How to Hang a Gallery Photo Wall


My client has 3 floors in her home and this gorgeous staircase which had been empty of artwork for a long time. So she called me to help her create a gallery wall.

Nothing really beats IKEA frames for the price and she needed a lot of frames. I suggested that once they were all installed, she could get a few of them custom framed similar to these frames from the Ralph Lauren Flagship store in New York.


First we took out the paper in the frames, that was the easy part.

Then we taped them onto the walls until we felt that they looked right.

I love her floors! Beautiful, medium brown oak!

My pal Kent Southwell who is a professional art installer (and he has his own framing shop) came to hang everything with his handy staircase ladder!

I was scared of that ladder but he assured me that it was perfectly sturdy.

And here are the installed frames, don’t they look fabulous?

Now the big job of filling them, but with a space this large, it’s easier to plan which photo goes in which frame! See more of her beautiful house in this post.

Come and see me this Mothers Day weekend, I will be at the Pure Painters Booth at the EPIC show at the Vancouver Convention Centre West. Look for their colourful booth!

I will be there:

Saturday, May 12 from 1:00 – 5:00 pm and Sunday, May 13 from 11: 30 – 3:00 pm.

Look forward to seeing you!! xo Maria

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  1. Maybe the kick in the pants I needed to do my own “rogue’s gallery” wall, winding up my 3-story ;( stairwell. SO tired of the many little disorganized framed photos from decades past. Have a hodgepodge of them on the 3rd floor ugly shelves, (aka: the black hole) where no one goes. (I hate my house.)

  2. I’m devouring your blog since I found it a couple of weeks ago. One question that occurs to me is: Is it ok to just leave a wall blank? When would a blank wall be the right thing to do?