun:

Maria Killam's White Kitchen

Photography by Tracey Ayton Kitchen design by Jan Romanuk 

Maria Killam's White Kitchen - Before


Maria Killam's White Kitchen

Cabinets are painted Artisan White by Cloverdale Paint. Wall colour is Rice Paper by Cloverdale Paint. Bar stools are from IKEA, Countertops are 6600 Nougat from Caesarstone. Fabrication and installation of my countertops were by Spectrum Stone. Island lights are from The Lighting Warehouse.

Maria Killam's White Kitchen

Faucet, water filtration system and sink from Franke.

What you can’t see is the pantry wall with the fridge and wall over (below right), which I did not post because I didn’t have a really great photo of it. When I get one, I’ll post it when I do a post talking about appliances and their merits.

Maria Killam's White Kitchen - Before


Maria Killam's White Kitchen

I chose a 3″ shaker which I love so much, I never specify the 2″ anymore when I’m asked which way to go. Quality Cabinet in Vancouver built all the cabinets and did a beautiful job!

Banquette Before


Maria Killam's White Kitchen

The bentwood chairs are from EQ3, the table from Chocolate Mousse and the banquette was custom made by Vance Upholstery.

Maria Killam's White Kitchen

I’m so excited that I can finally share the best photos of my kitchen with you!

By the way, my sister Anita asked me when I was going to start talking about the meaning of colour like I mentioned in this post in January. Eeeek, I forgot, so hey, better late than never.

So my white kitchen with green and yellow accents, here’s what the combination means:

A new possibility that comes out of an immense challenge.

I would say this totally applies to me given I’ve worked so hard since I started writing this blog 5 years ago. Owning my own home is a huge accomplishment.

Here’s the most important association for the colour green: Space. Search for Truth. Panoramic view (ability to see all aspects of a situation).

Symbolic Meaning: Nature, Growth, Spring, Creativity, Overabundance. Green is the symbolic colour for money. The green light on the traffic light means free access, forward.

Okay, so I’m going to include more of these as I go along, sorry I forgot!

Style at Home also interviewed me for their 20 Questions with Maria Killam article, check it out here.

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Hi Maria! Your kitchen remodel is amazing! I was wondering if you could do white kitchen cabinets with wood trim in an open concept kitchen living dining area? What are your thoughts?

  2. I love this kitchen. Very well done. I love the built-in bench. Personally, I would balance the size of the bench with a larger table. It seems to overpower the little cafe table.

  3. beautiful kitchen, maria, thank you for sharing! do you happen to know which sherwin williams or benjamin moore paints color match closest to the cloverdale artisan white? i cannot seem to find any information on the internet for those of us in the US who do not have Cloverdale available to us. thank you in advance for sharing this beautiful kitchen with us!

  4. Gorgeous kitchen! Hubby & I just this week decided we like the Ceasarstone Nougat quartz sample the best for the new off white kitchen we are planning….and now I see you have the same! Only recently discovered your blog and the information has proven immensely helpful as we make our choices.

  5. There are so many follow up questions – maybe you should have done a webinar on your beautiful kitchen! Would you provide a link to Chocolate Mousse? I can’t find anything about it (other than recipes!). I love the bistro table and have been looking for one just like it. Thanks and congratulations!

  6. Love, love, love. Would the Quartz color you choose also work with cream cabinets? If not, is there one you would recommend with a chic brown floor and cream?

  7. Beautiful! Just curious as to what color your appliances are? I see your hood is stainless. Are the rest of your appliances stainless as well?

    • Yes they are all stainless! It would have been seriously over renovating to get integrated appliances although of course that is the ultimate. Maria

  8. Hi Maria! Your kitchen is stunning! I’m wondering what type of fabric you used for the banquette. I can’t quite tell from the picture. Thanks!

  9. Maria, I was wondering what thoughts you had regarding your sink, and what is that one that you used in the end. We are just about to re-do our counters in likely marble, although I like yours too and will be looking at that. I had been thinking porcelain farmhouse style but I would lose my under storage if I do. I want a big single sink though.