Round or Rectangle Dining Table: Yay or Nay?

I have had a round dining table forever! I was so happy when we moved into a space big enough to accommodate a rectangle! Round tables are so boring when it comes to decorating. All you can do is plunk something in the middle and it’s over.  This image below is the most creative one I could find.


And there’s no question. A round table is a lot more versatile if you move a lot or rent. Depending on how big it is of course.  I had a 42″ round table and it always fit in every space I’ve lived in.


There are so many ways to dress a rectangular shaped table, I vote for this versatile shape. Over to you. Which one do you prefer?

Have you seen this Target ad? Colour Changes Everything? So much fun! Thanks to one of my favourite readers, Stu Stiller for sending it to me!

Hope you are having a great weekend my lovelies! xo Maria

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  1. Wow..dont think I have ever heard anyone say a round table is boring….I prefer round both to decorate and to eat at. It is so intimate during a dinner party and you can always squeeze one more person (depending on the base shape , of course). But some spaces just cry for a rectangle or a square (almost impossible to find) so I guess it just depends on the space.

  2. Round or rectangle? Depends on the space totally and how many people can comfortably sit at the table. I’ve had a round table most of my long life and never once thought it was boring to decorate. I’ve learned a lot from blogs on tablescapes for round tables.

  3. As most kitchens have have rectangular counters with square corners, I usually prefer a round table. It breaks up all those straight lines!