Maria Killam’s Understanding Undertones Colour Wheel Now Available!

FREE ONLY while supplies last – Just pay SHIPPING & HANDLING

UPDATE ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 16: I did not expect to go through 3/4 of my available stock in only two days so I have changed the offer to one free colour wheel now so that as many of you as possible have a chance to own one!  I don’t have many left, so get it now for free while it’s still available.

Go here to order one.

I am VERY EXCITED to announce that my Understanding Undertones colour wheel is finally available and READY TO SHIP.

While trying to match the colour wheel to one paint company, we learned that the printing process will NEVER be as accurate as a paint chip, so we came up with the best possible solution to still make it an amazing tool!

We will only be doing this for the first run, so get it TODAY, while supplies last!

Read all about how to use the wheel and customize it for you, using the paint company YOU prefer here.

And, I thought that this announcement was also a good time to answer this Ask Maria question that I recently received:

“Maria, I hear, read and see so many people talking about warm greys vs cool greys.  In your system, are they talking about green and violet grey as warm and blue grey as cool?  Or are they possibly mixing taupe from your system in there too?  I’m trying to figure out where warm grey and cool grey fit in your system?”

Yes you are absolutely right. In my System for Specifying Colour, blue is definitely ‘cooler’ than the green or violet greys.

When people talk about grey and they have no idea about undertones, they will often make vague statements like “I prefer warm greys over cool greys”, (then they cross their fingers and hope they don’t get any further questions).


“Stay away from cool greys, they will make your living room or bedroom feel sad”.

So here’s the thing. When you don’t know the steps you need to take in order to choose a colour for any given scenario, ie. A renovation, a new build or a decorating project, there are two obvious (but mostly wrong) ways you will choose colour (for anything, not just walls) instead:

Warmer or Cooler

You’ll have a bunch of paint samples up on the wall, and because you don’t know that your colour should actually relate to what is already there or what is coming, you’ll choose ‘The warmer one” because that just seems logical.

We all want to create a warm and inviting space right?

This is the same reason why taupe is such a popular neutral. It’s warmer than all the greys and cooler than all the beiges (above). However it is not grey.

Lighter or Darker

I have heard this statement many times in my career “We went with the lighter _____ because we thought it would make the space feel _____ with the darker one”.

That seems logical too right?

However, choosing colour like this will only give you the result you are looking for by accident.

For example, there’s nothing wrong with a cool blue grey, it depends on how the room is being decorated and most of all, if blue happens to be a colour that you like.

But if you chose a ‘grey’ without knowing the and didn’t realize it was in fact a ‘blue grey’ and you don’t like blue, and now your walls are blue, or your backsplash is blue, well you’re not going to be happy.

Real Home

The best way to learn how to choose the right neutral is to start with the right tools.

You may be surprised to learn that over and over again you will see one or several of these nine neutral colours in the majority of the hard and soft finishes available in the marketplace today. That’s why I’ve curated this list of neutrals and called them the most useful and most commonly seen neutral colours.

Once you use the colour wheel to identify the neutral or several neutrals in any given soft or hard finish, then, the way to find the perfect colour is to pull out the large samples in my system.

Whether you paint your own or purchase my large colour samples, you CANNOT navigate the minutia of the right neutral vs. the ‘close but not quite’ neutral without them. My large colour samples will include TWO FREE NEUTRAL COLOUR WHEELS.

Read all about how to use the wheel and customize it for you, using the paint company YOU prefer here.

Questions? Please post them below! I’m so excited to get this amazing tool in your hands, I can’t think of a better way to get this system out into the world!

I can’t wait to hear what you think! Get your FREE Understanding Undertones colour wheel TODAY (just pay shipping and handling). While supplies last!

Order it here.

PLEASE NOTE: This FREE offer is available for individual subscribers ONLY. Please contact our office for bulk orders.

CANADIANS and INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: These colour wheels were manufactured in America and will ship out of America. That means if you live outside of the US, you will still be paying American funds to have it shipped to you.  If you’re wondering why it’s being shipped out of America, it would cost too much money to import them back into Canada and ship again at Canadian rates. That’s the SHIPPING part. They are being shipping out of a fulfillment house. This means, someone other than our office is physically picking up the wheel and labeling an envelope and sending it to you. That’s called HANDLING.



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  1. Maria – thank you so much for making the color wheel available and being so generous as to offer them for free! I used what I had learned from your site when we built our new home and am thrilled with how harmoniously the paint, flooring, and cabinetry work together. I was thinking a color wheel would make it so much easier when I shop for soft furnishings (I already carry the relevant paint cards in my purse).

  2. I just ordered so hopefully it all works out . I just don’t understand why I’m paying US dollars for shipping within Canada.

