Maria’s Kelly Green Front Door

So I’ve decided to keep the screen door. I tried to get a picture of it today but it was dark so I can’t post it. It’s got a retractable screen so basically it’s a white metal frame with windows.

I’m keeping it because I don’t have a high end looking exterior and I love to have the door open during the day because it’s like having another window.

So let the record show, if I did have a higher end looking house, I would have removed the screen door, it really kills the curb appeal factor of your front door in general but I understand the practical side of it.

Also it’s so welcoming in the summer to already have the door open when guests come. I always feel so expected when I arrive in a clients home and their front door is already open in anticipation of my arrival.

Before (the front door)

Here’s my fabulous yellow hallway painted in Cloverdale 7928, I chose a few shades lighter than my sofa. So while the main areas of my house (living/dining/family/kitchen) are totally calm and painted in Rice Paper, Cloverdale CA-037, my hallway which I pass through can be my favourite, energizing colour!

Check out the wretched hardware on the door in the before picture above.


And here’s the new green (Cloverdale 7669). I’m totally in love with it! Notice that the rug doesn’t have any of the same kelly green in it? I’ll need to show you a better picture of it soon but it’s mostly different shades of green and since all greens go together, I think it works.

Notice I chose a spot light to focus on the art at the end of the hallway because I didn’t have one in the middle of the hallway. I will get a picture light to plug in to the wall on the right once I hang art there:


Mostly I love how my green front door picks up the same greens in my living room.

What colour is your front door?

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  1. Hi Maria:

    Am loving sharing your reno via computer. Not surprisingly, you have made some amazing choices. In particular loved the orange color choice for your master closet and the amazing kelly green door. I am only sorry you are no longer using Benjamin Moore paint. Would you be able to offer a BM color match for both of those great choices. Thanks in advance.


  2. It is so fun to see the pieces of your house come together! You are making it look so easy and seamless even though it never is. Your mention of art at the end of the post made me thing of another post idea I’d love to see from you: How to hang art in a long narrow hallway. Hang art of both sides of the hallway or just one side? Scale? Frames all the same or OK to mix it up? I’d love to get some tips from you!
    Look forward to seeing more of your house as it progresses along!

  3. Hi Maria.
    You are certainly imprinting your love of colour in every corner of your new house, turning it into a vibrant and energising home. Sharing your journey with you is a treat. Could I live there? Sure could!
    I’m happy for you, you are so generous in sharing your feelings and the reasoning behind choices. Thank you.

  4. Have you considered removing your screen door and replacing it with a rectractable screen door? I had Phantom screen doors put in my last house, a single one at the front and a double one for the French Doors at the back. It was great to have the breeze when I wanted it, and to be able tro just have the front door show nicely without the screen when I wanted to showcase it. The retractable screen doors also look better than regular screen doors and allow more air to circulate since the whole door is a screen.

  5. I love the green door, it is such a happy color, and the painting at the end of the hall totally caught my eye. Our front door is painted Benjamin Moore “Yellow Raincoat”. Our house is a newly renovated 1840’s brick with the original door which we refurbished after redoing the entire house. All the doors in our neighborhood are pretty much painted black, but we wanted something cheerful and welcoming, I love it!

  6. Hi Maria,

    Love the door! Actually, I love any exterior door painted any colour but white!! Just a question about the picture light you say you are going to buy. Do you have any tricks for hiding cords that plug in or do you just run it behind the picture?

    Have a great Canada Day weekend!

  7. Love that fresh Kelly Green, Maria!

    I’ve just repainted my front door in Benjamin Moore’s Peerage – a dark purple – which brings out some of the purple tones in the stone on my home’s exterior and helps bring it forward visually. I’ve paired it with an oriental-style polyolefin carpet in shades of purple, and I’m mulling over my hardware options. I’ll also plant perennials with purple and white blooms.

  8. Love the door. Mine is classic black. I’ve always wanted that and now have the house for it. And, now that I do, I’m thinking about something else. But, that’s me! I’ve noticed you’re using a lot of colors outside the Ben Moore realm. Any particular reason?

  9. Hi Maria,
    I’ve been following your blog for a while and I just realized I’ve never left a comment. As a blogger myself I should know better 🙂 I’m a young designer in Atlanta and think you have the best advice for designers out there. It’s so refreshing to have a designer giving other designers advice rather than just to the client. I have learned some very valuable tips from you. I am constantly linking to your site and sending your articles to other designers in my area. You have a fan in us GA peaches! Thanks for the door inspiration, it’s the perfect green.

  10. Dear Maria,

    I’m a huge fan of yours! The post about front doors is timely for me because I am having the whole exterior house painted right now, including the front door. Would you share your thoughts on how to treat the inside of the front door? I will be painting the outside of the door a deep midnight color, and the inside is already a mid-tone wood stained finish. There is no other midnight on the inside to relate to, so should I keep to original door color inside? Thanks much.

    • Yes your inside door should relate to your entry or adjoining rooms in some way! Thanks for your comment! Maria