Complete Renovation Package

Complete Renovation Package

Complete Renovation


A full renovation is a big exciting project.

You don’t have to work around anyone else’s bad choices and you certainly don’t want to make any that you will regret. You want to make sure that all your finishes and colours are just perfect and that you will love your home for years to come.

This consultation will provide perfectly coordinated and timeless suggestions for all kitchen finishes, flooring throughout, paint and trim colours throughout, as well as recommendations for finishes and colours of up to three bathrooms.

Each and every recommendation is from Maria directly. The eDesign team packages her advice into a clear presentation for you and handles communication and client support.

This is a colour consultation via photos and email.

Customize Your Package


Doing a full renovation is a big exciting project. You want to make sure that all your finishes and colours are just perfect and that you will love your home for years to come. You don’t have to work around anyone else’s bad choices and you certainly don’t want to make any that you will regret. Each selection influences the next, it can get quite overwhelming, and from reading my blog, you know you definitely want to avoid clashing undertones and bossy finishes.

I have helped thousands of homeowners create their own custom classic and timeless home and I have created this package so I can offer my experience and expertise to you too.

Are you worried about getting all your finishes, colours and undertones correct in your new build or full house renovation? If you’ve read my blog at all, you’ll know that NO ONE ELSE will help ensure  that your colours and neutral undertones actually coordinate.

We notice colours that are wrong all the time, and you might have already made a few mistakes in the past. Here’s how to make sure you get it right this time!


The Complete Renovation Package is a convenient way to get Maria’s recommendations for your finishes and colours to simplify the process of creating a home you will love.

We will provide you with a clear PDF presentation via email of her recommendations for the following elements:

  • Flooring throughout
  • Kitchen countertop colour
  • Backsplash
  • White or cream foundation palette (cabinets and trim)
  • Paint Colours
  • Cabinet hardware suggestion for kitchen and bathrooms
  • Decorative lighting – Suggestions for kitchen island pendant lights, a chandelier and bathroom vanity lighting
  • Look and feel of fireplace (this will be an inspiration image that you can work from)
  • Look and feel of 2 or 3 bathrooms: we will send you a photo of what your bathroom should look like along with the style and colour of tiles and countertop material that you should look for, along with suggestions for light fixtures and cabinet hardware

The Complete Renovation package covers all the elements offered in the PAINT and RENOVATE eDesign packages including flooring throughout, kitchen finishes and decorative lighting, paint colours and finishes for bathrooms in one convenient and perfectly coordinated presentation.

Please note, this package does NOT include advice for furnishing and decorating. It is intended to help you get all your paint colours and finishes just right for your renovation. Decorating is the next step, and you can get a jump start on it with the Get Me Started Decorating Add on. Just add it to your cart.


How it Works:


Step 1: Purchase your consultation – Upon purchase, you will promptly receive an email with a download button to access your questionnaire and instructions.

In the questionnaire, you will share with us the details of your project and personal style and preferences.

The questionnaire includes instructions for sharing plans and elevations as well as photos of any finishes you may be considering. (You will receive detailed instructions for photographing them properly).  If you’re not there yet, don’t worry, YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE SOURCED ANYTHING IN ADVANCE, as getting a plan from the Maria Killam team will immediately narrow down all your choices to the most classic and timeless solution.


Step 2: Gather some inspiration images to share with Maria via Pinterest or a Houzz idea board so she can get a sense of your style and what you like


Step 3: Fill out your questionnaire and create your album with any images and visual support material such as drawings and elevations


Step 4: Submit your questionnaire along with links to your photo album and inspiration board


Our process:

The eDesign team will handle communication and intake your information.

Maria will review it and tailor her advice to suit your taste, lifestyle and the style of home you are building, working within her aesthetic of fresh and timeless.

The eDesign team will create a clear presentation of Maria’s advice for your new home in a PowerPoint PDF format. It will include slides with images so you can see what she is recommending, complete with explanations and advice, and links to the products she is recommending

You will receive your presentation via email within 10 to 15 business days from when we receive your complete information.