    • Because the boards were manufactured in the US and being shipped from the US. We would have had to pay to import them into Canada and when you add the shipping from here it would have cost more to ship them from here. Maria

  3. The ultimate cheat sheet included with directions for using paint chips from our chosen paint company is very useful, Maria. I love that we will have something to take with us as we shop to more quickly and easily correctly identify the undertones of products. I am looking forward to seeing how others use the tool. When I asked about a travel/shopping set of your color boards I wanted something to take with me to stores and showrooms. This will be certainly be in my bag. Thank you, Maria. I’m glad you enthusiastically went for it with this project, and when it didn’t turn out as you wanted found a way to bless your followers with it. Thank you, Maria.

  4. Thank you Maria! Wonderful that you are offering this to your readership. I will tuck this in my purse when I go shopping and I know it will be a great resource when viewing pillows, rugs, flooring, accessories, wallpaper, furniture…endless list of uses!

  5. Thank you! 🙂 It’s amazing to me how much time you take to answer readers’ questions, on top of all the other fabulous information you share for free on this blog. Really appreciate it!

    I just read the instructions on the colour wheel page, and can’t wait to receive mine! I think it will clarify quite a number of the questions I still had after reading your book… even just reading the instructions for the wheel really cemented a bunch of the things I had only vaguely understood.

    Another question: Will the list of neutrals to glue to the wheels be included with the wheels? And, sorry if I’m missing something you already clarified, but will we be able to make our wheel using paint colours all from one company (ie. all from Benjamin Moore), or will we need to grab samples from all the paint brands to complete the wheel?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Summer, Thanks for your comment, no the colour chips are NOT included with the wheel (the wheel would no longer be free if that was the case) grab them from your nearest paint store next time your’e out! Maria

  6. Wow! This is so generous. Thanks!

    Not sure if I missed something, but will there be another round of wheels produced that are painted on, or is that too expensive to produce?

    Thanks for offering these either way!!!

    • Well I don’t have the buying power that paint companies have so that would make the colour wheel expensive however I have not crossed that bridge yet. Never say never! Thanks for your comment, Maria

  7. Maria, thank you, thank you! I just ordered my colour wheels and am thrilled. I can’t wait to get my hands on them and do a little cutting and pasting with my paint chips. Huge THANKS for making this available for free, another reflection of your generous heart. You’ve earned and deserve every success you are experiencing. It’s good to see good things happen to good people.

  8. Having difficulty ordering it! Maybe you’ve sold out? Every time I hit Add to Cart….it tells me the cart is empty. Feeling quite sad about this – or is it because I’m overseas?

    • I had issues too (from Australia) in trying to log into my account, saying my IP blocked or when I tried to reset my password, my account didn’t exist, so I checked out as a guest and paid by Paypal with success

  9. Thank you Maria. I have placed my order and I can’t wait to receive it. I have a wall I have recently tried to paint by looking at the undertone of the other features but its not right (yet).
    Reading through the ‘how to’ I recognised that the step of placing the chips on the wheel might present me with some problems in Australia as we don’t have any of those paint brands you have listed. I have used a website in the past to try to convert international colours that you have suggested to local brands. Do you think this is an appropriate way to adapt your wheel to my local brands?

    • Hi Heather, we have a very old Australian Dulux fan deck that we are trying to determine if it is current. If it is, we will add it to the list of paint colours on the landing page. Dulux Australia will not send me a fan deck or even respond to inquiries by my office. A reader sent me the fan deck I currently have many years ago. Stay tuned. Maria

  10. Maria, Thank you so much for this generous offer. I’ve downloaded your Whites Are Complicated ebook and refer to it often and can’t wait to get my color wheels. I’m not a decorator but I have followed your journey forever. Thank you for allowing us “color experts” to learn your techniques. Most of all, I love following your travels, appreciate all your photos, watching all your white flowers bloom and your family grow! Thanks again.

  11. Thank you Maria for your generosity!! May it come back to you 10 fold😀
    I appreciate this offer. Ordered! $15.95 US to Langley BC

  12. Oh yes, I understand that. I’m just wondering if the list comes with the wheels, and if there is a complete list that’s all Benjamin Moore OR if the list on the landing page is all there is (and we need to get chips from all the different brands).

    Thanks again!

    • The paint chips that go with the wheels are on the landing page, if you want a more comprehensive list, they are available in either of my ebooks which are also available on the shop page! Maria

  13. Congratulations Maria and thank you for the wonderful offer ! Can’t wait to receive it and start using it.


  14. Yes I would like 2 free color wheels. I purchased the large paint squares when I attended your Tampa Florida class, a few years ago. How do I get them?
    Rebecca Linehan
    FFP Florida First Properties

  15. Just ordered them! Thanks so much, Maria! I was showing someone a photo of your color wheel on my phone the other day to help explain what I was thinking- an actual physical one will be even better. 🙂 ~ Jill

  16. Hey Maria. A big THANK YOU for your generous offer. May your generosity return to you and Terreeia three-fold. My parcel is on the way and I can’t wait to open it! It will take a few days to reach Oz so the waiting is exquisite curiosity.

  17. Maria, Thank you for this generous offer, I have placed my order and look forward to using it in conjunction with the ebooks previously purchased. This will come in handy since I will be repainting the house.