Hot Pink Front Door: Yay or Nay?

Hot Pink Planter

We received 481 possible front doors to choose from for my Free Choose a Colour for your Front Door Webinar this Friday. Irene curated them all for me and I added the colours!

You’ll be interested to know that the big theme is orange!!  There are countless orange roofs and lots of orange brick out there! It’s going to be great, you can still sign up here.

Hot Pink Front Door: Yay or Nay?

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You know how I talk about how mixing clean and dirty colours mostly doesn’t work? Well I thought I’d show you a pretty example of an exception to the rule.

See the dirty pinky beige brick steps and the clean, hot pink front door? Well this combination works because the door is actually on a white house and there’s lots of greenery all around it along with a pretty black railing.

In my webinar, I have a photo with the same brick on the body of a different house combined with a clean colour and in that particular example, it does not work at all!

Being able to spot the exception to the rule is so important in every aspect of design, especially colour!

What do you think of the hot pink door?

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  1. It made me smile! Not sure I would do it but I definitely appreciate the boldness of the person who could.

  2. Hi Maria! It was nice meeting you at CDECA AGM. In answer to Hot Pink – yay or nay? As soon as I read that I immediately thought was YAY and I hope it’s paired with a butter yellow exterior. And voila! It is. Such a lovely colour combo. Fresh, edgy and inviting.
    Please feel free to visit my pinterest. 🙂
    Susan Gordon McCargar

  3. Loved the webinar Maria. Thank you! In your pics we saw a lot of bad garage doors- maybe that is a topic for the future?

    And some of us from USA know that it is a holiday today in Canada. Hope you had a good one!

  4. I would do it if i didn’t live with a husband who would freak. He kinda freaked at my turquoise door, but he didn’t chastise me or paint it over. And I didn’t paint over his red, black and gray garage. Wish I could attend!

  5. I’m just not a pure pink person. So the door would never be on my home. If the door were painted so it matched the entry door my comfort point would be there. Even though you said that door is the same color, what I’m seeing is a darker color. My daughter would do this in a minute and work just fine. Honoring breast cancer makes the results an honor.

    Maria, the link you posted….Not a purple person either, but am in love with the stucco house. There looks to be a bit of blue in the purple. It is popular here to stucco houses built in the 50s to 80s. Gone are the vinyl sidings, thankfully. If I could afford to do stucco, those shutters and doors would be on my home. I like all the details added…is that a fabric valance on the outside of the upper right window? I also like the hanging lanterns, this creative idea would work. Off to look through my stash.

    • Apologies…didn’t mean to bash vinyl siding, just noticed your home was such. It is the homes that are recovered and take away from their original design that bother me. But some of the stucco results are in the same boat.

  6. Was fortunate to attend your webinar on Choosing Front Door Colours, (FABULOUS!!), and as a take away from that, wonder what our reactions to the pink front door would be if we saw the entire house and setting?

    I love it, cause of the immediate proximity of the ‘blue’ shrugs immediately next to it, and that pop of bright green at the bottom of the photo.

    Wonder, now, with my newly ‘educated eye’ how I’d feel about it after seeing the ‘whole’.


  7. I was unable to make the webinar yesterday. sniff. do you have any idea when the link will be shared? I’m dying of anticipation.

  8. Love the door……for someone else, but love it just them same. I signed up but missed the frontdoor webinar, will it be posted to view?

  9. Loved watching your webinar. Got some good ideas. However, you never addressed what color to paint the actual door frame. Many doors, especially the ones with sidelights, had white frames but the rest of the door and sidelights had some other color (like mine). Should the door frame match the main color of the door? Thanks in advance for your answer!

  10. I am not a pink person usually but I love the pink storm door overlaying the red front door. It is happy and amusing with a I-don’t-take-myself-too-seriously attitude. I love it. It does look like the same color as the front door behind it just with a bunch of white added to it. It looks like they cut the red with a modern clean white maybe 1:1 possibly 1:2. At least on my monitor thats how it appears. I may steal this idea using a deep perwinkle. I love happy front doors.