Maria has worked with thousands of clients will all imaginable types finishes and colours. This service provides guidance for DIY decorating so it’s rare to have after photos that are worth posting, because they require professional styling and photography. This is why you won’t see many of them on the blog.

Some frequently asked question we receive about this process include:

I have read your information about the limitations of choosing paint colours for an empty space. So I have a question: Even though we will have to work with a virtually empty space will you still be able to help me?

To be clear, good paint colour options for a renovation or new build are usually not as numerous as when you are in complete decorating mode. This is because they need to be versatile so that when you do get around to decorating, you have lots of options.

It’s hard to choose a navy blue for your dining room for example, if you have not chosen your navy blue sofa or area rug yet. You may find the perfect navy rug after painting and notice that the paint colour you chose might be too green or too purple to match it. When you choose a paint colour first, you will now have to shop with your paint chip where it’s much easier the other way around (starting with the blue fabric to match to the endless options in paint colours). In other words, paint colours offer many more options than furnishings or case goods, so it’s easiest to start with the latter. This is why it’s a good idea to select the Get Me Started Decorating Package add on when you check out. It will give you more direction for custom accent colours.

That said, Maria will recommend the right neutrals or whites based on all your fixed elements and suggest colours based on your preferences, if you haven’t started decorating yet. She will make sure you have a palette that is fresh, classic and as versatile as possible.

Another common question we receive is from clients looking for help with a more contemporary or modern look, “Maria’s aesthetic seems more traditional than modern. Will she still be able to help me with my finishes/colours”.

Yes, Maria’s personal aesthetic is more transitional than modern, however she will help you achieve the most timeless result within the style you are going for whether it is transitional, contemporary or modern. She will not be designing the layout and millwork details of your kitchen which is where many of the details that define each style exist. If you choose slab (flat) cabinets for example, and you want book matched black marble, you will have to source highly custom elements like that on your own. However Maria will make sure all your colours and finishes are balanced, coordinate perfectly and flow throughout your home regardless of which design style you are working with.

Maria’s Classic and Timeless Aesthetic

Since Maria’s aesthetic point of view is classic and timeless, this consultation will not include elaborate layouts of various accent tiles since trendy hard finish installations do not stand the test of time. Usually if you’re hiring Maria to help with your new build, you’ve read enough of her blog to be familiar with her aesthetic and will be happy with her specifications.

The New Build eDesign package provides what most people are looking for, which is a colour plan from a to z that fits with the style of your home and that flows throughout the house.



If you need help with your exterior in conjunction with this package, you can purchase the All Inclusive Exterior Colour package as an add on (see customize your package options above) for a discounted price. It provides colour suggestions for all elements of your exterior including colour of any trim and cladding elements like stucco, siding, brick or stone, roofing, and accents like shutters and doors.

One final note:

When you get colour advice from the Maria Killam team, we are not guessing. We will not be asking you questions like “What do you think?” Unless you really do have two choices where both will work equally as well and still give you the classic and timeless look you want for your home. What we are doing is using our experience and expertise to find you the perfect colour solution that will work in your specific design situation.

We do colour not drawings. We will not design the foot print of your kitchen or home, however because Maria has seen literally thousands of kitchens, she can often save you from making a critical error on your fireplace design or kitchen layout by making an informed observation.

This Interior Colour Consultation is a residential service. Please contact us for a quote for commercial property inquiries.



You have paid for our time so if for some reason you move or something changes before you can implement our recommendations there will be no refund. We want you to be happy, so if there is an issue other than personal preference we ask that you share photos of your colour testing and any objections or concerns you might have and give us the opportunity to tweak our selections before you reject them outright.

Please note, we will not provide a refund unless we have had the chance to make adjustments to our initial recommendations.

Refunds for UNUSED consultations processed after 60 days are subject to an administrative fee of 5% of the total purchase price.